Assange, Maxime Bernier gets it perfect with 2 words, mRNA misinformation leads to senate inquiry: Links 2, June 13, 2021

1. The family of Julian Assange pleads to drop the case. Julian Assange is clearly a political prisoner in the UK, who has been denied bail and has been tortured in prison. He has been inside since his arrest from the Ecuadorian Embassy on 11 April 2019, and has been held without trial or other basic rights of the accused since that time. Tommy Robinson managed to speak with Mr. Assange who according to Tommy, had been kept in solitary and was not in good shape. The case of Julian Assange makes a strong argument that there is at best, only a veneer of democracy in the United Kingdom. It is tragic that the important case of Julian Assange is being tarnished by association with the hard-core antisemite, Roger Waters. Try and garner what actual information we can from this video anyway. Julian Assange is clearly not guilty of the US charges since last year, phone call recordings where released where Mr. Assange was actually discussing the release of various documents with the US military in order to avoid any danger to US operatives.

2. This Tweet is why all Canadians must stand behind Maxime Bernier.

3. Readers of this site will know that this report is the half truth which is often the damnedest of lies. We know that not only are the “vaccines” not an additional benefit, but can actually destroy the T cell immunity of people who recovered from Covid19. This was made clear by Dr. Peter McCullough

4. 12th June, US Senate on the virus and mRNA shots, and the stack of lies Americans were all told.

5. Hackers Stole Nearly 26 Million User Login Credentials for Sites Like Amazon, Google, Facebook

(Something to keep in mind when the Canadian Census people tell you your information is private and secure. Each one of those companies has better security than the Canadian government for user data.)

Hackers using custom malware stole nearly 26 million login credentials—emails or usernames and associated passwords—from almost a million websites over a two-year period, including Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter, according to cybersecurity provider NordLocker.

The Trojan-type of malware infiltrated more than 3 million Windows-based computers between 2018 and 2020, with the cyber intruders making off with around 1.2 terabytes of personal information, according to a case study carried out by NordLocker in partnership with a third-party firm that specializes in data breach analysis.

The 26 million stolen login credentials were across 12 different website types, including social media, online gaming, and email services. They included such household names as Google (1.54 million), Facebook (1.47 million), Amazon (210,000), Apple (130,000), Netflix (170,000), and PayPal (150,000).

Thank you so much, EB., ET., Sassy, PC., Yucki, M., Johnny U., TB., C., Kalloi, MissPiggy, Rair Foundation, Gates of Vienna and MANY more who are working both tirelessly and through some pretty harsh adversarial conditions with the feint hope that someday, this information may allow people to make the best possible informed choices for themselves.

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  1. 1. Jullian Assange

    “TUCKER: McConnell Ordered Trump Not To Pardon Assange, Suggested Senate Will Impeach If He Does”
    by Tom Pappert – January 19, 2021


    “Now is it legal to hold that over a President’s head?” Carlson wondered, “We’re not lawyers, we don’t know, it’s certainly wrong. But more than that, it tells you everything about their priorities.”

    Explaining that “We are at a pivot point in American history” when many every day Americans feel threatened about the moves being proposed by Democrats, which now include a secret police force that would be responsible for identifying and detaining Trump supporters for “re-education” camps, the Senate Republicans are concerned with protecting the entrenched interests of “Permanent Washington.”

    “What is Mitch McConnell, your designated defender in the United States Senate worried about? He’s worrying about protecting the uniparty in Washington,” said Carlson. “Not his party, his party and the Democrat Party, in Permanent Washington.”

    “They’re the reason both these men have been locked up, because both these men embarrassed permanent Washington. And [McConnell]’s priority in the final hours of the Trump administration is to make certian that they remain punished for doing that.”

    “Tucker: McConnell reportedly preventing potential Assange pardon”
    Fox News – January 19, 2021

  2. ITEM 2: So strange. Boris Johnson seems to be the only one whose hair is blowing with the wind. I guess the others have real solid hairspray (/sarc). All fake.

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