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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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    • The Truth About Israel’s “Unity” Government
      Caroline Glick – June 8, 2021

      Episode 9 – The truth about Israel’s “Unity Government”
      the caroline glick show – June 8, 2021

      In Episode 9 of the Caroline Glick Mideast News Hour, Caroline and co-host Gadi Taub go into the nuts and bolts of the new Israeli government that is set to be sworn in next Sunday, June 14. They explain why it is post-modern, post-Zionist, post-democratic and post-Jewish and what this means for Israel’s national security, national identity and national sanity.

      With their happy warrior attitude, Caroline and Gadi guide the audience through the ins and outs of Israeli coalition politics, Naftali Bennett’s double dealings and the dangerous deal he has made with the Islamic Ra’am party.
      Join them for the latest hour-long shower of facts and reality. It’s a welcome respite from the normal lies that dominate the discourse on all things Israel-related.
      Subscribe to our channels, and share our content. Even the harshest truth is better than the sweetest lies.


    M Conspiracy? Nah! Of course not!

    While speaking at a conference in 2018, Wuhan Institute of Virology and collaborator and gain-of-function advocate Dr. Ralph Baric advised attendees on how to “make money” in the next pandemic.
    Baric – who’s attended conferences at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and is described by Wuhan’s “bat woman” Shi Zhengli as one of her “longtime collaborators” – made the comments at an April 2018 event hosted at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Baric – who’s described lifting bans on gain-of-function research as “critical” – also provided the Wuhan lab with humanized mice to likely conduct the controversial form of research with SARS-like coronaviruses.

    “Gain-of-function represents one of those approaches that is a crucial tool for public health preparedness and response,” Baric asserted in 2014 while lobbying against a moratorium on gain-of-function research.

    During his 2018 speech “Imagining the Next Flu Pandemic – and Preventing it!” he presents a slide titled “Global Catastrophe: Opportunities Exist.” The slide outlines what type of stocks and industries surged during the Ebola outbreak, which he uses to extrapolate financial advice on how to “make money in the next pandemic.”

    “I wanted to give you good news. There are winners out there, right? So if you ever want to be prepared and make money in the next pandemic, if that’s what you want to do, buy stock in Hazmat suit makers and protective clothing or companies that make antiviral drugs for that particular pandemic,” he notes.

    Baric adds that the aforementioned sectors and stocks would “probably do pretty well” before highlighting that “there are actually mutual funds for pandemic preparedness.”


    EXCLUSIVE: Defector Provides Evidence That the Chinese Military Orchestrated the Creation of COVID-19 and Lab Leak

    One week ago we reported that a man believed to be the highest-ranking Chinese defector ever was working with the Defense Intelligence Agency and that he had direct knowledge of special weapons programs in China, including bioweapons programs. We also reported that the defector provided an extensive, technically detailed debrief to US officials, that the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) was able to corroborate very technical details of the information provided, and that in DIA’s assessment, the information provided by the defector is legitimate.

    RedState has now learned some details of the information provided by the defector, including that he provided data proving that SARS-CoV-2 was manmade and leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in addition to evidence confirming that the People’s Liberation Army managed the Wuhan program (and others), as Chinese virologist Yan Li-Meng told the FBI last year.

    Technical details provided by the defector, RedState is told, were given to scientists (who were not told how that information was given to the government) who then re-analyzed data from published sources in conjunction with the new data and concluded that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was engineered. And, the defector was able to confirm numerous non-public details Yan provided the US government.

    Pause for a moment and consider this. Our government now has additional evidence that a virus that killed 600,000 Americans, sickened millions more, nearly destroyed our economy, and inflicted untold collateral damage, was a bioweapon created by the Chinese military and deliberately released.

    I say “additional” evidence because the FBI has had some of this evidence for more than a year and the person who brought it forward has only been subjected to a thorough smear campaign for her efforts – which is highly relevant when attempting to understand the newest defector’s actions.

    As reported in my original story about the defector, sources told RedState that the FBI, the State Department, and CIA were intentionally kept in the dark about the fact that the defector was working with the DIA. Many in the intelligence community were highly skeptical of that claim for logistical reasons (i.e., China obviously knew the guy was gone as soon as he was gone, and any assets/spies within our government also knew, so how could they keep his location a secret for so long?), but the fact that the FBI had a lot of this information from Yan for more than a year and nothing to investigate or validate it makes it easy to understand why this defector wanted nothing to do with the CIA or, especially, the FBI.

    Also, a separate source confirmed to RedState that several members of Congress who have been working on investigating the virus’ origin have been briefed on many of DIA’s findings, including Rep. Matt Gaetz. That explains Gaetz’s grilling of FBI Director Christopher Wray Thursday on Capitol Hill.

    Gaetz laid out the thumbnail of Yan’s story to Wray and low-key accused the FBI of being part of the coronavirus origin coverup because they did not attempt to verify the scientific or intelligence information she provided, and they did not prevent the massive effort to discredit Yan undertaken by both the Chinese government, the United States media, and “scientists” like Dr. Peter Daszak. (They may have even been part of that effort.) He said (not in this order):

    “On April 28th, Dr. Yan Li-Meng landed at LAX. One of your agents interviewed her at that time. She then traveled to New York. Your agent from Los Angeles followed her to New York and sought an interview on both the 1st of May and the 2nd of May in 2020. The FBI took Dr. Yan’s phone on which she showed evidence of WeChat communications between herself and the director of the CDC in Beijing dating back to December 2019 regarding the Chinese military’s involvement in the development of the virus and specific links to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    “It is hard to believe that the FBI did not believe Dr. Yan was credible or significant, because she lands on April 28th. Your agent, Dana Murphy, takes her phone that day. I am holding the receipt from when you got the phone that had the WeChat messages that had very important information regarding Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party. It is not every day an FBI agent flies from Los Angeles to New York to follow a Chinese doctor who is a whistleblower and a fact witness. Even if Dr. Yan’s technical analysis of the virus is incorrect, the fact that she showed up saying she wanted to provide information and tell the truth seems significant.

    “On October 14th, 2020, FBI agent Andrew Zitman [sp] brought a scientist who was working with FBI to meet with Dr. Yan in New York. They met for nearly six hours.”

    Gaetz asked Wray:

    “When did you become aware of your agency’s interface with Dr. Yan? When did you review those [WeChat] messages?”
    “Can you tell us anything about that [Oct. 14] meeting and what it tells us about the origins of this virus?”
    “Will you provide to this committee any scientific analysis that the FBI has done regarding Dr. Yan’s claims and regarding messages she provided to you regarding Beijing’s knowledge of the origins of this virus, and the military’s involvement, and even efforts to try to present to the world a fake genome sequence at the beginning of these developments?”
    Wray’s answer to each was essentially that he can’t comment on ongoing investigations and some things might be classified.

    Gaetz also mentioned that from that the moment Yan made the “pronouncements” about the Chinese military’s involvement people were trying to discredit her and asked if the FBI was able to determine whether that was part of a counterintelligence campaign by the Chinese government. No answer there, either.

    Tellingly, Wray repeatedly said he knew what Gaetz was referring to in his statements. Could he have been referring to the fact that Yan wrote in her papers that the double CGG amino acid sequence was the smoking gun evidence showing that SARS-CoV-2 was an engineered virus (since that sequence hasn’t ever occurred naturally) and was dismissed, but a Wall Street Journal opinion piece published just this week by a Stanford virologist agreed and found that Beijing omitted that sequence from the genome it provided the world at the beginning of the outbreak?

    Verified again! “CGG-CGG” in SARS-CoV-2 genome is part of smoking-gun evidence to prove Gain-of-Function done by CCP.
    I have presented analysis with other smoking guns in the First Yan Report last Sep.
    However, CCP’s unrestricted misinformation campaign dismiss it using lies!

    — Dr. Li-Meng YAN (@DrLiMengYAN1) June 9, 2021

    And just how was it that Yan’s information was able to be so effectively dismissed? As we’ve covered over the last few weeks, EcoHealth Alliance’s Peter Daszak strongarmed other researchers into writing pieces in influential journals, like Lancet and Nature, dismissing the theory, and specifically dismissing Yan’s claims. Those pieces were used by Science Feedback, Facebook’s fact-checker, to deplatform news organizations who shared the information and wouldn’t take it down and to shut down the accounts of individuals who shared the information. News organizations couldn’t even report about Yan’s appearance on Tucker Carlson without being censored by big tech.

    go to site for more


    M Further proof(as if needed) of the Leftist takeover of Health (WRT the AMA in the USA)

    Several physicians expressed help for a brand new draft coverage report from the American Medical Association (AMA) Board of Trustees recommending that the intercourse designation be faraway from the publicly out there portion of start certificates at a Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates.

    Currently 48 states and DC enable individuals to vary the intercourse designation on their start certificates to align with their gender id, however solely 10 states enable a gender impartial possibility. Two states, Ohio and Tennessee, prohibit altering the intercourse marker on a start certificates completely, in accordance with the report.

    “We sadly nonetheless reside in a world the place it’s unsafe in lots of circumstances for one’s gender to differ from the intercourse assigned at start,” stated Jeremy Toler, MD, a delegate representing GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality (beforehand often called the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association), who spoke in help of the report’s suggestions.

    Given that legal guidelines round start certificates standards differ by state, eliminating intercourse on the general public a part of the start certificates would “function an equalizer amongst people who have been injured as a result of their state of start,” he acknowledged.

    Sophia Spadafore, MD, a delegate for the Resident and Fellow Section, authored the unique decision that led to the report. She spoke on her personal behalf, and shared the story of Preston Allen, her buddy and a transgender man. Allen transitioned 4 yr in the past, and most authorities paperwork have been revised to mirror the transition. But with a view to amend the start certificates, Allen needed to depend on “‘individuals who may go in opposition to me due to their private points with my id,’” Spadafore quoted Allen as saying.

    Continuing to cite Allen, Spadafore acknowledged, “‘This is an instance of a myriad of conditions, during which mine and different trans individuals’s lives, jobs, and safeties may very well be threatened by having to disclose paperwork that locked us right into a field at start, and power us to exist by that lens endlessly.’”

    Allowing the intercourse designation on a start certificates to stay personal could be “life-changing” for lots of people, Spadafore stated, and it will “set a brand new a lot wanted customary {that a} physique half, and a phrase on a chunk of paper, doesn’t and shouldn’t outline who any of us are.”

    One delegate on the digital committee assembly questioned the advice. Robert Jackson, MD, an alternate delegate for the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, spoke on his personal behalf, saying that he is aware of he is “old style” however that he was taught all through medical faculty, residency, and his specialty coaching to trace “the entire bodily findings” of the sufferers in his care.

    “So I believe when a toddler is born, they do have bodily traits of both male or feminine, and I believe that most likely needs to be on the general public file. And that is simply my private opinion,” Jackson stated.

    • intercourse designation on their start certificates to align with their gender id
      What’s this mean?
      • intercourse designation = ?
      i.e. NOT a product of sexual intercourse, only “designated” as such?

      • start certicate = ?
      like a birth certificate for a being generated from a computer?

      • align with gender id = ?
      like definite articles and adjectives aligning with nouns, e.g. la raza blanca, el pecado negro ?

  4. Hindus setting fire to Rohingya refugee camp?

    India: Fire rips through Rohingya camp, leaving hundreds homeless
    While police have launched an investigation into the fire, some refugees did not rule out sabotage.
    “Apparently, the cause of the fire is a short circuit,” Bharat Singh, a Delhi Police investigative officer, told Al Jazeera from the camp.
    “Forensic science experts have collected samples of electric wires from the spot to ascertain the cause behind the fire.”
    However, refuges say the possibility of the camp having been “deliberately torched” could not be ruled out, as men belonging to Hindu right-wing groups have previously been accused of lighting fires in the camp.
    Khatoon, the refugee who escaped with her mother and child, said the hut where the fire originated had no electricity supply or cables.
    Another Rohingya, Mohammad Farooq, 38, said that hours before the fire, some masked men had arrived at the camp and told the refugees to vacate the land. They brushed it off, thinking it was just another warning that they face regularly.
    “We don’t know whether somebody lit the fire or it was natural but we want to tell these men, ‘What will you get by oppressing us?’” said Farooq. “We are human like you, we, too, have children like you.”
    Hindutva groups, which back the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), have been campaigning for the deportation of Rohingya refugees, saying they pose a security threat to India and that they want to take the land.

    • Brad’s scenario is workable and will probably end up with a Republican Speaker of the House assuming the Presidency in 2023. What we have to work to avoid is making our political process smell even more like Third World politics.

      The successful impeachment of the Biden Administration will probably touch off a massive terror campaign by Antifa, BLM and other left wing groups as they protest our preventing them from gaining total Control of the US.

      • As we move forward with this effort to overturn the Marxist control of the US Government we must remember Ben Franklin’s statement on revolutions: “Revolutions come into this world like bastard children do, have improvise and half compromise.”

  5. Children pay the price in Pakistan’s mass HIV outbreak

    Hundreds of babies and children tested positive for HIV in 2019 after a whistleblower doctor uncovered a scandal involving the re-use of needles in southern Sindh province.
    Pakistan’s largest HIV testing and treatment centre was established in the rural town of Rota Dero in the wake of the disaster, dishing out life-saving anti-retroviral drugs.

    But affected families must cover further costs arising from the illness themselves.

    • Humans are an incredibly UNLIKELY blend of chimpanzee (Bones, brain and skull) and pig(skin, teeth, ALL organs and muscle). This was the opinion of a Nobel prize winning biologist but try and find it online.
      Melanesian and Polynesian cannibals called humans “long pig” as they taste like pork.
      How did this come about? Anthropology is the most rigidly reactionary “science” on the planet and ANYTHING that deviates from their accepted norm is called heresy and is severely punished both financially and professionally. The best they could come up with to explain this was some rubbish about randy chimps/boars cornering poor sows/empresses and you can guess they probability of that one.
      According to the Vedas we were bred initially in test tubes and I guess/hope that the Chinese are trying to create creatures for use as organ donors but they are also supposed to be after “superman” as well. Nothing quite like a scientists whose ethics are removed and whose funding is unlimited. Frankenstein at least had good motives and did not know that the hunchback destroyed the brain and used that of a murderer to replace it

  6. From the Facebook page of Mazin Abdul-Adhim August 11, 2016

    “Aaron Driver, a Muslim convert from my city, was killed in a confrontation with the RCMP yesterday. They allege that he detonated a device inside a taxi, hurting himself and someone else, and was shot when he tried to detonate another one. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS as out this information until details are made clear. The media clearly has a campaign against Islam and Muslims, and so we should be careful how we respond to news like this. even if the information is true, we must not allow these sorts of events to cause us to be pressured to apologize for the actions that we are not responsible for, nor should this cause us to become afraid of speaking the truth.”

    “The governments of the West kill and help kill dozens of innocent civilians every day, and the crimes they have committed against humanity through their foreign policies are orders of magnitude worse than anything these individuals have committed or tried to commit “.

    Mazin Abdul-Adhim encouraged Muslims to wake up from the illusion that the Western Governments represent them, to disavow democracy, to follow the true teachings of Islam, and to work together in re-establishing the Islamic State – – the Caliphate.

    Facebook page June 11, 2016 on the aftermath of the shooting of 50 people by a Muslim American in Orlando, Florida gay club.

    “It’s amazing that Muslims think that any amount of explaining will make the growing anti-Islam sentiment go away”.

    On the Waqiyah Show he along with another Muslim are discussing the “Terror in Canada, an attack because Their Lord is Allah”. The driver wore a bullet proof vest, swastika on his clothing, a military helmet………..Mazin said, “He drove out that day looking for a Muslim family to kill”.

    Mazin is telling of the racism in Canada………..
    Terror in Canada

      Seth J. Frantzman 6/8/21:
      Is Iran Suffering From ‘Simple Sabotage?’

      Iran has suffered a series of mysterious explosions and fires over the past year. While some of them have targeted sensitive sites, such as the Natanz nuclear facility, many other incidents appear more accidental.

      Nevertheless, they have done significant damage to Iranian infrastructure. In early June, the Iranian navy’s largest ship sunk after a fire on board. An oil refinery had a tank that ruptured and exploded in Tehran, and a steel factory also reportedly suffered a fire on June 5….”

      No attribution?!

  7. Ontario shortens AstraZeneca second dose wait time

    U of T Infection Control Expert Colin Furness shares details on Ontario’s decision to shorten the wait times between AstraZeneca vaccines, and what you need to know.

    • Biden Says The End of the Global Pandemic Could Extend Past 2022

      “Recognizing that ending the pandemic in 2022 will require vaccinating at least 60% of the global population, we will intensify our action to save lives,” the leaders said in their final communique from the G-7 summit in the coastal Cornwall region of the U.K.

    • Pfizer Begins Low-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Trials In Young Children

      …. in children under 12-years-old and could begin mass vaccinations of kids in the fall.

    • AUSTRALIA – Pfizer jabs on hold during vaccine blitz

      An overwhelming demand for the Pfizer vaccine has forced authorities in Victoria to limit supplies.

    • Deutsche Pravda – Could the coronavirus bring us closer to an HIV vaccine?

      HIV leads to hundreds of thousands of deaths a year.

      And there’s no vaccine, despite decades of research.

      That very research has seen several COVID vaccines developed at lightning speed.

      The coronavirus is pretty straightforward, while HIV is a master of disguise and mutates incredibly quickly.

      But recent breakthroughs provide hope, and mRNA technology could be the game-changer.

    • Teen son in hospital after COVID vaccination

      So my son Trevor has been in Peace Health pediatrics since Friday mid day and he has myocarditis and Periocarditis which has to do with inflammation of the sack around his heart and inflammation of the muscles of his heart. He’s doing better and it looks to be trending in the right direction so Lord willing he will be out of here today by the end of the day at the latest. I just wanted to let you guys know so that you can do your due diligence before you let your teen children go and get the vaccine hope everybody’s staying safe and we will be doing fun stuff Lord willing next week.

    • CBC – How vaccines can crush the variants and make reopening permanent in Canada

      Unvaccinated Canadians are a ‘tinderbox’ that threatens Canada more than variants, experts say

      Canada is poised to battle back the more contagious coronavirus variants that threaten to jeopardize reopening plans across the country due to a huge uptick in vaccine supply, a willingness from Canadians to get the shots and some promising new vaccine research.

      Daily COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths have dropped dramatically across the country to levels not seen since the fall, while shipments of vaccines are set to grow substantially — with more than 5.3 million doses arriving next week alone.

      To date, more than 28 million vaccine doses have been administered across Canada, about 72 per cent of eligible Canadians have at least one shot and close to 12 per cent have two.

      Yet there have been growing concerns over the spread of variants that have raised doubts about whether we can safely reopen society in Canada’s hardest hit regions, particularly as the United Kingdom grapples with the variant known as delta, or B.1.617.

      Despite the many uncertainties that lie ahead, experts say that early data from the U.K. and a new study just released in British Columbia point to the same way forward — getting as many shot in arms as soon as possible.

      Variant vs. vaccines
      A recent study from Public Health England (PHE) looked at just how effective the first dose is against the delta variant.

      The study found the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was 88 per cent effective against symptomatic disease from the delta variant two weeks after the second dose, compared to 93 per cent against the B.1.1.7 variant, also known as alpha.

      Two doses of the AstraZeneca-Oxford shot were found to be just 60 per cent effective against COVID-19 symptoms from delta, compared to 66 per cent against alpha.

      And a single dose of Pfizer and AstraZeneca were each only about 33 per cent effective against delta.

      Experts say it’s important to remember that the study looked at the vaccine’s ability to prevent COVID-19 symptoms, which can range from mild to severe, and the early estimates on vaccine effectiveness against the variants don’t tell the whole story.

      “One dose of the vaccine, whether it was Pfizer or AstraZeneca, still actually provided quite a bit of protection against severe illness and certainly against hospitalization,” said Prof. Jason Kindrachuk, an assistant professor and Canada Research Chair in emerging viruses at the University of Manitoba.

      “Yes we still need to get two doses, but you know what? Even with a single dose these vaccines work amazingly well.”

      Kindrachuk says that while delta reinforces the need to fully vaccinate high-risk individuals, like older Canadians and the immunocompromised, getting shots into as many arms as possible will continue to lower community transmission and the spread of variants overall.

      “Any population that isn’t vaccinated is a tinderbox that’s waiting to explode and drive lots of cases and hospitalizations and new variants,” said Prof. Alyson Kelvin, an assistant professor at Dalhousie University and virologist at the Canadian Center for Vaccinology and the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization in Saskatoon.

      “The best thing that we can do is stick to a vaccination plan and keep going with it until OUR ENTIRE population is covered by not just one, but two doses. That’s going to be the most effective strategy — not trying to get too caught up in the drama of a new variant.”

      Single dose has ‘substantial’ protection
      New Canadian research from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) also underscored the effectiveness of even just one dose of mRNA vaccines against the variants and provided new insight into the gamma variant, also known as P.1, for the first time.

      The preprint study, which has not yet been peer reviewed, found that a single dose of either Pfizer or Moderna cut the risk of COVID-19 for older adults by about two-thirds during the peak of the spring wave in B.C.

      The observational study looked at close to 17,000 people aged 70 and older between April 4 and May 1 — a critical time when both the alpha and gamma made up about 70 per cent of cases circulating in the province.

      The researchers also concluded that single dose protection for older adults was only “minimally reduced” against alpha and gamma, which they said “reinforces” Canada’s decision to defer second doses of COVID-19 vaccines at a time when supply was limited.

      “Even at the peak of the pandemic and even with most viruses being these variants of concern, we showed substantial reduction in risk amongst vaccinated older adults compared to unvaccinated adults,” said Dr. Danuta Skowronski, the epidemiology lead at the BCCDC and lead author of the study.

      “It’s particularly meaningful because this single dose protection was provided during that substantial third wave — the peak of the pandemic for us in B.C.”

      Skowronski says the study provides the world’s first vaccine effectiveness estimate against the gamma variant and was made possible due to the unique position B.C. found itself in, with multiple variants circulating at the same time unlike anywhere else in the world.

      “We were able to derive and show that protection was maintained against P.1, which remained an open question globally,” Skowronski said. “So we have addressed that question and shown comparable protections to B.1.1.7.”

      While BCCDC researchers weren’t able to analyze vaccine effectiveness against the delta variant, which had not yet been circulating widely in Canada at the time, Skowronski says the team has their sights set on it in the near future.

      “Looking at the data, we can be optimistic that we’ll have a good per cent effectiveness against delta,” said Kelvin, who was not involved in the study.

      “Of course we want everybody to get the second dose but I still am very optimistic.”

      But Skowronski cautions Canadians not to draw too many conclusions from the data emerging from the U.K. on the delta variant, or any one study, due to the fact that it’s largely observational and needs to be backed up by real-world immunogenicity research, which measures the immune responses that a vaccine generates.

      “It’s a signal of concern related to a variant of concern that warrants further evaluation, which is why we’re on it,” she said. “Then we can react.”

      ‘Get the second dose’

      Experts agree the BIGGEST THREAT to Canadians at the moment isn’t variants — despite the dizzying pace of research being released worldwide —IT’S NOT BEING VACCINATED AT ALL l.

      “So far for the variants that we have encountered, about which there has been initial shock and awe and then some settling of that, we’ve not seen a big impact,” Skowronski said.

      “Ultimately, we still want to get the second dose in and this is helping us reinforce and understand why that may be necessary.”

      Kelvin says the decision to delay second doses in Canada allowed for more single dose coverage, which ultimately prevented the virus from infecting more people, increasing hospitalizations and deaths and may have stopped the emergence of new variants here.

      “What we want to watch for is: are these viruses changing significantly? … We want to keep on top of what’s going on with new variants,” she said.

      “What we can all do is get vaccinated and try to reduce our contacts to reduce the opportunity for the virus to mutate — that’s going to be the biggest role that we can play in controlling variants.”

      Kelvin says if Canada continues to drive COVID-19 levels down across the country, we should be able to maintain low levels of community transmission — which will largely be driven by pockets of people who aren’t vaccinated.

      “We’re in a very different position than we were certainly in the early parts of this year,” said Kindrachuk.

      “Vaccinations are going to keep getting out and once we hit that threshold, things are going to change very, very quickly. I think they already are, but I think they’re going to change substantially in the next few weeks.”

      This is an excerpt from Second Opinion, a weekly roundup of health and medical science news emailed to subscribers every Saturday morning.

    • Poll finds rising public satisfaction with government’s COVID vaccination plans

      As more than half of Canadians await an appointment to get their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, public perceptions on the process to inoculate the country’s residents have become decidedly rosier.

      When Research Co. and Glacier Media asked earlier this month, 61% of Canadians say they are satisfied with the vaccination plans and phases outlined by their province, up seven points since our previous survey in late March.

      Similar proportions of Canadians are also content with the pace of vaccination efforts in their province (58%, up 10 points) and the procurement of vaccine doses from the federal government (57%, up nine points).

      These results outline significant gains in the nationwide average but veil the despair of residents of two specific provinces that was evident when we queried about government performance. Only 48% of residents of Alberta and Ontario are satisfied with how the vaccination process has unfolded in their province. In Quebec and British Columbia, the results on this question are 69% and 62% respectively.

      The fact that the first dose of the vaccine is now in the bodies of a majority of the country’s adults has also made more residents hopeful that a milestone promised by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) in December will actually be met.

      The PHAC expected every wiling Canadian to be inoculated against COVID-19 by the end of September 2021. This month, 65% of Canadians think the goal will be attained, up 15 points since March and 20 points since February.

      One of the intangibles of the PHAC’s promise is the willingness of Canadians to be vaccinated. This month, there is some positive momentum on this matter. For the first time, more than four in five Canadians (83%) say they have already been inoculated or plan to have a first shot when they get the chance.

      This leaves 13% of the country’s adults who will “definitely” or “probably” not get a shot against COVID-19 – a proportion that rises to 20% among those who voted for the Conservative Party in the 2019 federal election.

      There is a fascinating split among the 12% of Canadians who do not consider COVID-19 a real threat. We found that 49% of these skeptics have decided they will not get inoculated, but 48% will or have already done so.

      A question on allowing K-12 students to go back to in-class learning yielded some major regional disparities. In British Columbia, where school has been largely uninterrupted over the past few weeks, 60% of residents endorse the idea. In Ontario, where instruction has been remote since mid-April, 52% of residents support a return to the classroom.

      As some provinces deal with new travel restrictions, views on curbing tourism of several kinds have not gone through a major fluctuation. Practically four in five Canadians continue to endorse keeping the border with the United States closed to non-essential travel (80%, down three points) and placing all travellers arriving to Canada into a mandatory 14-day quarantine or isolation period (79%, also down three points).

      While most Canadians foresee the end of the pandemic, we are not ready to abandon the guidelines that brought us to this position. There is virtually no change in our wish to prohibit non-essential travel from one province to another (74%, unchanged) and prohibit non-essential travel inside provinces (67%, down one point).

      Our own behaviour, however, is not fully coinciding with regulations. While 84% of Canadians believe it is correct to require all customers or visitors entering an indoor premise to wear a mask while inside, only 75% of respondents have one every time they go out. Women (82%) and Canadians aged 55 and over (80%) lead the way on not leaving the home without a face covering. Men (69%) and Canadians aged 18 to 34 (71%) are more oblivious.

      Some aspects of life at home appear to be getting simpler. The proportion of Canadians who fear infection from ordering food from restaurants has fallen to 15%, and those who are overeating have dropped to 29%. On the other hand, we still see 16% of Canadians having a bath or shower less often than before the pandemic (including 20% of those aged 18 to 34) and 11% preferring not to brush their teeth as often (including 21% of Albertans).

      One other feature of confinement is not going remarkably well. One in five Canadians (20%) say they are losing their temper more than usual at home during the outbreak. The country’s youngest adults are more likely to acknowledge this setback (28%) than those aged 35 to 54 (20%) and those aged 55 and over (13%). We will have to see if these numbers change as more Canadians aged 18 to 34 get their first shot of the vaccine.

      Mario Canseco is president of Research Co.

      Results are based on an online study conducted from May 17 to May 19, 2021, among 1,000 Canadian adults. The data has been statistically weighted according to Canadian census figures for age, gender and region. The margin of error, which measures sample variability, is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

    • CBC – The debate about COVID-19 vaccine passports

      The debate about the use of COVID-19 vaccine passports is heating up as more people get vaccinated.

      Some say they can be incentives for people to get a shot and allow more normal activities to resume, but others worry about infringing on people’s freedom and privacy.

    • CBC – Push to increase COVID-19 vaccinations as restrictions loosen

      … as the delta variant spreads, further reopenings hinge on getting vaccines to those who’ve yet to be immunized.

      • Eight fully vaccinated die of COVID in Maine, as states continue to report ‘breakthrough ‘ Cases. The CDC reports more than (I wonder how many more than) 3,459 breakthrough cases of COVID resulting in hospitalization or death.

        The Clevand Clinic found people previously infected with COVID were less likely to be reinfected than fully vaccinated individuals who never had he virus. The study is available on medRxix.

    • RT- ‘Rare’ blood clot issues prompt EMA to suggest dropping AstraZeneca COVID jab

      A top European Medicines Agency official has suggested ditching the AstraZeneca COVID jab for all age groups because of worries about ‘blood clotting’, while some European countries have already suspended the use of the inoculation for the same reason.

    • sky news UK – Lockdown easing pushed back until 19th July

      Boris has announced a four-week delay in lifting lockdown restrictions in England to 19th July – due to the increasing number of cases of the Delta variant.

    • twitter @AlexBerenson


      19-year-old Simone Scott was excited to get her second dose of
      @moderna_tx ’s #Covid vaccine on May 1.

      Now her mother Valerie Kraimer is arranging her funeral.

      Simone, a first-year Northwestern University student, suffered a case of apparent myocarditis-induced heart failure on Sunday, May 16.

      Despite extraordinary measures to save her, including a heart transplant, she died Friday morning at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

      Now her parents are struggling to understand what happened to Simone – and why they had no idea the Covid vaccines might cause myocarditis.

      “I lost my only daughter,” Kraimer said Sunday night. “I never thought I’d have to give up my daughter for the greater good of society.”

      Doctors appear to have repeatedly missed signals as Simone’s condition worsened in the two weeks following her second shot – before she abruptly crashed.

      In mid-May, Israel was reporting high rates of cases of mRNA vaccine-related myocarditis in young people.

      But in the United States, vaccinations had just been opened for 12-15 year-olds – and
      played down the myocarditis risk in young people.

      In a statement May 17, the day after Simone died, the CDC reported that it had found “relatively few reports of myocarditis to date…”

      Simone’s physicians still have not confirmed that her vaccine caused her heart failure.

      But despite nearly a month of intense investigation, including an pathological examination of her heart after its removal in the transplant, they have offered no other explanation.

    • bloomberg – Biden Urges Holdouts to Get Vaccinated as U.S. Nears 600,000 Covid Deaths

      Joe Biden in Brussels on Monday urged American holdouts to “get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

    • sky news australia – Anyone can help vaccinate the world Go Give One campaign

      The Go Give One campaign allows anyone to contribute to the global vaccination effort through a $6.50 donation, which will provide one vaccine to someone in a developing country.

      Ms Reid told Sky News “Go Give One is a fundraising campaign with no borders”.

      “It allows everyone everywhere a chance to play their part in helping to vaccinate the world.

      “It’s super simple, this campaign is something that we can all do from our living rooms”.

    • global news – Alberta announces $1M lottery prizes for eligible residents who’ve received COVID-19 vaccine

      + comments on the YT page

    • global news – COVID-19 vaccine campaign slowdown coming in Canada, experts warn

      Canada has among the highest rates of vaccination against COVID-19 in the world, with 63 per cent of the population having at least one dose of vaccine, according to the website

      But already, there are signs that upward progress might be stalling in some places, and health officials are urging Canadians to keep up the momentum.

      Infectious diseases specialist at the University of Alberta Dr. Lynora Saxinger says the country is doing well in terms of vaccination but doesn’t think this pace will last forever.

    • ctv news – ‘Vigilance required’ as Delta cases rise, but doctor doesn’t think variant will lead to lockdown

    • ctv news ‘WE HAVE TO VACCINATE THE WHOLE PLANET’: Dr. Labos on variants

      Labos, epidemiologist and cardiologist, says low vaccination rates means more transmission and a higher risk of new variants.

    • ctv news – Delta variant ‘growing rapidly’ in Ontario, warns Yaffe

      How many people in Ontario need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity? Dr. Barbara Yaffe isn’t sure because of Delta variant.

    • sky news australia – Victorians face long waits for COVID vaccines amid shortages

      The Herald Sun revealed leaked call centre scripts showing Victorians are being told they need to wait weeks to get their vaccinations with authorities estimating that residents wishing to get the jab could wait for at least another month before receiving the first dose of Pfizer.


    COVID-19: Seven-in-ten oppose sharing vaccines globally until vaccinations in Canada are complete

    Vaccine hesitation remains highest in AB and SK, where one-in-five opposed to or unsure of inoculation

    June 14, 2021 – Under pressure at the G-7 summit to reveal how much of Canada’s pledge to share 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine with developing countries would come in the form of cash versus real jabs, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed Sunday the Canadian government would donate 13 million doses of actual surplus shots to spur global immunization, while pledging funds to buy 87 million more.

    Now, new data from the Angus Reid Institute finds the emphasis on weighting the promise more heavily to future purchases than sharing existing stock, aligns broadly with this nation’s desire to put “Canada First” when it comes to vaccination priority.

    DING DING DING !!! Nearly three-quarters of Canadians (72%) are of the opinion that until all willing residents 12 years of age and older have received their jabs, the country should focus its efforts at home rather than abroad. Younger people, between the ages of 18 and 34, are slightly more inclined to say the time has come to pivot to sharing vaccine with the developing world, but just one-quarter say this.

    On the domestic vaccination front, one-in-five residents in Alberta and Saskatchewan (18% in each) remain either unwilling to or unsure of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. This has led Premier Jason Kenney to announce a $3 million lottery program to push Alberta across its vaccination target for reopening. Demand in the province has diminished considerably in recent weeks.

  9. CBC – Pakistan’s prime minister calls for action against anti-Muslim racism

    Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan talks to CBC’s chief political correspondent Rosemary Barton about the need for Western nations to take action again Islamophobic “hate websites,” his thoughts on Quebec’s religious symbols ban and why he hasn’t publicly advocated for Uyghur Muslims in China.

    • CBC – Muslim leaders want Ottawa to commit to taking action against Islamophobia

      MPs have promised to hold a summit to combat Islamophobia — but community leaders are looking for a stronger commitment from the government.

  10. (Richard: As we move into WWIII I thought a video I just stumbled across about the early days of WWII in the South Pacific would help people realize that we aren’t as bad off as the people who fought WWII.)

    • I had a close relative who was among the first American GIs sent to New Guinea to defend Australia from dug-in Japs. He was a young physician.

      He said FDR should’ve been drawn and quartered for negligence on that front. (And much, much more…)

      Soldiers had nothing but winter gear; our doctors knew nothing about tropical diseases; there wasn’t even enough aspirin to relieve malarial fevers.

      Gen. MacArthur came for elaborate photo-ops.
      After my relative recovered from malaria, he became Gen. MacArthur’s son’s personal physician. (A nice little boy…)

      Anyway, that’s how I got to listen to high brass talk around the dinner table. The high-er brass is – and always has been – rotten.

  11. – NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA: Using black markers to brand jabless students –

    ‘They are literally branding our kids’: Fury as teachers label unvaccinated students with black MARKERS ahead of prom at New Hampshire high school

    High school students marked with black Sharpie if they hadn’t been vaccinated

    During prom, students were asked to raise hand ‘every few songs’

    This was done so organizers could ‘determine who they were around’

    In a statement, school says that one of the prom organizers kept list of numbers

    Numbers were written down on a set of cards that school says ‘will be destroyed’

    A school has come under fire for marking its students with a black Sharpie to signal their vaccination status at prom.

    Earlier this month, students at Exeter High School in New Hampshire were marked unvaccinated and vaccinated with pen.

    In a statement posted to the school web site, administrators defended the policy. During the prom, students were asked to raise their hand every few songs so that event organizers could ‘determine who they were around.’

  12. UK – Preston schoolchildren investigated by police after Quran is desecrated at Fulwood Academy

    Two schoolchildren are being investigated by police after the Quran was desecrated at a high school in Preston last week.

    Fulwood Academy says the holy book was ‘desecrated’ twice in separate incidents at the school on Thursday (June 10), when two pupils from different year groups abused the Quran in front of other children.

    Fulwood Academy say both pupils have since been suspended and the offensive acts have been reported to police and Prevent (part of the government’s counter-terrorism programme).

    Lancashire Police attended the school on Friday morning and two students were taken to Preston Police Station on Saturday morning where they were interviewed by officers.

    The force has confirmed it is investigating the provocative acts as potential hate crimes and the matter is being treated as a ‘Critical Incident’.

    Both the school and the police have not said how the religious text was ‘desecrated’, but the acts have been described as ‘abhorrent’ and ‘appalling’.

    A police spokesman said: “We are aware of two isolated incidents which took place earlier this week and we are working closely with the school to address these matters.

    “We are aware of the impact this incident has had within the community and for that reason we are treating it as a Critical Incident.

    “Our enquiries are very much ongoing and we are working closely with the school to address these matters.

    “Everyone in our county should be allowed to live their lives free from harassment and the fear of hate crime.

    “Hate crime causes great distress to its victims and we are committed to investigating all crimes and incidents motivated by hate, supporting victims and bringing offenders to justice.”

    What happened at Fulwood Academy?

    The high school in Black Bull Lane has condemned the actions of the two pupils as “abhorrent” and “appalling”. It is reported that the Quran was ‘ripped up’ by a boy who had been making offensive comments about Islam in front of his classmates on Thursday (June 10).

    The next day (Friday, June 11), the school received reports of a second incident in which the Quran had reportedly been desecrated by one of its female pupils.

    The incidents were reported to police and officers visited the school on Friday morning (June 11). Both students were taken to a police station for questioning.

    In a letter to parents on Sunday evening (June 13), Fulwood Academy said it has acted quickly in identifying those involved and the matter is now in the hands of police.

    Principal Dave Lancaster said the school intends to “heal the hurt” that has been caused and said it is reaching out to local imams for their support.

    The school said it is also seeking to understand what has led to these ‘abhorrent’ acts, which it says it has “never seen in our school before”.

    Fulwood Academy has been approached for comment.

    This is the full letter from Fulwood Academy to parents

    A school letter to parents said: “Fulwood Academy is a place where we strive to develop a culture of respect so that every child can achieve and become individuals our community can be proud of.

    “At the end of last week, however, there were two separate incidents at the school that sit deeply at odds with everything we stand for.

    “For reasons that we are yet to fully understand, it appears that two students from different year groups brought copies of the Quran to the school, and desecrated the holy book in front of a number of other students.

    “Actions such as this are abhorrent, and have no place in any community. We immediately notified the police and Prevent, and we have been working closely with them over the last few days. They have started their own processes of looking into these appalling incidents.

    “While we do not know what the outcome of that process will be, as we understand it, charging decisions for issues like this lie with the Crown Prosecution Service rather than the police. This means it is likely to take longer to conclude.

    “We can also confirm that both students have been suspended while these investigations are underway. Sanctions from the school will reviewed and determined once the police have concluded their work.

    “In addition, immediately after the acts, we spoke to the students who witnessed these actions, and also their families, to explain what had happened and offer our support.

    “While clearly there need to be ramifications for those involved, it is also vital that we understand what caused these acts, which we have never seen in our school before, to take place as they have.

    “We cannot do this alone. We are working with the police, and have already contacted all the appropriate authorities. Above all, however, we have reached out to local imams to ask for their support in helping us respond to this.

    “We are deeply aware that we need to heal the hurt that has undoubtedly been caused, and look at what we can do to support all members of the Fulwood Academy community.

    “We will, ofcourse, keep you updated about this over the next few days as things progress. It is not our intention to hide or shy away from these acts, and we can assure everyone that we will work together to further strengthen our community and build on our deep commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality.”

    Fulwood Academy has been approached for comment.

  13. Betraying America – Frontpagemag
    John Perazzo, Mark Tapson and David Horowitz
    16-21 minutes

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the New Democrat Order.

    No institution in America – from government offices to schoolrooms to corporate boardrooms and beyond – is safe today from the poisonous racism of Critical Race Theory and the “1619 Project” which posit that United States history is rooted in slavery and white supremacy, and that “whiteness” is an incurable disease. The institution whose subversion poses the greatest threat to our national security is the military, now overseen by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a determined advocate of these repulsive anti-American views.

    Austin has required both Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project as core elements of the Pentagon’s military training programs – concealing their sinister agendas under the innocuous-sounding “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” label. He has ordered a purging of the military ranks of what he calls “extremists,” defined as opponents of these noxious views and supporters of Donald Trump and the Capitol protest of January 6th. This transformational focus of our military forces is the Biden administration’s answer to the growing threat of a heavily-militarized China – a purging of “whiteness” and patriotic pride from the ranks of our frontline defenders.

    Breaking Back: My Return to the UK – Frontpagemag
    Katie Hopkins
    6-7 minutes

    I’m not sure if I’m glad to be home.

    After three months on the road in America giving our side a reason to gather and be reminded that America remains the greatest nation on the face of the planet, my heart finally decided it was time to make a break for Britain.

    Each time a concerned-looking patriot asks me at my events, “When are you going home?” I tell them truthfully that I don’t know, that I throw myself to the wind without caution or a sell-by date and wait for my heart to decide.

    I truly believe that our paths are already set out in front of us, and in order to walk in your truth every day you have to let go of the control of some of the big stuff that you are taught as a child to think important — like having a plan, or living in certainty.

    (I sometimes wonder if those asking me “When are you going home?” are really asking me “When are you ever going to leave?”, like hosts whose guests have overstayed their welcome at a party. But I suspect I am overthinking somewhat.)

    • I truly believe…walk in your truth every day you have to let go of the control…

      Sounds good.
      But Katie has an agent who books these speaking tours, and their staff handles all the logistics.

  15. The Climate Censors – Frontpagemag
    John Stossel
    5-6 minutes

    Climate alarmists want to silence debate — and Facebook lets them.

    Whom does Facebook trust to censor?

    A Ph.D. graduate from France.


    The Frenchman, Emmanuel Vincent, started a group he calls “Climate Feedback.” It does “a new kind of fact-checking.”

    It sure is new.

    And wrong.

    I released a video in which some climate scientists argue that climate change is not a “crisis.” They believe people can adjust to changing temperatures.

  16. RNC Might Skip Network TV Presidential Debates In 2024, Top Republican Says
    Joseph Curl
    4 minutes

    The Republican National Committee might skip network TV presidential debates if they aren’t dramatically overhauled before the next election, says David Bossie, president of Citizens United.

    “We don’t need to count on just the networks,” Bossie told Hugh Hewitt on his radio show, Politico reported. “There are so many opportunities out there, so many platforms out there that we can go to and partner with to get the message out.”

    Bossie said some debate moderators spend more time grandstanding than digging down on issues important to voters.

  17. U.S. Officials Alerted to ‘Imminent Radiological Threat’ at Chinese Nuclear Plant by Spencer Brown
    Spencer Brown
    3-4 minutes

    A nuclear plant in southern China is reportedly leaking due to issues in the reactor, but Chinese officials there say the situation is under control and the plant remains safe. A French entity involved in the project, however, reached out to the United States Department of Energy for assistance, according to a letter obtained by CNN.

    “The situation is an imminent radiological threat to the site and to the public,” reads the letter from French nuclear equipment company Framatome. The letter concerning the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in China’s Guangdong Province “urgently requests permission to transfer technical data and assistance as may be necessary to return the plant to normal operation.”

    “It is unusual that a foreign company would unilaterally reach out to the American government for help when its Chinese state-owned partner is yet to acknowledge a problem exists,” CNN noted.

  18. Biden Administration Outsources U.S. Asylum Process to UN and Foreign NGOs in Mexico
    Chris Farrell
    7-8 minutes

    According to sources within Mexican law enforcement, in refugee centers like Tapachula and Matamoros, UN officials pressure Mexican immigration caseworkers to move migrants north to the United States as quickly as possible, regardless of status or process. Pictured: A staffer from the UN International Organization for Migration congratulates immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border as a group of at least 25 asylum seekers were allowed to travel from a migrant camp in Mexico into the U.S. on February 25, 2021 in Matamoros, Mexico. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

    Most Americans are not even aware that the United Nations is hard at work implementing the Biden administration’s open borders policies for the U.S.-Mexican border. But UN agencies in Mexico play an important role in assisting migrants with U.S. asylum applications and quickly moving them north into the U.S. — currently at an unprecedented level.

    The Biden administration has requested that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) channel U.S. funds to non-profit groups in Mexico for identifying and referring the “neediest” asylum seekers to U.S. officials. Reuters reporting on the question of “neediest” includes persons with medical conditions, those who have experienced long periods of displacement, sexual minorities and victims of crime, trafficking and sexual violence. Details are sparse concerning whether the UNHCR realizes a fee or percentage for their channeling efforts.

  19. Trudeau Liberals push for easier mail-in voting,

    5 MILLION mail-in ballots ready to be printed

    Dominic LeBlanc told Parliament yesterday that, because he found mail-in voting to be too challenging in 2019, mail-in voting should be made easier.

    President of the Privy Council Dominic LeBlanc told Parliament yesterday that, because he found mail-in voting to be too challenging in 2019, mail-in voting should be made easier, and with less paper work, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

    Elections Canada spokesperson Matthew McKenna said that electors currently will not be provided with a ballot kit if the elector “did not provide valid proof of identification and address with their application.”

    “This will be the first election in which those voting by mail from within their riding can apply online,” said McKenna. “Previously this was only available to those who would be away from their riding or who lived abroad.”

    LeBlanc, however, said that mail-in requirements nearly made it too difficult for him to vote in 2019.

    “We had to literally photocopy pieces of a driver’s license and medicare card to show residency and mail it to my chief returning officer in my constituency at which point he returned by mail to me the voting kit,” said LeBlanc.

    “It struck me that if you were a senior citizen, and I was lucky that I had people that could help me get the paperwork done, I think we can collectively think of ways to make it more accessible but still secure,” said LeBlanc.

    Last election, Canada saw 49,545 mail-in votes. Elections Canada is gearing up to print and mail 5,000,000 ballots this year.

    According to CTV News, the Liberal bill, titled Bill C-19, will also seek to “Improve access to mail-in voting, including installing ballot drop-off boxes at every polling place, and allowing for online receipts of mail-in ballots.”

    “Canadians deserve to have full confidence in their ability to exercise their democratic rights safely in these unprecedented times,” a statement from Minister Dominic LeBlanc reads.

    “This will ensure the health and safety of voters, election workers and all participants in Canada’s electoral system. By introducing these temporary amendments, Elections Canada will be able to offer more ways for Canadians to vote during a pandemic. I look forward to working with my parliamentary colleagues to deliver our shared goal of a free, fair and safe election,” LeBlanc continued.

  20. CNN – FBI issues warning about QAnon

    The FBI has warned lawmakers that online QAnon conspiracy theorists may carry out more acts of violence as they move from serving as “digital soldiers” to taking action in the real world following the January 6 US Capitol attack.

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