Pathologist, Dr. Roger Hodkinson from the weekly broadcast by Reiner Fuelmich

This is the segment of the live stream from the weekly discussion by Reiner Fuelmich out of Germany for June 11, 2021. Reiner also spoke with Peter McCullough which we will try and isolate from the multi hour German language stream later. This is extremely good though.

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3 Replies to “Pathologist, Dr. Roger Hodkinson from the weekly broadcast by Reiner Fuelmich”

  1. If you watched this would you still get the jab ? Please wake up. This isn’t a dream !! Thank you to all the people who are in the light. I will never give up or give in, but sometimes I feel so sad for the many that have been so misled.

  2. They started to jab the Darwin Award Applicants on Monday at the Old Age Home.
    I just heard that when they ran out of the Pfizer Mengele-Juice half way through Tuesday, the Idiots, mostly WHITES (so much for the higher IQ), went nuts because they couldn’t get anymore of the poison.
    Even people that had recovered from Covid went to get jabbed.
    When I just asked Royden why he did it since he is immune, the answer was that he was told via Media that his Immunity would only last 7 month.
    I told him that that was a monstrous LIE, becuase it’s an established Fact that people that came down with the first SARS (not the South African Revenue Service, since NO ONE escapes unscathed from that one) are still immune 18 years later.
    He was visibly shocked, and I think he’ll skip the next one.

    How do you deal with such MALICE and Ingnorance?

  3. The good doctor knocks on the door of world communism at the end but fails to enter. He doesn’t seem aware of the aspirations of the Mark Carneys of this world. He does not connect our current plight to Agenda 21/30, and the opportunity for creative destruction this plandemic represents to that stated plan. This said he remains an outstanding voice.

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