Yesterday’s nuttery is today’s established fact: Links 1 for June 9, 2021

1. At this point its probably foolish to ignore any outrageous claim. Frankly I thought no one should listen to this property of the injections unless you know the humidity and temperature and general skin oiliness of the person first, since on a hot humid day, things stick to human skin pretty easily, magnet or not. But now this:

If you google the term for the moment at least, you get:

2. ENTIRE Interview with Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, Dr. Luc Montagnier.

They cover a lot of ground over 45 minutes, but one point which is great to see discussed, is the issue of people who have had this vaccine encountering the wild virus. In animal studies, the results where a total success. If the purpose was to kill them all. With humans, it looks more like neurological effects similar to, or identical to the effects of prion diseases.

3. PROF. SUCHARIT BHAKDI – Vaccination and adverse events including clotting and disease enhancement

4. Weight-Adjusted Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Boosted Survival of Ventilated COVID-19 Patients by 200 Percent: Study

(Article is paywalled. Would be interesting to know how the weight adjustment is determined)

5. Here is an article from 2002, which we republished in 2020 and deserves a close look. This is one factor never discussed by any of the pundits, probably because it slipped their notice. But it’s impossible to think this is unrelated to what is going on today at this point.

Fascinating article from 2002: Scientists’ deaths are under the microscope


Thank you M., MissPiggy, HeHa, Richard, KAF., ET., EB., Yucki and many many more who are noticing something is terribly wrong, and willing to entertain the notion that maybe they have to allow for new possibilities.

Today’s Ontario doublethink

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  1. 1. Guillain-Barré Syndrome Fact Sheet
    National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke


    What causes Guillain-Barré syndrome?

    In rare cases vaccinations may increase the risk of GBS. Recently, some countries worldwide reported an increased incidence of GBS following infection with the Zika virus.

    What is the long-term outlook for those with Guillain-Barré syndrome?

    Guillain-Barré syndrome can be a devastating disorder because of its sudden and rapid, unexpected onset of weakness—and usually actual paralysis. Fortunately, 70% of people with GBS eventually experience full recovery. With careful intensive care and successful treatment of infection, autonomic dysfunction and other medical complications, even those individuals with respiratory failure usually survive…

    New Data on Moderna’s Zika Vaccine Could Raise Hopes for Its Covid-19 Vaccine”
    by Josh Nathan-Kazis – April 14, 2020


    The biotech company Moderna unveiled promising early data from a Phase 1 trial of its experimental Zika vaccine on Tuesday morning — which could be a good sign for the company’s Covid-19 vaccine, currently in Phase 1 trials.

    The company made the announcement at the start of its vaccines day, an online investor meeting about Moderna’s (ticker: MRNA) vaccine programs. The investor meeting begins via webcast at 8 a.m. Eastern time on Tuesday.

    Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine, which has drawn enormous attention in recent months, is among nine experimental prophylactic vaccines the company is developing. All of the vaccines employ the same approach, in which small bits of messenger RNA are used to activate the immune system against a particular virus.

    The Zika vaccine is Moderna’s seventh to return positive data in a Phase 1 trial. In an interview on Monday, Moderna’s CEO, Stéphane Bancel, said that the positive experience with Moderna’s experimental vaccines so far makes him more confident that the Covid-19 vaccine will work.

  2. I tried a couple of times to get a fridge magnet to stick to my secretary’s arm.
    “You’re not magnetic,” I said.
    “Excuse me?”
    “The magnet fell to the floor on both sides. You’re not magnetic.”
    “My body or my personality?”
    Realizing I was trapped I ran away.

  3. 4. Weight-Adjusted Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Boosted Survival of Ventilated COVID-19 Patients by 200 Percent: Study

    I’m surprised that hydroxychloroquine was found to be so effective with later-stage COVID-19 considering all the information I’ve seen indicates that it is most effective in the early stages of the disease and not so much once they’re in respiratory distress later on. But, hey. Good…

    So when is some “journalist” going to work up the nerve to present these new studies to Dr. Fauci and ask him how the heck he was so certain the stuff didn’t work and what he has to say to all the thousands of people who died because he denied them the only known remedy for the pandemic…

  4. Magnetic charges require mass to sustain them for any appreciable length of time. Binding an mRNA packet to magnetically charged iron oxide and then trying to get it into a cell? Forget about it. The iron oxide particles would need to be relatively huge. It would be like taping a golf ball to an anvil and trying to throw it into the house via the cat door.

    It’s such a stupid thing to say that it makes me wonder if this whole vaccine thing isn’t just population control. Maybe it’s population control specifically for the kind of morons who think magnets are magical.

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