Twitter deletes Naomi Wolf, Austria reinvents how crime works and more: Links 2, June 5, 2021

1. Government coercion and mRNA shot propaganda is getting more and more disturbing all the time. Remember, this is still experimental, and is ONLY authorized for use under emergency act measures. And the subtext of this add is that if you don’t get it, you will be ostracized from social life and freedoms.

So I had to screw with it:

2. How Facebook’s ‘independent fact checkers’ cited letter secretly organized by Wuhan lab funder Peter Daszak to ‘debunk’ leak theory and punish news outlets that explored it

Facebook’s ‘independent fact checkers’ relied on a letter spearheaded by a major financial backer of the Wuhan Institute of Virology to ‘debunk’ articles exploring the possibility that the COVID-19 pandemic originated in a leak from the lab, it has emerged.

For nearly a year, Facebook censored articles exploring the lab leak theory, labeling them ‘false information’ and punishing news publishers by limiting their reach on the platform, before the social media giant sheepishly reversed course last month.

Facebook relies on third-party fact-checkers to ‘debunk’ false claims, and in the case of the lab leak theory, a February article from Facebook partner Science Feedback played a key role in the social media site’s censorship.

The article, which purported to ‘debunk’ a New York Post opinion column questioning China‘s denials of a lab leak scenario, prominently cited a letter to The Lancet, a leading medical journal, signed by ’27 eminent public health experts’.

It has now emerged that the Lancet letter, which played a key role in suppressing early debate on the pandemic’s origins, was not only signed but organized by Peter Daszak, whose group funneled U.S. taxpayer dollars to controversial gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). 

3. Austrian student, 19, is attacked on a train and called a ‘Jewish slut’ only for Vienna cops to accuse her of acting provocatively by reading a book about Jews

(“The greatest trick Austria ever played, was convincing the world that Hitler was German, and Beethoven was Viennese.” -Christopher Hitchens.)

An Austrian student who was attacked on a train and called a ‘Jewish slut’ was accused by police of acting provocatively by reading a book about Jewish people.

The student, 19, was attacked by three men on the Vienna underground while she was reading the historical book The Jew in the Modern World for a Jewish studies course.The woman, who has not been named, was cruelly called a ‘child murderer’ and a ‘Jewish slut’ by her attackers, who also pulled her hair, according to 

A few days after the attack, the student reportedly asked the Vienna transport authority for footage of the incident but claimed she was told it had been deleted.

She claimed she was told that footage is deleted after 72 hours unless police ask for it – which could make finding the three men who attacked the student challenging.

4. This is a worthy short interview with Dr. Zev Zelenko from OAN News

When twitter pulls this tweet, you can get the video directly at the link at OAN.

5. Twitter SUSPENDS progressive feminist author Naomi Wolf after slew of tweets opposing Covid-19 vaccinations

(…AAaaand speaking of Twitter pulling tweets…)

Naomi Wolf, a feminist author and former campaign adviser to then-president Bill Clinton who became an ardent critic of lockdowns and vaccines during the pandemic, has been banned from Twitter.

Wolf – who had nearly 150,000 followers – was suspended from Twitter on Friday evening following her repeated commentary against Covid-19 vaccinations.

Though it’s not clear exactly which post led to Wolf’s suspension, the author had a history of making anti-vaccine comments and had published several on the day of her ban.

(She is not anti-vaccines. She is anti the experimental mRNA shots and the manner in which the entire Covid policy has been handled. Like most of us here.)

Thank you Kalloi, M., Richard, Mad W., PC., EB., ET. and all who manage to preserve enough sanity to offer analysis.

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7 Replies to “Twitter deletes Naomi Wolf, Austria reinvents how crime works and more: Links 2, June 5, 2021”

  1. 3. Why do you have to read such a book?
    Said the policeman through his knees
    Islam, Sexuals, Communists
    Submission if you please.

    • Since 2010 or so, whenever I had/have an appointment and must travel via public transit and wait in a waiting room, I always carry Spencer’s book ‘The Life of Mohamed’.

      I take it out of my handbag and make sure everybody sees the title. I open the book in a semi-vertical position and read.

      You would all be surprised of the reactions I get. When a Muslim sits next to me or is near me, they move away. Once, a Muslim guy with his Islamic mother left the waiting room, dumping his mom on her own.

      That’s one book they can’t handle.

  2. ITEM 5 – Fauci’s C-19 bio-engineering flock are deleting their own Twitter accounts.

    PROBLEM they all have: the more they talk, the more they dig their own grave. Fauci might be on the cusp of understanding this.

    “Virologist Who Told Dr. Fauci Coronavirus Was Likely Engineered and Got Paid After Backtracking on Claims – Just Deleted 5,000 Tweets — Then DELETED ENTIRE ACCOUNT”

  3. So they’re going after Naomi Wolfe. Unbelievable! She’s a left-wing feminist from way back and yet she seems to be waking up. Epiphanies do happen occasionally. Our only hope is that other Naomi Wolfs wake up too and start defending us against this Orwellian onslaught that is tearing apart our world before our eyes. AOC and Ilian Omar and Colin Kaepernick speak in the voice of the enemy. They all sound like Hamas or Hezbollah or the Ayatollah. And if you can’t see that the Democrats are purposely dismantling the USA then you need a new pair of spectacles because you are blind. Come on Gloria Steinem. Come on Sean Penn. Come on Alan Alda. Stop backing these evil turncoats and supporting the suffocating censorious oppression that is settling down upon our once-free lands…

    • Alan Alda should spend the rest of his life in a North Korean Gulag IMO. That is, if he as a person agrees with his character on MASH. The amount of damage that man did to so many because of that sneering mocking role he played targeting the freedom fighters from the US trying to liberate Korea.

      Frankly the South Koreans could use a lesson in gratitude as well. George Bush almost gave them one.

      • I’m going to come across like the Grand Wizard for saying this but I think that the “left” is and always has been simply paid – possibly unknowingly – agents of our enemies (ie: working for BLM or the SPLC. There is no real upside to “multiculturalism”, for instance. It was never well-intentioned. That must have been forwarded by enemy generals in order to weaken our fighting ability. That’s proper psychological warfare and not in the least bit far-fetched.

        Sure, the left is probably right about the odd thing (whales), but I believe they exist only as traitors taking silver coins to let our numerous enemies slip through the back gates to slit our throats in the night. There has never been a positive side to leftist thinking and I think it’s a mistake to think otherwise. Like, “peace marchers” are always just rooting for the enemy to win, aren’t they…? Bllindfold. Cigarette. Port arms…aim…

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