So “diversity” at google means no Jews: Links 2, June 3, 2021

1. Illegal border crashers to England DEMAND free housing, benefits

2. Theatre

3. Google removes its head of diversity after a 2007 blog post surfaced in which he claimed Jews have an ‘insatiable appetite for war’

(The headline is meant to stimulate the irony brain reflex. But “Diversity” is a code word for communism, and communism is antisemitic.)

Google announced on Wednesday that it was removing its global lead for diversity strategy and research, Kamau Bobb, after a 2007 blog post in which he’d made antisemitic comments surfaced.

The company said Bobb would be reassigned to a STEM research role.

The Washington Free Beacon this week uncovered a blog post by Bobb titled “If I Were a Jew.” The report, published Tuesday, included excerpts from the post.

“If I were a Jew I would be concerned about my insatiable appetite for war and killing in defense of myself,” the post, which has since been deleted, said.

“If I were a Jew today, my sensibilities would be tormented. I would find it increasingly difficult to reconcile the long cycles of oppression that Jewish people have endured and the insatiable appetite for vengeful violence that Israel, my homeland, has now acquired.”

4. Ontario lockdown measures won’t be lifted, despite end of stay-at-home order

(It’s quite amazing how a thing you knew for absolute certain was going to happen, can still disappoint you like a punch to the gut)

All measures will remain in place until Step One of reopening: province

The Ontario government is reminding residents that just because the stay-at-home order is expiring June 2, that doesn’t mean the current restrictions will be lifted. 

Aside from the requirement that Ontarians only leave their house for essential purposes, all other measures will remain in place until the commencement of Step One of the province’s latest reopening plan. Step One is expected to begin June 14.

The measures include limits on indoor and outdoor gatherings, and restrictions for retailers, as well as other businesses and services. 

Ontarians will continue to only be permitted to gather in groups of up to five people outdoors, and retail deemed “essential” will remain open at 25 per cent capacity with a restriction on the types of items that can be sold.

(At this point the fault isn’t so much with the civil servants that create these diktats. Its with the people that obey them.)

5. The debate between the mRNA reluctant and adamant gets heated. The host takes the side of collective rights out of the gate. And is wrong in that as well. If a pub wants to allow smoking, then they should be allowed to allow smoking. If they can’t it means there are no individual rights anymore, or private property. They also didn’t get the best spokesman for the reluctant. She actually thinks its a good thing. They should get a scientist on instead of a vague PoV. The pro-forced vaxxer seems free to tell a ‘woman of colour’ that she “talks a lot of garbage”. Which is quite a thing to say these days. Which shows you where the narrative lies. He also has no actual arguments beyond the collective, corporate medicine idea.

“They deserve to be punished” says the man who thinks all must take an experimental technology for his peace of mind. I do not need to set myself on fire because he is cold.

Comments at Youtube are turned off for this video because it was so clearly directed propaganda. The most important points, treatment for example, are never mentioned.

Thank you all who contributed to this post and to this site in any way and from many points of view.

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6 Replies to “So “diversity” at google means no Jews: Links 2, June 3, 2021”

  1. To be blunt. I am not going to risk my health on an experimental vaccine to protect the lives of old people who at 82 have had a good innings,or, of frankly fat bastards and sick people who have destroyed their lives by poor life style choices. They can ram their false humanism where the sun don’t shine and they can get some self responsibility into their fat doughnut filled lives.Getting this vaccine under the guise of doing your bit just shows that you have no critical thought process.
    As a friend pointed out today, Anne Frank was protected by those breaking the law and handed in by those upholding it.The Nazis and their sympathisers are coming out of the woodwork.

  2. 3. “”I don’t know how I would reconcile that identity with the behavior of fundamentalist Jewish extremists or of Israel as a nation,” Bobb wrote. “The details would confuse me. I wouldn’t understand those who suggest that bombing Lebanon, slaughtering Lebanese people and largely destroying Beirut in retaliation for the capture of a few soldiers is justified.”

    Several leading Jewish groups, including the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Stop Antisemitism, tweeted that Bobb should be fired.”

    We have an opinion expressed, written to all Jews, declaring they are culpable for not standing up the actions of Israel which he believes are all bad. The very same racism used if he had written to all black-skinned people and accused them of not joining the BLM violence which is all good. If I were a black…

    This stance, is Communist. Anti-individual. Which makes him perfect for Diversity Leadership where body parts and cults are traded to gain trade union power and create the fear of free speech.
    To impose conformity and achieve worker compliance.

    “Several leading Jewish groups, including the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Stop Antisemitism, tweeted that Bobb should be fired.”


    Why did they not simply refute his arguments written 14 years ago? And then dismantle the Diversity Platform that makes it possible to be openly racist and blame and shame people?

    Well, maybe, these groups don’t mind Diversity at all. Identities that are more equal than individuals. They just want their clone.

    • “Refuting arguments” isn’t where it’s at.
      This isn’t a new “-ism” or invented identity.

      Jew-hate has millennia of “arguments” that all end up in the same place. The end point of every such discussion is the final solution.

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