Climate lockdowns next: Links 2, May 20, 2021

1. I just … just … can’t

2. Lockdowns failed in all ways

3. Well, I should say that lockdowns failed to achieve anything good

4. Mass deportations after migrant surge in Spain

5. Ingram warns of climate lockdowns.

(I guess in case the Alien lockdown thing doesn’t take)

Some of you may remember this interview from February 19, 2021:

Thank you Sassy, MarcusZ1967, Richard, M., Xanthippa, PC., Richard, Pauline and many many more today already.


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16 Replies to “Climate lockdowns next: Links 2, May 20, 2021”

  1. 5- Scientism makes anything possible no matter how ludicrous. But it isn’t funny. As far as your imagination can stretch is how far the Left will try to stretch it to meet their ends. Climate control means controlling people. Aliens? Hey, there wasn’t a kid alive who wanted extraterrestrials to be real more than I did. If there is a kid alive today who obsessively drew as many rocket ships as I did in kindergarten he’d be tested for Asperger Syndrome.

    Suggesting that there could be an alien-invasion disinformation campaign on the globalist agenda, designed to further confuse people into submission, is something only time will reveal. However, I will posit that we need not believe the current existence of little green men with astronomically high IQ’s and out-of-this-world technology. Nope. We need only to be convinced that their descendants walk among us. Ridiculous? Sure. But no more ridiculous than the notion of anthropogenic climate change, or the existence of 150 genders. No, the children of aliens are here, and now.

    If all other disinformation campaigns do not muster the desired collectivization, round ’em up. Redheads are easy to spot. Throw them into camps. Scapegoat them for being the reason for all our ills. They won’t shut-up? Make ’em swim with duh fishes. Only then will we have closed that old, reliable circle once again.

    Where’s Yucki these days?

  2. Looking at the Harris vid, I finally understood why twatter is such a cesspool All the frustrated citizens telling high level scumlites to stuff it, to F off, to jump in a well. It’s not much, but it’s something.

  3. Said ‘Climate Change’ aka Climate ‘Warming’ was always in the cards. It was the first issue they made up to terrify, divide, and crush aka conquer. Young people were their target.

    Then, they proceeded the same way with the China Flu. That was very successful, much more than said Climate Warming changed to Climate Change as people were no longer panicking over the said ‘warming’.

    Now, they are teasing us with UFO (aliens) but it isn’t working. People want to see UFOs and ‘Aliens’.

    Where are they going next?

    • BTW, people like their combustion vehicles too much. They won’t go into public transit if they can get away with driving their own vehicles.

      The big problem we have is the mandatory mask: that prevents us from socializing, working in office spaces, and enjoy shopping. People have panic attacks. That’s where they led us.

      Thus, this kinda settles the ‘Climate’ issue. People will order online and work from home to avoid the mask and it will produce credits toward ‘Climate Change’ as they no longer are driving their fuel-combustion vehicles.

      • Except that it’s about power, not climate. They’ll come up with another scare. The sheep make it so easy peasy.

        I think we’ll have another virus by and by. It worked so well this time. And it will kill off yet another slice of the gullible, fat, and stupid. Maybe the vaccines are already doing their job opening some prepared gateway or damaging the immune systems.

        • I fully agree with you.

          What was not taken into account regardless of the problematic subject matter is their goal would be to wipe out our humanity and it’s working.

          We see it with BLM, we see it with MSM, we see it with the multiple ‘Trans’ genders in our schools, we see it everywhere. Wiping out our humanity through division. A divided people never wins.

    • As a final note, I think the goal of the China Flu and all other issues is to deprive us of human contact and people are craving it. The China Flu is still terrorizing people as we see so many wearing the mask outside in open air.

      I saw a friend today who came to my home with his girlfriend. Upon leaving, he fist-knocked me. I forced the handshake on him. I looked at his girlfriend and I approached and handshaked her and embraced her. We took each other in our arms. That was really a feel-good moment for me.

      I think the only way to fight this authoritarianism would be to engage and embrace those who wear the mask, thus giving them and ourselves a touch of humanity.

      Side note: I got my Ivermectin. I spoke with my pharmacist. He agrees with the Ivermectin. He won’t put it in my file as he isn’t allowed to talk about it.

  4. Did you happen to see that Matt Bracken who was hosting the fourth hour of infowars today was wearing the St. James Matamoros Cross? Epic.

  5. VAN MORRISON new Album Release –

    Morrison’s just-released new album, the utilitarianly-named Latest Record Project Volume 1, speaks real truth to actual power, in sharp contrast to today’s legion of multimillionaire singers and Hollywood stars who strut around pretending to be defiant outcasts. Morrison skewers them, too, singing:

    Where have all the rebels gone?
    Hiding behind computer screens
    Where’s the spirit, where’s the soul?
    Where have all the rebels gone?
    Why don’t they come out of the woodwork now?
    One for the money, two for the show
    It’s not very rock and roll
    Where have all the rebels gone?

    What does Morrison want us to rebel against? The social media oligarchy that exercises near-total control over the public discourse, for one thing:

    Why are you on Facebook?
    Why do you need second-hand friends?
    Why do you really care who’s trending?
    Or is there something you’re defending?
    Get a life, is it that empty and sad?

    Another target is the “journalists” who have transformed the establishment media from a news source to a manipulative and deceptive propaganda organ for the far-left, in the song “They Own the Media”:

    They tell us that ignorance is bliss
    I guess by those that control the media, it is
    They own the media, they control the stories we are told
    If you ever try to go against them, you will be ignored…

    They control the narrative, they perpetuate the myth
    Keep on telling you lies, tell you ignorance is bliss
    Believe it all and you’ll never get, never get wise
    To the truth, ‘cause they control everything you do…


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