Blood clots, deaths, no parental consent needed for shots: Links 3, May 20, 2021

1. More AZ blood clots in Australia

2. Children can be conned into getting the mRNA gene therapy without parental consent just like they can be conned into thinking they are the other sex and get proceedures done to them without parental knowledge or consent.

3. Meanwhile, someone in Utah got a visit from Sanity Clause

4. Ontario. By some measures, the most locked down place on Earth for Covid, we now learn is governed by anonymous unelected faceless people on something called the “Science Table”.

5. Woman dies 15 minutes after getting mRNA injection. Must have been cancer.

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4 Replies to “Blood clots, deaths, no parental consent needed for shots: Links 3, May 20, 2021”

  1. ITEM 5 re Level of doubt

    Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) announces the state will award $40k each day to one vaccinated resident for 40 days. The lottery will be increased to $400k on the Fourth of July.

    Announcing the Maryland Lottery $2 Million VaxCash Promotion! From May 25th – July 3rd, one lucky vaccinated Marylander will win $40,000 each day! And on July 4th, one lucky vaccinated Marylander will win $400,000! Learn more here…

    • With everything we’ve read since the past 18+ months re the mRNA technology, I’m even more certain now that the ‘jab’ will focus our immune system on fighting off one particular virus while others have free reign when they invade our system.

      We also read that Influenza vaccine and C-19 jab will be offered simultaneously.

      This is a big Wait and See situation.

  2. Last video: Universe is almost 14 billion years old and we assume we are the only living creatures with a functional brain and advanced technology…

    “Age may only be a number, but when it comes to the age of the universe, it’s a pretty important one. According to research, the universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old. How did scientists determine how many candles to put on the universe’s birthday cake? They can determine the age of the universe using two different methods: by studying the oldest objects within the universe and measuring how fast it is expanding.”

  3. From Fear-mongering, Coersion to out-right Bribery to make people take the Mengele-Juice.
    NO THANK YOU, they can keep their 30 pieces of Silver and shove it where the sun don’t shine.
    My perfectly well working Immune-system is just fine.
    I tune it up regular with long walks in Nature, Vitamins A, B , C and D through fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Salads (ok, I have to admit, for me a Salad without Bacon in it is not a Salad) and other Natural available Immun boosters.
    And it seems to work, especially the Vitamin D has , I haven’t had ONE Malaria Attack since 1996, compared to the 27 Malaria Attacks from 1989 – 1996, since I take Vitamin D.
    Why should I be afraid of a minor Virus in a Designer Jacket now?

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