Dear CBC:

Of course they already know this. The goal of propaganda is to foment hatred, not disseminate truth. But on the faint hope that CBC is just ignorant and not evil…

One of the excellent signs May 15, Ottawa anti-lockdown demo

These gentlemen make a solid point as well…


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  1. – They demonize us for questioning an experimental mRNA that was rushed and still not fully approved, but they don’t demonize this: –

    * Despite MEDICAL CANNABIS being legal in Canada for 20 years, cannabis researcher James MacKillop said not enough is known about the efficacy or safety of the many products available. *

    “There is an urgent need for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating the effectiveness and safety of the numerous medical cannabis products currently available to patients in Canada,” the letter said.

    “The same products that are approved for manufacture and sale by Health Canada don’t meet their standards for being studied in trials,” MacKillop said.As a patient, Zak thinks more research into the efficacy of medical cannabis could have saved her “time and money and discomfort.”

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