Fascinating fact found for Facebook Fact-finder: Links 2, May 6, 2021

1. AUSTRALIA – Queensland man among five new blood clot cases linked to vaccine

2. Although this is NOT Tony Fauci, it is a pretty good estimate of what we can expect from him for the foreseeable future.

3. I know! Lets add some fear for around 40% of all men:

Bald men are up to 2.5 TIMES more likely to suffer severe COVID-19 than males with a full head of hair, study warns

(Maybe men who are losing their hair should wear a mask on top.)

Severe cases of COVID-19 are 2.5 times more likely in men with male-pattern baldness than those retaining a full head of hair, researchers have warned.

Male-pattern baldness — or ‘androgenetic alopecia’ — is a common, genetically-determined form of hair loss that affects around 50 per cent of men aged over 50.

It commonly presents as a thinning of the hair in the temporal areas of the scalp before advancing to affect the crown as well.

Researchers found that male patients with a common biomarker linked to hair loss appeared to be significantly more susceptive to severe coronavirus infections.

Specifically, these men were more sensitive to male hormones known as androgens, which is also found in patients with androgenetic alopecia.

The findings of the study may open up new possibilities for new therapies — and possibly even a treatment — for COVID-19, the team said

(I guess its like Global Warming. Everyplace is warming 10X faster than everywhere else, and each demographic is higher risk then everyone else!)

4. When does a conspiracy theory just become, you know, a conspiracy?

5. Alberta doubling down on tyranny cause in a month, well you know. This is a CBC video, so you can bet the family farm that they are misrepresenting police and other agency’s enthusiasm for these measures. The CBC in the Voice of the COMINTERN in Canada.

This is the CBC building in Ottawa. I took the liberty of updating their banners for accuracy:


Thank you M., Mad W., Richard, Tania Groth, John, Xanthippa, EB., and MANY more who are paying attention, and informing others. Its getting to be a big job. And the governments of our formerly free nations are taking it upon themselves to be the arbiter of what is true, and the censor of what is not. And as always, what is true, is what the party says is true.

We must understand that this process which has happened many times before elsewhere, is happening, here, and now.



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  1. The problem is the people talking about returning to normal have probably never understood what normal is. Just more feckless fear mongers working at taking away our freedom. PUSH BACK NOW, soon it will be past the point of no return.

  2. Crazy. I was hearing about vaccinations being pressed in BC schools on the radio news but can’t find a link online yet. About schools needing vaccination awareness and popup booths so kids can get the shot.

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