A few words on the Democrat Party censorship policies

One of the defining aspects of a totalitarian state, be it Islamic or communist, is that the state takes unto itself the power to determine what is the truth, to punish all those who do not act in the manner that they fully accept that the state’s truth is the truth, and that the state will also make sure that what must be believed as the truth, is actually a massive lie.

The state will achieve this quite easily. They will empower each of us to be judge, jury and even on occasion, executioner towards anyone we see defying the state’s truth. In Islamic states, its blasphemy, and in communist states, heresy, or a variety of other names. My favorite is what the father of a friend of this website was called by the communists in Czechoslovakia. “A leader of the people against the people”.

Currently of course, it would be hate speech in one of its many semantically tightly rammed manifestations. Climate denial, hate speech. Just for one example. Even though the science is clear that there is no AGW taking place and if anything, the Earth is cooling. No questioning the vaccine narratives of course, and the list grows with each issue, and even most of the issues themselves are lies, let alone the solutions.

Earlier today I saw a video in a tweet by Paul Joseph Watson I deeply regret not downloading in time to save it. It was of a pregnant woman shopping and a man in a very effeminate voice but quivering with a degree of sanctimony I thought was only possible from a Canadian, accused her of killing his grandparents because she was in the store without wearing a mask.

UPDATE: The video is still up on Canadian reporter, Joe Warmington’s account and here it is:

He used every trope he could with maximal moral outrage to humiliate a pregnant woman in public who was shopping; and felt that breathing freely was better for her health than wearing a surgical mask.

This was a brilliant example of how a totalitarian state manages to get the general public to act as its thugs and enforce official truth. In Islam this often results in death. if a person being accused of blasphemy, especially a non-muslim, can be accused in a way that other locals can accept as possibly true, it can be justification for her murder on the spot. Sometimes by multiple means. And I say “her” because in the stories I have read, its usually a she that gets murdered in this way. (Somehow I doubt there will be any blowback on this use of pronouns)

I am thinking in particular about a mob justice case where an Afghan woman was accused of blasphemy by a local imam for turning down his advances, and was thrown off a roof, set on fire, then drowned in some sort of muddy embankment. I am trying to find the old videos of that, but it gets increasingly hard to find these things. In the video below, a woman is whipped and stoned in Afghanistan for allegedly having an affair. Which in islam, can mean she was raped.

Perhaps I will add the material on the women killed a few times over in Afghanistan. But I doubt too many people disbelieve it to the point where they need to see the proof these days.

All this though really is about an indirect answer to a question about restricting social media posts by the current US administration, whoever the leader of it may be, and the woman who is most certainly the voice of it.

Apparently, 1st amendment rights don’t apply to those who do not accept the official narrative of the current regime as truth.

For a simpler version of the above video, please hear Anthony Hopkins‘ Richard Burton’s speech below. Especially at 1:50. Truth is what the party says it is. And now we know which party that is.

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  1. The second video “Social Media Has A Responsibility To Stop Amplifying Disinformation”. is extremely frightening.

    • LOL! I always sucked at pop culture. I should fix that.

      I did manage to find the tweet video. I had to do a lot of technical weirdness to get it. The issue now is, do I post it and contribute to the further humiliation of this women, which was this man’s intent, or will the description do.

      I may blur out her face and post it. More work but its kinda central to the thesis.

      UPDATE: A large Twitter account still has the video so I used that.

      • Sodomy. The first mask.

        Protecting her baby.

        Doesn’t care.

        Public shaming. weaponized.

        Rainbow of Peace. As it always has been.

        • “You’re saying a baby boy is a just baby boy?”
          “No Gay or Hug-a-Tree Gene of any kind”
          “And any infant so traumatized, will wear a defence of pride to cover up their rejection of love?”.
          “Living halal-haram lives, of justification.”
          “And so this young mother triggered this lost soul?”
          “Yes, he was willfully biind to her baby’s greatest need of oxygen.”
          “As opposed to his oxygen that is ‘death for a sense of life?'”
          “A martyr. The only identity they have.”
          So Covid has wakened the dead?”
          “He killed his parents for not making sure they kept isolated before vaccinated”
          “He could have done more?”
          “And it’s all her fault”.
          “That’s gay”
          “That’s islamists and Communists as well.”

        • Now, “Respiratory droplets are the most common way coronavirus spreads from person to person.”

          Cloth face masks do help in curtailing spreading. But also cause lack of oxygen by reducing the speed of air exchange, and gung-up with water vapor and bacteria. Some people become distressed. Pregnant mothers for example.

          “However, researchers say there are other ways the illness can travel, including through contaminated water. Previous studies have revealed the presence of the virus in urine and stool samples, making public bathrooms a serious health risk during the pandemic.

          A team from FAU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science investigated these aerosols coming from flushing a toilet or urinal under normal ventilation conditions. To measure their buildup, scientists used a particle counter set at various heights over the public toilets and urinals. The counter then captured the size and number of droplets coming from flushes over several seconds.

          Researchers say their results point to public restrooms easily becoming “hotbeds for airborne disease transmission” without proper ventilation.”

          The inability to focus, to calmly assess and walk out for five minutes, to provide people with a choice, is the issue discussed here, and the nature of the bitch infecting people worse than covid – the living dead.

  2. I have been yelled at and called names by so many feckless fearful collaborators for not wearing a mask, I now just say to them “Get the hell away from me, your fear does not trump my freedom.

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