Toronto Bluejays move to Buffalo: Links 2, May 5, 2021

1. Israeli man killed in Baltimore ‘just because he was a Jew’

Jerusalem resident visiting Baltimore for cousin’s wedding shot dead by assailant allegedly yelling anti-Semitic slurs.

Ephraim Gordon, an Israeli citizen from Jerusalem visiting relatives in Baltimore, Maryland, was murdered outside his relative’s home Sunday night.

Gordon, 31, was in Baltimore to attend a cousin’s wedding when he was shot on the doorstep’s of his relative’s house.

Baltimore City Council member Yitzi Schleifer said that surveillance footage showed the suspects trailing Gordon as he parked his car and walked towards the house.

“The murderer must be apprehended and prosecuted. Justice must be served. And we must never wake up to anything like this again,” Schleifer said

The Baltimore police have stated that they believe the murder was a robbery gone wrong. However, eyewitnesses told COLLIVE that the shooter shouted anti-Semitic slurs at Gordon before shooting him.

2. To be clear, the Democrats want MORE CENSORSHIP

3. Is there a scientist in this field that can explain why this matters in the comments?

4. Almost a third of recent Covid deaths in England and Wales not caused by virus

Increasing numbers of people whose underlying cause of death is not coronavirus are still being included in official figures

5. Well, I guess Buffalo Blue Jays is somewhat more alliterative than Toronto Blue Jays. So there is that.

Thank you all who reached out to me, this site, or read and thought about these issues at all today.

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  1. “robbery” The incident took place between Park Heights Avenue and Reisterstown Road at approximately 12:05 AM [1:30AM reported here Fox 45 News [above] reported that police who responded to the scene found 31 year old victim Ephraim Gordan suffering from a gunshot wound. Gordan was transported to an area hospital where he was later pronounced dead. – 90 minutes later, another 31 year old man survived a shooting that took place near the Pimlico Race Course. Police are investigating both incidents and it is unclear at this time if the two are related. – …. Anyone with any information is asked to call Metro Crime Stoppers at

  2. #1 ( 05/05/21 )
    Google translate: “Effie wore a skullcap and was with a beard. Three ambushed him at night when he returned home, did not take money – just shot him in the stomach and fled” Google translates “sister” as “nurse” — historically this is the same word in Israel.

    his sobbing sister (in Hebrew) from Israel’s Channel 7: you can hear her say “terrorist-im” (terrorists). from auto-caption transcript: one of several shootings in the city over the past 48 hours Sunday evening Baltimore City police say they were called to a quadruple shooting near Washington boulevard and Carroll park just after 8 p.mall the victims were men in their 20’s and one of them later died in addition to those deadly shootings City police also say another victim died from blunt force trauma to the head it’s a shame because it’s our future
    police say there were 91 homicides by this time last year compared to 105 [“107 now” the newscaster says later] in 2021 but that data came out this morning by the afternoon another victim had died we believe this is a sign of a larger issue …

  3. Robert Sapiro
    What would they say if countries that have high vaccination rates started reporting higher case counts and COVID-19 deaths? Cases and death are on the rise post-vaccination.

    Israel, UAE…

    I would say Robert Shapiro is lying.

    The data clearly shows flattened case loads in Israel and UAE. I didn’t bother to look at the other data. But India is known not to have an advanced vaccine.

    I am not a huge supporter of the vaccines. But Israel was able to flatten the curve with 60% vaccinations. We should argue from facts instead of making things up. Which, at least for Israel and UAE, Mr Shapiro seems to have done.

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