China: Links 1, May 4, 2021

1. Gen. Keane on China hosting UN peace event: US needs to call out hypocrisy

2. The largest object to strike Earth in our lifetimes — is coming in the next 2 weeks…

3. Gen. Keane warns China seeking world dominance with ‘increased aggressiveness’

4. ‘Absolutely credible’ Xi Jinping will take Taiwan by force during his leadership

5. Henry Kissinger warns world about China and the threat it presents:

Thank you Richard, M., Sassy, Yucki, Michelle, and MANY more who are at attention for us all.

Channeling Nero, Iceland is missing a fiddler


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  1. 2- I’m putting on my hard hat till that little bugger hits. Wouldn’t it be a scream if landed–against astronomical odds–on Klaus Schwab or O’s sorry-ass head? (one can dream…)

    • 21 metric tons, if it is intact when it hits the damage done will resemble a tactical nuke.

      Remember the posts on the Rods from God from several years ago.

      Personally I hope it gets Xi.


    There’s no need to machinate over what this means. It’s a mistrial, plain and simple. Unless a corrupt Democrat judge just goes ahead and lets the verdict stand out of party loyalty, I don’t need to be a lawyer to see that Derek Chauvin couldn’t possibly have expected fair treatment from this radical, protesting, white-hating liar of a jurist, so it’s clearly a mistrial.

    Personally, I think Chauvin has been railroaded – sentenced to death, virtually – and I don’t think he murdered anybody and I think George Floyd was giving an Academy performance in the hopes of igniting a race riot when he suddenly, and most inconveniently, dropped dead from cardiac arrest. I think the defense arguments were valid and the media presented a slanted and distorted left-wing version of events that defied logic and played for the angry racist anti-cop crowd.

    This is going to be very interesting when a mistrial is called and the mob hears about it. They’re going to go effing nuts…

    • Another reason for a mistrial: the judge didn’t sequester the jury for the trial.

      An interesting question that didn’t come up during the trial: had Chauvin put so much knee pressure on Floyd’s neck for seven or nine minutes that it killed him, wouldn’t there be a bruise mark on Floyd’s neck?

      Chris: I agree with you.


    Among the many reasons that I so hate lefties is the fact that they never offer real-life solutions to problems, choosing to blame politically correct unicorns like “systemic racism” or whatever thus assuring that no real solution to the problem will ever be found, let alone implemented.

    The reason that so many Guatemalans are marching to the USA border is that they are Mayan Indians – many illiterate, some non-Spanish speaking – and not simply victims of racism, oppression, and climate change. Life is not so terrible in Nicaragua but if you are illiterate and cannot speak Spanish you have little chance of fitting into the picture and will never receive a decent wage or position in life. It’s unfortunate, but it’s sure as hell not going to get fixed by flooding millions of them into the US. These people are going to be on welfare for generations and are nothing like the immigrants who came to America and settled the West. If they could sustain themselves they would have done that already and would not be marching north. There is such a thing as a job in Nicaragua…

    Ah, but at least they will be overwhelmingly supportive of whichever political party offers them the most free stuff…

  4. China: Xi Jinping plays the game better than all of them combined. He holds the master cards. The only way to win, IMO, is to get Russia on board with us; only then, will Xi stop smiling.

  5. ITEM 2: Is it possible this was intentional? A subtle message to the world of what they can do, on a tiny scale, and get away with it.

  6. 1 – Japan kicking the Chinese Bank out of the country puts more pressure on Xi to invade some nation whre they have a chance to grab a lot of liquid assets. The closets nation that fits that description is Taiwan, the only question is when? The seas in the Strait is calm enough for a cross strait invasion twice a year, April and October. You pick when you think Xi will move.

    • If only the U.S. would grab Dystopia…

      A pattern is forming that I saw so long ago…ha! Grabbing countries for liquid assets! Coming from an utterly bankrupt superpower near you!

      • Johnny. I’m so very sorry.
        The U.S. at this moment isn’t the U.S.A. we know and love.

        There has to be a Plan B for our dear ones in the True North, Proud and Free.

        Australia, Japan, Israel, and others are scrambling. Saying: Just in case, what’s our Plan B?

        At least some of you can take advantage of our long border to buy time. But soon it won’t be safe here for a “govt in exile” either.

        If, in fact, civil war breaks out, that border won’t mean much. We’ll be fighting the same enemy, defined by ideological tribes, not territory.

        • I know, Yucki. Where to go…how to go? Our mobility is so limited without the stab. Florida, South Dakota…or is that dreaming a big dream, now. Hungary is so far away and it requires the injection. Did you get both shots yet? (I recall you saying you got one.) My sister got hers with a big headache–the worst she ever had she said and she gets migraines. Her husband is a doctor…

          I can’t volunteer my kids without seeing more long-term effects. Especially on females, it seems.

          • Yes, I got double Moderna’d.

            All the people I know from Moderna who had said never-ever have become total converts. They all got it, gave it to their own families. Await the boosters.

            We inhabit different echo-chambers.

            WAY too convinced that our own speaks virtue and The Other is nothing less than the Devil. IMHO, we’ve been HAD by the mother of all disinfo ops.

            We did it for the mobility you describe.
            Yet my Russki still can’t get to Kiev. Time’s running out there, now that Orthodox Easter is over.

            But he will be able to see his other kid and extended family in Israel. Gd-forbid anything happens, I’ll be able to go to him.

            • The only thing I know for sure is the lies fall like hail in the 7th bolgia of hell.

              My family all got the shots of one kind or another. I don’t know how they are because we don’t talk anymore. Not because of the vaccine per se. But because of the intolerance for any other view.

              • That intolerance is the REAL plague. No treatment, no vax, and nothing will repair the damage we’re doing to each other. Mortal, in too many cases.

                I’m trying – and mostly failing – to interject a comment here and there to both sides of the divide. For the sake of a lurker, if no one else.

                The responses are sickening.
                – Catty gibes, even here, at VTB.
                – Talked down to by people who me, but who’ve forgotten who I am. They reveal character flaws I’ll never un-see.

                At this point there may be no way to change minds welded shut. Is changing the subject even possible? With constant, lurid weaponized “data’ that hits all the hot spots?

                • I really don’t know. But this disease has been politicized from the start. Every aspect of it. The vaccine perhaps the most so. People who believe they have a choice not to get it and not to have to be labelled for their choice in a life altering way, are very passionate about it. I am one of those. If I was an American I would resent the 4th amendment right breach alone.

                  But many believe that others who do not get the shot are a threat to their personal health.

                  There is TONS of real evidence on all sides to show the flaws in the medical and scientific aspects of these issues. But the politics of it, there is only entrenched positions at this point.

              • Here’s a tolerant word I heard from a relative — I’m going to be in the control group and not get the vaccine.

                It was a lovely way to point out that we are all subjects in an experiment.

                • Yes that is good. And also true.

                  I have an unsubstantiated feeling that there is a control group based on the leak of thousands of saline shots in vaccine bottles in France.

                  Seems that they really are running a giant experiment on us.

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