Aliens to Vaccine reporting, misc items: Links 2, May 4, 2021

1. As June 1 approaches with its promised UFO report, this kind of thing will get more common. The timing is odd though. It kinda feels like another wave of BS in the series of tsunamis of BS that have hit the shores of our minds for the past few decades

2. Red Pill Germany does video on the judge who found for children and against mandatory masks, and is now being harassed in extremis by the state in Weimar Germany

3. CBC covers the Rocco Galati presser on the suit by active and retired police against the government’s Covid regs.

(Only read it once, but its less hyperbolic, doesn’t accuse anyone of being white or racist, anywhere in it. It almost reads like real news. As it was published today though, and the presser was on April 30th, its unlikely that CBC bothered showing up to the presser, and wrote it up after people became aware of the CBC’s use of selective reporting as a key strategy of its revolutionary propaganda.)

A group of 19 Ontario police officers has launched a constitutional challenge against the provincial and federal governments and several police chiefs, claiming that enforcing sweeping pandemic health restrictions puts them at odds with their oath to uphold the charter.

Fifteen active and four retired members of law enforcement agencies — including the Toronto Police Service, York Regional Police Service, Ottawa Police Service, Niagara Regional Police Service, Hamilton Police Service and the RCMP — are behind the civil action. 

It was filed in the Superior Court of Justice against the premier, the attorneys general of Canada and Ontario, as well as five police chiefs.

The challenge has yet to be tested in court. 

It seeks these declarations: 

  • Canada’s pandemic laws “are not rational” and have “no force or effect.”
  • Lockdowns, stay-at-home orders and curfews are “forms of martial law.”
  • Wearing masks, social distancing and lockdowns are “ineffective” and “not scientifically or medically based” because they’re based on coronavirus cases the legal documents claim “are 96.5 per cent false.”

4. NBC: One county reports that at least 4 people died of Covid19 after being fully vaccinated

(Video at link)

5. Dr. Andrew Bostom tweet: official sources put the death rate for some demographics for these Covid “vaccines” at 20X the normal for hospitalizations, and ~79 fold more likely to be associated with DEATH.

Thank you all who sent in some truly fascinating materials today.


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    by Tore Says – April 13, 2021


    It is essential to watch the above video to see how in 2011, the Obama Administration EXPERIMENTED on the people of Utah. During the late evening in January of 2011, the Obama Administration executed an aerial dispersal EXPERIMENT. The day after it was completed, the base was on lockdown. Conspiracy theories began to fester that the “lights dropping” were a UFO, but in essence, it was a night exercise dropping bioweapons from the sky, not a UFO.

    A couple of days later, the Obama Administration’s National Security Advisor gave direction to local media to play up the conspiracy theory. The MSM began promoting the idea and playing into UFO fanatics and conspiracy theorists that the UFO was linked to the lockdown, but previous reports did not. That sudden “fun” reporting was a half-truth. Indeed, the base locked down due to the light event (aerial bioweapon disperal), but it was not a UFO.

    Sometimes it’s better for them to think it’s something it’s not rather than the truth. Conspiracy theorist are our best cover.
    John Owen Brennan White House April 2013 (US soldiers thought OUR UAVs were UFOs #HornOfAfrica)

    Are the farmers in Kansas aware of this? Do the people of Kansas know that they are potentially GROUND ZERO for man-made FAMINE? Why couldn’t the facility go to an island like DIEGO GARCIA or Epstein’s Island or Joe Biden’s submarine island or anywhere BUT the middle of the United States smack in the center of our source of FOOD for the nation?

    The erection of this facility in the heart of the “Beef Belt” is a matter of National Security. It is a risk to the health and livelihood of every single American. The multi-billion-dollar project is funded with their money. It’s almost as if we are paying them to put us in harm’s way! The decision to put such a facility in Manhattan, Kansas, is criminal and should be treated as such.

    “Plum Island ‘closer than ever’ to being saved as federal spending bill would block sale” by Tara Smith – December 16, 2020

  2. 1 – Something is up in the UFO world and has been for several years, Is the US government using UFOs to try and seize more power?

    We don’t have enough information to know who to trust and we may never get that information.

  3. 1/ Sundance, at the Conservative Treehouse, has some doubts about Tucker Carlson. Sundance is the most anti-conspiracy-theory thinker around. He’s a stone-cold analyst who refuses to let feelings trump objective data. His motto: Truth has no Agenda.

    He writes:
    “I know Tucker Carlson is valued by many people in the MAGA community, but a DC leopard doesn’t change his spots (and often relies on short memories). If you have followed the deep weeds for a long time THIS REFRESHER [ ] will remind you of the issues with Tucker Carlson.

    “My hunch is the attack on Luntz was not really an attack on Luntz, but really was cover for a presumptive attack on McCarthy. That’s how the Machiavellian DC swamp rolls….

    “From the Machiavellian angle Carlson could likely have been positioning against McCarthy in order to assist Liz Cheney and that tribe of DeceptiCons. Tucker has a history here {Go Deep} that unfortunately people have forgotten. Maybe I’m wrong, but the most recent timing of the MAGA attack by Cheney and the McCarthy attack by Tucker are too coincidental to be dismissed….”

  4. The release of UFO classified documents was set into play with a “committee comment” that was attached to a document that was “rolled into” the Covid-19 Relief Bill that Trump signed.

    “The Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said in the comment it “directs the [director of national intelligence], in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of such other agencies… to submit a report within 180 days of the date of enactment of the Act, to the congressional intelligence and armed services committees on unidentified aerial phenomena.” ”

  5. “…then, with vaccine holdouts representing little more than a “mop-up” operation for government agents, the UFO narrative began. Slowly, at first, then blossoming into the June 1st roll-out. Tucker Carlson would star in the final offensive, helping to checkmate the last of a stubborn, conservative demographic with a disinformation coup-de-tat, bewildering the last vestiges of rugged American individualism with a final blow of intangible menace…”.

    Or something.

        • Pondering…

          There is a theory that the so-called UFO alien sightings are actually of inter-dimensional beings that the ancients called the Elohim.
          In other words, they are, according to this theory, Divine beings, angels and / or demons, not extra-terrestrials.

          UFO’s have been seen moving at remarkable speed without making a sound. Can a physical object move faster than the speed of sound without creating a sonic boom? No. Then what was seen must not be a physical object.

          Considering what we can see today of the deliberate subversion of faith and truth and the erasure of history, the current government and media focus on apparent extra-terrestrials might just be a deliberate obfuscation of the ultimate truth.

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