This won’t end until WE say it is over

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    This is vitally important, folks. If we let China do what they are trying hard to do and they get control over the internet we will see an iron curtain descend upon the world with an end to freedom, creativity, and joy. This is no joke, people. These guys are every bit as determined and ruthless as Adolf Hitler ever was but twice as smart. They could lock down the world for a thousand horrible tyrannical years if we’re not careful. It’s certainly what they want to do – the evil bastards…

    • Rest easy. The wonks who designed the internet did so to make it impervious. to control: witness the arrival of competitors to Fbook. The internet is based on the old communication technique of prisoners in adjacent cells tapping on a pipe to exchange information from one cell to the next. It is up to us not to trust the security of having our $$, genes, and info on the internet.

      • If China has the capability do you think they would let sites like VladTepesBlog continue to exist? What if they had some kind of clout that could force the ISPs to cancel sites they didn’t like, with the threat of a ruined economy at the ready? How about a worldwide embargo against Canadian lumber or fish? What if they decided to embargo us completely?

        “Resting easy” is the last thing I feel like doing…

        • We’ll find substitutes for pipes used as a prisoner’s ham radio.

          ChiCom clout will never be enough to cancel our genetic IQ: We’ll find workarounds. It’ll stimulate our creativity, our long suit.

          Economic what-ifs are useful only if they spur you to search out alternative markets and modes of production. A panicky response leads to short-term compromises and appeasement. That NEVER ends well.

          An embargo is not the end of the world. Certainly not for a resource-rich country like Canada. You can eat your own fish, use your own lumber. Be grateful.

          It won’t be easy. But a thorough shake-up may be a tonic for an apathetic, flabby, and spoiled society.

          I had an “Aunty” who survived the horrors of Minsk. THIS is perspective. Rest easy because you’re not yet faced with THIS:

          The Children’s Hell of Minsk
          Newly discovered oral histories and memoirs depict horrifying Jewish experiences of Nazi brutality that were silenced and erased under Soviet rule

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