Retired UK pathologist questions Covid measures as being more legal than medical

(As far as I have made it into this so far, its very very good. Will watch it all and hopefully join in to some comments tomorrow on it. Please download and save it. Chances are very high it will be removed from Youtube as its counter-revolutionary.)

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2 Replies to “Retired UK pathologist questions Covid measures as being more legal than medical”

  1. Legal: YES.

    It’s been my thought since the beginning. Governments that want to avoid any civil responsibility (Class Action Lawsuits) for deaths or whatever ill-being incurred as a result of their initial – intentional or not – mismanagement.

    In the beginning, they neglected the elderly who are part and parcel of the high-majority of deaths, aka the weak and the vulnerable. Worse, they kept the infected with the healthy senior population. And then, everyone got sick/died because of weak immune systems. Their gain: no more pension plan to be paid out on a monthly basis.

    Then, they realized how to explain their ‘mismanagement’ to the citizenry? So, they come out with lockdowns and massive masking and whatever to save face and avoid the wrath of Collective Lawsuits.

    Big Pharma jab makers have immunity against lawsuits since they’re still in the experimental;phase.

    Big Gov covered all their angles even massive issues that will arise from forced mask-wearing.


    Thus, all these Gov measures are, in reality, a tool to avoid lawsuits.

    That’s my opinion, always was.

  2. “…Collateral harms…”, is a term the doctor uses.

    Or collateral opportunities, if there are clever operators on the make.

    Is it possible that we achieved our incredible, current state of “collateral harms” solely because of the incompetence of government? Is it possible there are no evil plotters?

    Is it possible the Fabian Society is the harmless fallacy of paranoid people like us? Or that the Red Chinese are benign? Or that we really are responsible for climate change? Or that Islam is really the religion of peace? Or that gender fluidity is as common as advertised despite our species’ wildly-successful rate of procreation? Or that Biden was elected legitimately? Or that systemic racism is real and white people are responsible for it? Or that zero Covid-19 is as achievable as zero corona? Or that masks, lockdowns and six-feet apart work against nanoparticles? Or that we really can Build Back Better despite the true name of this expression being Agenda 30, which intends a radical transformation for all of us? Or that the efficacy of our currency is not imperiled by its over-replication?

    Narratives, all. So how to distinguish between narrative, counter-narrative, and truth if one man’s truth is another man’s narrative? Or is this the never-ending argument that is only settled by victors’ historians? And not even then.

    Do you trust the seller? For example, the doctor in this video makes sense to me with everything he says except one thing: he expresses complete support for the experimental injections despite his thorough scrutiny of all other aspects of scientific and government responses. This, to me, is conspicuous given that the medical orthodoxy, as I have read it, is to cancel drug trials after 25 or fewer deaths have occurred. However despite the fact we may now be in the thousands of deaths-by-injection, as well as many injuries, there continues the railroading of populations into these experimental injections. Now, I trust this doctor for all the other objectivity he conveys because it is a sign of intellectual integrity, but one must wonder about this omission. Omissions build narrative, too.

    Another example can be George Soros’s economic advice to Dear Leader or the EU or Klaus Schwab. I believe Soros to be clever enough that he sells collectivist economic policies to collectivists knowing the result will be chaos, and opportunity for those in his position. Frankly, I doubt he is a Nazi or commie or anything. He is nothing but a money and power ghoul who is apolitical. The players get played by a narrative sold by a master who picks his words carefully, yet who has spent enough time in the financial trenches to know what really works. I think the best prism through which to view Soros is to see him as a man who was born into the very hard Austrian-economic paradigm, with all the proper sensibilities this entailed, then lived into the easy-monied Keynesian fantasy that is driven by illusory narratives. The result was a financial superman who was born on a planet with twice the gravity of Earth, but then was able to jump tall buildings once he landed on this soft-money planet. Soft money permits the luxury of narrative. Reality is not a narrative. Reality is struggle, with occasional islands of much-cherished respite from struggle. We seem to be loaded with varying capacities of atmosphere from birth, and depending on the severity of our lives, this reservoir of atmosphere is gradually reduced as we grow older, until fashion no longer holds sway, or can be afforded. I think some day some smart scientist will discover just how important atmosphere is to the human animal. He will connect the neurological-level chemistry of atmosphere to our susceptibility to narratives, and much will be explained about us, including the meaning of music, fashion, beauty and why we can be suckers for things that are so obviously bad for us.

    Narratives stand in for the play of life until the true star of the show, reality, shows up. Only then do people see how weak the understudy was. Reality gave us the United States of America. Reality gives people freedom from tyranny. Reality killed communism. Reality will kill the CCP and Islam and our own budding collectivists. Reality will motivate people to cast off all the narratives that are vying for their consciences and autonomy, now, because reality is also the love we hold for those close to us.

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