Alan Dershowitz on the raid against Rudy Giuliani

(Looking over some older posts, the speed and frequency with which, Google deletes videos which are counter-narrative has gone up a great deal. When this video is pulled, please leave a note so I can replace it.

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  1. “February 2021 interview with CNN, Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica explained the decision to pursue a lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani was ultimately one in which he and other company executives had “no choice” in doing. The reason? According to Mugica, “the disinformation campaign that was launched against us is an obliterating one. For us, this is existential.”

    The details of the aforementioned campaign, per CNN, were rooted in baseless allegations made by Giuliani and other members of Donald Trump’s camp of high-profile supporters. Among general claims of fraud, members of this circle accused Smartmatic, along with other voting machine manufacturers, of colluding in a conspiracy to fraudulently provide votes in favor of President Joe Biden. According to the suit, Smartmatic’s lawyers stated that Trump’s cohort “needed someone [like Smartmatic] whom they could get others to hate. A story… that would incite an angry mob.””


  2. Things like this are happening on all levels of our Judicial System, the people who don’t believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law came into what is rapidly becoming total power during the Obama Administration. Yes I know they were seizing a lot of power before then but the came to have almost total control under Obama. During that time the quietly forced all not leftist out of the command positions in all branches of the Federal Government except the Judiciary, and all Departments of the Administrative Branch of the Federal Government.

    The Federal Law Enforcement organizations and the US Attournies set the standards for the Law Enforcement and Prosecutorial personal in the State, County and City Law Enforcement and Judicial groups. Professor Dershowitz knows this and should know that thanks to the corruption of the highest levels of our Law Enforcement and Prosecutorial systems the lower levels are violating the rights of the people they arrest the same why the Feds are violating the rights of the Trump Supporters they arrest.

    We have all seen many examples of the multi tiered judicial system the left has spent decades installing in the United States. This problem has been partially caused by the idea of a “living Constitution” this is a Constitution that is open to interpretation based on current popular political ideas or attitudes. This attitude is shown by Professor Dershowitz shows this attitude when the talks about the Second Amendment. Any casual research will find that when the Second Amendment was written a well regulated group of people meant well trained and disciplined. It will also find that George Mason (who wrong the Second Amendment) said that the public body as a whole is the Militia.

    Dershowitz and others tolerating and at times encouraging the rewriting of the Second Amendment allows people to do the same thing to other rights and to the laws. Unless the Constitution and the Laws are engraved in stone and can only be changed by the actions of formally amending the Constitution and repealing the laws and writing new laws, the people have no rights the current administration doesn’t want them to have. If we are to regain and keep or rights we need politicians and pundits to stand up and state this at every opportunity.

    • Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the Chinese Spy Apparatus held the White House for eight years under Obama, with at least another four years in the pocket now? And wouldn’t it be a howl if they effected “regime change” against a president they couldn’t control then went on to get him completely de-personed and silenced by their media to the point that he has now virtually disappeared despite being the most popular politician in the country? And wouldn’t it be a rib-tickler if they arrested three of Trump’s lawyers with their “Justice Department”, the last being Rudolph Giuliani, sending the message that they can get whomever they want anytime they want – no opposition?

      Both Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill stressed that psychological and covert warfare were literally at least as important as the ships and the guns and the armies. Hitler said they would have won WWI if their propaganda had not been so lacking, and we know that Chairman Mao was all over that.

      At wouldn’t it be screamingly funny if we were already in the throws of a World War and were so confused by their psy-ops and their lies that we don’t even know it? It’s what Mike Pompeo thinks… But, what would he know…?

      • It’s my impression that the hysteria over Covid parallels “the fog of war” so your post makes some sense of why that might be.

        • Interesting analogy, Malca.
          I believe we ARE at WW-3 already.

          It’s 4th Generation War, hybrid and assymetric. Proxies use tactics we fail to counter because we insist they’re civil society crimes, deploying police to qwell them, rather than the military.

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