ANTIFA celebrate commie Christmas with mayhem, protests against communist measures and Richard Dawkins: Links 2, May 1, 2021

1. At Least 9,245 Americans Tested Positive for COVID-19 After Vaccination; 132 Dead

The number of documented so-called breakthrough COVID-19 cases has climbed above 9,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As of April 16, 9,245 people tested positive for COVID-19 at least two weeks after getting their final COVID-19 vaccine, the health agency reported.

About 9 percent, or 835, required hospitalization, and 132 died.

Of the hospitalized patients, 241 were said to be asymptomatic or having an illness not related to COVID-19, and 20 of the deaths were reported as asymptomatic or not related to the disease, which is caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

The numbers are from 46 U.S. states and territories. It’s not clear which four states are not submitting the breakthrough case figures to the agency, which is known as the CDC.

The numbers are an undercount because the CDC’s surveillance system is passive and relies on voluntary reporting from state health departments. Additionally, not all breakthrough cases will be identified because of a lack of testing.

2. As many know and all will soon enough, May 1st is commie Christmas. And ANTIFA is celebrating it in their best form in Berlin and other locations with fire and intimidation.

By contrast, in Brazil giant throngs out in the streets supporting the last bastion of freedom, President Jair Bolsonaro.

3. Commie Christmas in Paris:

4. Three women who have uncontrolled movement problems since getting the experimental gene therapy for Covid

5. A few times this site has proposed the idea that there are no contradictions in the events we see around us, or hypocrisy but a continuum based on a metric we can’t or won’t see.

The fact that people are prosecuted for a crime which is not a crime while another is freed or ignored for events which are a crime on the basis of ideology is perfectly consistent. We are in the midst, perhaps even the end of a communist revolution. The idea that a Church group is busted by police for violating a state of emergency order when there is no state of emergency while muslims and leftists are free to gather as they want is not hypocrisy. (Granted islamic worship happens discreetly but in full knowledge of authorities in places like Montreal and nothing is done while Jews are targeted along with Christians) The list is too long to even begin without writing pages and pages. Comparing the illegal raid on Rudy Giuliani with the the lack of raids on the Clintons or even better, the fact that the FBI would not even take a copy of the Hunter Biden laptop hard drive because then they would have to look at it, would excellent examples though.

But the point is, people and ideas which are revolutionary will be rewarded and if criminal, ignored. ANTIFA firebombing police and police stations will at most earn a catch and release. While an unarmed patriot climbing through an open window at the Capitol building after being waved in by security, will be shot dead by an unidentified security agent and no questions are asked. Compare that to the death of the overdosed armed robber of pregnant women, George Floyd and what happened to those police.

The following video is an interesting case to point because its of the same man, celebrated for ideas which are destructive to Western Greco-Judeo-Christian civilization at one point, but then demonized and his honours revoked later on by the same organization for asking a question that challenged a single idea of the revolution.

Thank you TL., M., Richard, Norwegian Troll, Tania Groth, Mad W., EB., Oz-Rita, Johnny U., Jose Attento, and MANY more who are on full alert this weekend. 

Montreal protest today:

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  1. # 4 is absolutely disturbing!!, that why this doctors and even Dr.OZ it’s involved with this shit poison, they probably have global order to not to treat patients with sever side effects and on top of this lying to them big time they are have “ panic attacks “” WE Are i the big shit , biggest probably in the world history.,

  2. Some unintentional humor from pre-state Palestine
    The [Communist] party suggested that he [a loyal Arab member] enter into a fictitious marriage with her [a loyal Jewish member] in order to regularize her status in the country. The two had a daughter, Internationale, but afterward their paths parted.

  3. New York’s French Consol was the scene of a protest that included project8ng the image of Mrs Halimi on the building alongside a photo of a marijuana-intoxicated man sentenced to a year of prison for killing a dog.
    The party suggested that he enter into a fictitious marriage with her in order to regularize her status in the country. The two had a daughter, Internationale, but afterward their paths parted.

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