Germans protest in large numbers over state intimidation of judge who ruled in landmark mandatory mask case

A couple of days ago, we reported on another one of those stories that was too ludicrous, to unbelievable, too authoritarian to be true. But it was. A judge in Germany, after studying all the evidence on children and masks, determined that making children wear masks at school all day was bad for them and it was illegal to force it on them and ordered an end to mask mandates in schools within his jurisdiction. The police then raided his home and took all his electronics and the usual sorts of things we are starting to become acclimatized to in our post-revolutionary neo-communist world now.

Here is a LIVE protest in Germany over what the state did to this judge. Amplified of course because normally we would consider a judge to be part of the state. But the revolutionary Vs. counter-revolutionary aspects of contemporary politics is out in the open now.

Articles on the German Judge and what happened to him:

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German Police ransack home of judge in landmark mask case

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House warrant executed on Weimar Judge 

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3 Replies to “Germans protest in large numbers over state intimidation of judge who ruled in landmark mandatory mask case”

  1. Weisse Rosen/White Rose was a resistance movement against the national socialist regime, early in this video there is some kind of wreath-laying at a memorial for these young people, executed for spreading flyers in 1943.
    I sprechen nicht deuch so its hard to understand very much, but at least the original story about the raid on the judge following his decision being nullified is true… This is scary but even worse is the fact it gets zero mention in the msm, at least in Norway.
    At 1h 50m 40s a cop seem to lose something and gets it back from a demonstrator, his gun?

    • …one minute on, 1h 51m 40 sec, he loses his belt, gun and all, and gets something back from the person filming.

      In Oslo there have been demos in front of parliament for some time now by two different groups mostly on saturdays, one group are ideological anti-vaxers as such, the other and larger are a more diverse group.
      There have been some violence when communists turn up to look for fascists or «fascists», but the cops here really know whos who by now, so they mostly stop it early.

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