Aggregated mRNA shot injection reactions, French Generals warn the world about Islam: Links 1, April 27, 2021

1. This woman, @Angelaisawake, appears to be an agregator of serious mRNA jab reactions. Its an interesting follow for those curious about how this is going.

A sample:

2. Ottawa’s move to regulate video posts on YouTube and social media called ‘assault’ on free speech

The Liberal-dominated House of Commons Heritage committee has cleared the way for the federal government to regulate video content on internet social media, such as YouTube, the same way it regulates national broadcasting, under a new amendment made to a bill updating the Broadcasting Act.

Critics denounced the move to give the country’s broadcast regulator the ability to oversee user-generated content, and said it amounted to an attack on the free expression of Canadians, particularly in light of Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault’s recent plans to give Ottawa power to order take-downs of online content it deems objectionable.

“Granting a government agency authority over legal user generated content — particularly when backed up by the government’s musings about taking down websites — doesn’t just infringe on free expression, it constitutes a full-blown assault upon it and, through it, the foundations of democracy,” said Peter Menzies, a former commissioner of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission.

(The man behind this new power is an eco-terrorist who spent time inside for climbing the CN tower in Toronto for some cause or other)

3. Italians fight the tyranny Hollywood style

Bada Bing, Bada Boom! Italian Restaurant Owner Says Covid Restrictions Can Sleep With The Fishes

4. What’s Her Face does another killer video

She is wrong about one thing though. The best evidence of Trudeau’s communist ideology is not his admiration of China. Its when he said he was in 2006:

5. French generals who called for military rule if President Macron cannot stop ‘Islamists’ from ‘disintegrating society’ will be punished, government declares

Emmanuel Macron has threatened to punish generals who signed an open letter warning that the country is heading for ‘civil war’ because of radical Islam.

Twenty retired generals, as well as several serving soldiers, signed the letter which warned that failure to act against the ‘suburban hordes’ – a reference to the predominantly immigrant population of the housing estates which surround French cities – will lead to deaths ‘in the thousands.’ 

The government strongly condemned the letter, which was published on the 60th anniversary of a failed coup d’etat by generals opposed to France granting independence to Algeria. 

These are unacceptable actions,’ Defence Minister Florence Parly said Monday, adding that serving military members had flouted a law requiring them to remain politically neutral.

‘There will be consequences, naturally,’ Parly said, adding that she had instructed the army chief of staff to discipline them. 

(Several years ago, the former General who was head of the famed, French Foreign Legion, spoke out against the invasion of Islam to France. Many mysterious maladies befell him and he had to walk things back and forward again. We covered all that on Vlad at the time.)

General Piquemal: The problem is Islam

Thank you EB., M., Johnny U., Richard, PC., RVS., Debbie, Malca, Hellequin GB., Miss Piggy and MANY more who have been focused and brave enough to recognize old and trusted ideas may be betraying them.

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4 Replies to “Aggregated mRNA shot injection reactions, French Generals warn the world about Islam: Links 1, April 27, 2021”

  1. 5 – I remember this man, he was forced to fall back, regroup and get reinforcements. It looks like he is back for round two.

  2. #4 to be fair to Trudeau I think he was talking about Quebec Nationalism as opposed to Quebec being part of Canada: Quebec separation from Canada. His father was not in favour of separation.
    Now maybe Justin Trudeau has evolved beyond his father, to thinking of Canada as a post nation state. Whatever he thinks, I just hope the Liberal Party are defeated in the next election.

    • I think he was using the issue of Quebec separatism to wax eloquent about his communist views that the Nation State itself was a very old idea, and that he wasn’t in favour of Quebec separatism, not because of Canadian patriotism, but because he is against the mere existence of the Nation State as a very concept. As a polity.

      So his objection was because it was just more of the same problem.

      Watch it again.

      • That’s exactly what my father spotted in Pierre’s day. He saw the language- thing like the Catalan secession-thing. Attuned to divide-&-conquer tactics.

        Richard Pipes, Daniel’s father, also saw red flags (with commie-star) all over Pierre.

        I was crushed to have to scratch McGill from my college wishlist.

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