Rebel News does in depth interview with Canadian Dr. whistleblower on Moderna injection

Canadian doctor who spoke out about mRNA reactions in Amer-Indian community silenced by social media giants.

So who gives them their instructions? In his community, no one got ill enough from Covid to need any medical attention, but six people needed serious medical care from the Moderna shot. This 45 minute interview is most worth watching.

Medical authorities told him when he reported the reactions to the shot, that he was guilty of “causing vaccine hesitancy” and that “he was not allowed to say anything negative about the vaccine, and was going to be reported to the Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons”.

And people wonder why so many have lost faith in the medical establishment. Some of us wonder why some have not.


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4 Replies to “Rebel News does in depth interview with Canadian Dr. whistleblower on Moderna injection”

  1. A really excellent interview. Restores a bit of my distrust and anger towards the medical community .. but not much as most of them are hiding.

    There have been numerous hints that the “vaccines” really don’t work as advertised , but this is the first medical professional who has publicly stated that a) The vaccines do not immunize , b) You can still transmit the virus , c) The vaccines only lessen the illness and d) The death statistics for COVID across all age groups are identical to the seasonal flu.

    Regarding Item c) The vaccines only lessen the illness. Early last year Dr. Zelenko published an excellent HCL therapeutic , and late 2020 Ivermectin also appeared. Both of which have been ignored by politicians and the medical authorities/ community in favor of never ending lock downs.

  2. It’s all BS. I work at a major hospital in a major US city. I have morgue access. There have been no increases in workload in any department since the “pandemic” began and the morgue freezer remains comfortably below capacity. If anything, we’re well below bed capacity, too. Functionally, the virus is barely a blip on the radar. If we weren’t paying such attention to it, I doubt it would even be a blip at all. But the propagandists are going wild and a LOT of money is flowing from the federal government into the hands of key directors and researchers, who then promptly pocket most of it. I personally am aware of one “major” study which was granted $30M USD just to test a few vendors’ PCR equipment. The vendors supplied the gear for free. In-house labor was used, some of whom weren’t truly qualified to do that testing. The doctors and director in charge of the farce pocketed most of that money.

    So everything I’m saying is anecdotal, so it won’t mean much. But it is happening. I believe the government is experimenting on the public. Thankfully, most people don’t buy the BS, but there are millions who do. I’ll be interested to see what happens to those millions 5 or 10 years down the line.

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