Elections, freedom of speech, and WHO meeting on Vaccine safety: Links 1, April 23, 2021

1. It would be interesting to see facts backing up this claim. It certainly feels like this would be true, or some variant of the claim is true. We know for a fact in Canada the media is paid off by Trudeau. Its overt. Nothing conspiratorial about it, or at least nothing hidden about a conspiracy to pay off all MSM. But it would be interesting to see if Google and Facebook are covering a share of influential MSM “journalists”. Lara Logan is someone who I trust on these issues.

2. Arizona’s Maricopa County Delivers Ballots, Equipment for 2020 Election Audit

Voting equipment and more than 2 million ballots are being delivered to a facility in Arizona’s Maricopa County this week in preparation for a 2020 electionaudit set to start on April 23.

Equipment, including 385 tabulators, was delivered and unloaded at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix on April 21, while boxes of the ballots began arriving early on April 22.

Maricopa County officials arranged for the deliveries, which took several trips and were supported by Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office personnel, to comply with subpoenas from the state Senate.

Officials who had sought to resist the subpoenas were overruled by a judge in February.

Workers with four firms, including Cyber Ninjas, will conduct the audit of 2.1 million ballots. They’re receiving $150,000. A One America News host helped raise at least another $150,000 for the effort.

The audit will be streamed live on One America News Network; people also can watch the audit online.

Well, its not like elections are never rigged.

High-schooler and her mother hacked school records to steal homecoming queen election, police say

In a sparkling silver dress, the homecoming queen at J.M. Tate High School in Cantonment, Fla., stood on the football field on a brisk evening in late October to accept her crown.

But among the students, whispers had already begun spreading about her victory. The homecoming queen had bragged for years about abusing the access her mother had to student records as an assistant principal in the same school system, witnesses later told investigators.

Now, witnesses said, she was boasting about using the same access to cast hundreds of ballots in her own election.

From April 2: Sketchy Business – Maricopa Arizona County Board of Elections Holds Emergency Meeting Then Refuses to Allow Election Audit In Local Facility

Folks, trust me on this one…  I have been researching these political machinations so long I know exactly what it looks like, a very familiar pattern, when sketchy politicians do sketchy things to cover their sketchy tracks.   This story has more alarms, bells and sirens attached than most sketchy business reveals.

If there was any doubt something fishy was happening in/around Phoenix Arizona in the 2020 election, those doubts can be eliminated.  Something sketchy is afoot.

A few weeks ago a judge agreed with the republican Arizona senate that an audit of Maricopa County ballots was justified.  The judge agreed with the Arizona Senate that subpoenas were validly presented, there was information that supported the suspicion behind that ballot audit request, and the state had authority to reach into the Maricopa county election system and audit everything, soup-to-nuts.

3. Study on the efficacy and safety of mask use

Is a Mask That Covers the Mouth and Nose Free from Undesirable Side Effects in Everyday Use and Free of Potential Hazards?

Many countries introduced the requirement to wear masks in public spaces for containing SARS-CoV-2 making it commonplace in 2020. Up until now, there has been no comprehensive investigation as to the adverse health effects masks can cause. The aim was to find, test, evaluate and compile scientifically proven related side effects of wearing masks.

For a quantitative evaluation, 44 mostly experimental studies were referenced, and for a substantive evaluation, 65 publications were found. The literature revealed relevant adverse effects of masks in numerous disciplines. In this paper, we refer to the psychological and physical deterioration as well as multiple symptoms described because of their consistent, recurrent and uniform presentation from different disciplines as a Mask-Induced Exhaustion Syndrome (MIES).

We objectified evaluation evidenced changes in respiratory physiology of mask wearers with significant correlation of O2 drop and fatigue (p < 0.05), a clustered co-occurrence of respiratory impairment and O2 drop (67%), N95 mask and CO2 rise (82%), N95 mask and O2 drop (72%), N95 mask and headache (60%), respiratory impairment and temperature rise (88%), but also temperature rise and moisture (100%) under the masks. Extended mask-wearing by the general population could lead to relevant effects and consequences in many medical fields. View Full-Text

(This is from MDPI.Com)

4. Like full time wearing masks, and giving the entire population an untested new technology vaccine, Canadian internet censorship is for all of our safety

So of course, that’s what the federal Liberal government is doing.

They are bringing in an internet censorship bill, justifying it as statists always do, as being about our ‘safety,’ as reported by Blacklock’s:

“An internet censorship bill to promote “content moderation” will be introduced within two weeks, says Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault. “My job is to ensure the safety and security of the Canadian population,” said Guilbeault. “That’s what I am here for.”

The legislation will mandate state-run ‘content moderation,’ with content the government opposes having to be taken down within 24 hours:

“Once a publication is flagged it will have to be taken down within 24 hours.” Internet #censorship bill to promote “content moderation” introduced within 2-weeks, says @CdnHeritage Minister @s_guilbeault. https://blacklocks.ca/my-job-is-to-ensure-safety/ #hatespeech #FreeSpeech #cdnpoli”

5. This is purported to be clips from the WHO’s own studies on vaccine safety. It sure looks legit. Looking forward to rational comments on this one. There are some interesting statements in this, and certainly the discussion at the end about how health professionals, such as doctors and nurses, are losing the confidence in vaccines to stand up to questioning is interesting.

Thank you Hellequin GB., MissPiggy, M., Richard, KontrarianKim, and MANY more who have not yet become so discouraged that it overwhelmed them.

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  1. Adjuvant Polypropylene Glycol / antifreeze is used in Pfizer and Moderna vaccine. They have had anaphylactic reactions. Adjuvants are critical components of both subunit and certain inactivated vaccines because they induce specific immune responses that are more robust and long lasting.

    Other adjuvants are aluminum salts, emulsions and Toll-Like Receptor 1 Polyclonal Antibody.

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