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2 Replies to “Pierre Poilievre’s speech on Modern Monetary Theory”

  1. Very good. We are living the priviledged socialist’s dream under our Keynesian orthodoxy. I don’t know what Keynes would think of Modern Monetary Theory, except if he claimed he did not recognize this baby, the DNA test would tag him daddy-o. Biden is doing the same but on steroids. This will accelerate the U.S. civil war which will engulf Dystopia.

  2. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-avoids-confronting-china-over-climate-in-earth-day-speech-with-world-leaders

    Here we go down the fantasy rabbit hole. Anyone with a brain can just go to the Vostock ice core samples on the internet and see definitively that CO2 has no effect on the Earth’s temperature but everyone is too lazy to do that so they simply believe the bald-faced lies of the climate swindlers. It’s just that simple. Climate Change is an obvious hoax if you just do a little investigation and if you don’t know that you ought to be ashamed of yourself…

    Remember that Kurt Vonnegut novel where strong people had to wear heavy chains and people with perfect vision had to wear special blurry glasses, all in the name of “equality”, or in this case “equity”? Well, that’ what the enemy is trying to do to the West while letting all countries containing majority brown inhabitants completely off the hook and placing the entire onus on white countries. And our socialists not only buy this obvious bullshit, but they also bend over and beg for it enthusiastically…

    The bad guys want to use the climate change hoax to impoverish and retard the West as much as possible as well as supplying an endless supply of money for them to embezzle and give to their friends and relatives. I don’t know if I can stand it when they really start laying it on with “essential activities” and other such horrors that are coming right down the pike at us. How would you like to have to write a letter of request to justify watering your lawn? How about a 100% gas-levy? What about a special tax on meat, compliments of the vegan a-holes…

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