The Verdict

1. Malevolent Pixie offered this thought on the verdict:

I think this quote sums up the danger the US is in:
“Any body suggesting that the verdict was a good thing because it will placate the mob are a bigger threat to you than the mob itself.”

2. Gad Saad offers this interesting, informative and very complicated analysis of this video which ultimately compares the OJ verdict and the behaviour of Maxine Waters with this situation and Donald Trump.

3. My thoughts on the verdict:

Anything which is revolutionary will be made to happen, will be amplified, will be celebrated and trumpeted through the streets. Anyone who breaks laws to make the revolution happen will be exonerated and forgiven and even praised as a hero eventually before they are chewed whole in the machinery of Marxist negation. The laws will be seen as racist and white supremacist, as is anything which stands in the way of the revolution.

Anything which is counter-revolutionary will be stamped out, insulted, hunted, attacked, killed, disgraced, and any and all laws will be warped and twisted to make that happen, so that there is the appearance that anyone acting counter to the revolution is guilty of constitutionally based laws, if possible, while ANTIFA and its various other faces like BLM and any other Marxist group that may be out there, enforce the values of the revolution that are not yet formally law.

Personally I feel this explains Gad Saad’s observations in a more elegant way, and therefore possibly more truthful. But its still a worthy and interesting analysis and may be the correct one.

4. Scott Adams:

5. Chris Jones comment at this link.

(In summary, it had nothing to do with race, but was made about race)

There are a lot of insightful and worthwhile comments on the verdict in the Reader’s Links post for today. If they are not included here, its only because I have not gotten to them all yet. This is a sample of a few I saw and liked, and my own take on it. But please do go through the Reader’s Links.

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6 Replies to “The Verdict”

  1. 2- Gad doesn’t mention the revolution once. There is also the unmentioned issue of the camera-angle bias that came up in the trial that showed, from the officer’s body cam, that his knee was on the man’s shoulder and not his neck. So as appalling as the girl’s video made things seem, there was other evidence in court to the contrary.

  2. .

    I have learned today that you can vomit long after you thought you had finished.

    Of course, RAAAAACISM is the pervading stench in this one….either the cause of it or the means to achieve something dark, something sinister by the means of it.

    Thinking of Maxine Waters, whose looks alone would be frightening enough even without her RAAAACIST call to lynch whites….. thinking of the trial in which O.J. Simpson got away with murder because of his skin colour,

    I also thought about that pregnant woman whose home St. George Floyd had invaded, violently, and whom he had threatened with a knive on her tummy….was she white ? Did she get Millions of $ in compensation like the Floyd clan did ?

    And I had to fight “RAAACIST” thoughts like “things seem to go against whites very much lately) until I heard the stunning commentary from Candace Owens, hopefully a future POTUS. Try and find her conversation with Tucker. That girl is in danger in the present America,

    AND: what happened about Ashli Babbitt ? A magnificent young WHITE woman, unarmed, murdered by a BLACK Nancy PelosI “operative” on January 6th……Will she get justice….Ever ? Or not, because she was white ?

  3. If a fair trial isn’t possible in troubled times the entire concept of Rule of law has been destroyed. The Judge should have changed the venue of the trial, sequestered the Jury, or declared a mistrial after after Mad Maxine and others had threatened the Jury and their families. The fact that he did none of the above shows that he lacks the courage and integrity to be allow to set in Judg3ement pg others. I have little doubt that the verdicts will be set aside by the appeals court but I also doubt that the Judge will 1) recuse himself or 2) change the venue. This means we will play out the same drama with the same players who will probably make the same or even worse mistakes.

    This fiasco has a good possibility of igniting the looming civil war, a civil war that will be very nasty and last a lot longer them most people think.

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