(I started to put this post together on the 18th thanks to a lot of great links from our readers. Im sure they are just as relevant today though)

1. 15 warships sent in to area by Russia

2. Macron calls for red-lines on Russia in terms of Ukraine and hostilities.

3. War fears surge as Ukraine threatens to shoot and sink Russian boats after ‘provocation’

4. Ukraine Russia war: Putin warned of ‘painful’ consequences after Biden U-turn on warships


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    International rating agencies confirm that Russia is well positioned for a near-term market disruption because it has a high cash buffer and demand from local banks is robust, according to Fitch. Moody’s said on Monday that Russia’s financial reserves will allow the country to cope with the negative effects of the sanctions. Ratings agency S&P also noted that the sanctions will not have a significant impact on the replenishment of the Russian budget and will not undermine the stability of the country’s financial markets.

    In an unbelievable act of stupidity which could provoke war with Russia and China (and the immediate loss of Taiwan) the British Government is sending warships to the Black Sea to support the fascist-inspired, militarily aggressive Kiev regime in its genocide against its Russian citizens in East Ukraine.
    Ukraine, like Croatia, another favourite of the EU establishment, had a truly awful history during the second world war, being a lackey of the Hitler regime and the perpetrator of horrendous crimes against Jews and anti fascists. As these articles show today it has carried on in that tradition – with the full support of the EU and the British Government. Nazi parades are commonplace. Youth is schooled in Nazi type youth movements. The Kiev regime cut off water supplies to Luhansk. The Ukraine Parliament has been attacked (with guardsmen killed) and threatened if they pass the legislation demanded by the Minsk Agreement. Gangs tied to the extreme nationalist Azov, Aidar, Right Sector, and Tornado battalions have had gun battles with police, intimidated court proceedings, overturned local elections, torched media buildings, attacked undesirable Soviet monuments, violently threatened journalists, and overtly spoken of overthrowing the government.
    And this is the country to which the UK and USA have sent weapons and armed services instructors and in defence of which the UK now sends a naval group. Washington has admitted that since 2015 more than two billion dollars have been allocated to Ukraine for the purchase of various weapons and the training of military specialists.
    Having taken 47 years to recognise the error of surrender to the European Superstate the British Establishment now cannot see the horrendous geopolitical mistake they are making in supporting the destructive and unstable militarism of Ukraine. The Russians will not tolerate further bloodshed in the Donbas. They have not demanded Ukrainian surrender and independence for Donetsk and Luhansk – only the end of Ukrainian attacks and devolved Government.** Rodney Atkinson

  3. As Gordon Chang says in his Gatestone article ( ) both Russia and China have massive economic problems. Both h ave spent too much money for their actions to be a bluff or warning, They are going to attack Ukraine, Taiwan and possibly the Philippines when they think the time is right. For Russia that probably means when the trees leaf out and the weather is warm enough for easy outdoor sleeping. I don’t know about China, the April calm spell in the Taiwan Straits is about over this means a cross straits invasion will be more difficult but could still be done. A lower probability is that the mainland will skip Taiwan for now and will hit one of the Philippine Islands.

    Taking either Taiwan or the Philippines will break the First Island Chain, taking the Philippines will give China control of a lot of the reefs where there are rich mineral resources and a lot of rich fishing. It will also give Cina a route for their subs to move into the Pacific and around into the Indian Ocean without crossing any SOSUS line.

    China wants to control all of the trade routes to the East Asian Nations and to the Island nations in the First Island Chain. Controlling the trade routes gives the mainland control of the economies of all of the nations mentioned above. In the case of the Philippines it gives the mainland control of the food crops that are now sold all over Asia.

    China also wants control of the shipping lanes to Australia and New Zealand which will give them control of their economies and their mineral resources. Think WWII back then Japan wanted control of the mineral resources in the islands to allow them to conquer China through India. Not that they would have stopped there.

    The Mainland’s problem is how can they achieve all of their goals without pushing India enough to use their nuclear arsenal to take the Mainland down with India. Or to stop both Taiwan and Japan from using cruise and ballistic missiles to take out the major dams to take the Mainland down with their natoins.

    • “They are going to attack Ukraine”

      No, they are not. And neither is Ukraine in the position to sink anyone apart from its own self.

  4. I don’t know as much about the problems that Russia is facing or about the military strength of their opponents.

    From what I do know Russia has enough people massed on the borders to have a relatively easy time taking Ukraine. The Ukrainians will fight bravely and probably well but they don’t have the weapons to win against Russia. With Biden ready to set out the wars on both sides of Asia the Ukrainians are left to look for anyone that can or will help them. This means that they need people who nave a land bridge to Ukraine’s Western border, without NATO’s backing Erdogan isn’t going to let major western warships to pass into the Black Sea. This means no sea borne aid.

    No matter what the NATO nations and the freedom loving people in the Far East do we are facing WWIII, if we do nothing we embolden Putin and Xi and they will push further and harder. If we stand up to them they will push harder to gain the ability to push further. And Both have allies and in the case of China assets in place in all western nations to help create chaos once the shooting starts.

  5. I cannot remember which Roman General said this as the Huns came flooding over the border in Dacia, but it doesn’t matter….
    (there’s nothing as beautiful as War)
    It seems it still hasn’t lost its appeal to those that don’t have to do the fighting and dying.

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