Ontario Police who protect rights and freedoms and will not be state thugs

A profound nod of appreciation for these fine forces and officers that are risking their careers on a matter of principle, and a very important one at that. Thank you each and every one.

The following list is from ET. No link yet, but will post as one becomes available:

End of Lockdowns.  Police in Ontario

Police Services in Ontario will not all comply.  They have announced they will not be enforcing this whatever you want to call Doug Ford’s actions.  They will NOT stop anyone driving or in public.

More are joining in, police in the following places will not be a part of this tyranny:

South Simcoe
Sault Ste. Marie
North Bay

I salute these Real Officers of the LAW!

ET if you have a link to a place we can see this list grow or shrink, please post to comment.

Here is a thread logging which forces opt in or out of the new Ford measures:

Here is a tracking page for police refusals:


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17 Replies to “Ontario Police who protect rights and freedoms and will not be state thugs”

  1. The rest are Nazis and will be brought to trial for acts against humanity, and will be jailed and or executed, in accordance with the Nuremberg Trials.

  2. According to the News I heard the orders have been rescinded because so many
    Police Departments wouldn’t carry them out.

  3. CBC – Ontario police, activists push back against expanded enforcement

    Several police services across Ontario said they would not use the powers to stop and question people granted to them under new COVID-19 measures in the province.

  4. global news – Officer in Ontario suspended after hugging COVID-19 protesters

    In a Global News exclusive, a Peel Regional Police sergeant was filmed getting up close and personal with supporters of a Mississauga gym that’s been ordered to close. As of Friday evening, it was still open.

    There were no masks and plenty of hugs as the officer watched Global’s Sean O’Shea get approached by an anti-mask supporter.

    Now, the Peel Regional Police service has suspended the officer who also accused the Global News journalist of “agitating” protesters by filming those in attendance, as well as hugging and posing for photos.

    According to a statement issued by the service Friday afternoon, Chief Nishan Duraiappah says he became aware of the incident after it was posted on social media.

    • No More Lockdowns – -Police on Guard For Thee

      Retired police and active duty police take a stand against tyranny. God bless each and e everyone of them. They have made the decision to stand up for law and order, no matter what the cost, now it’s time for citizens of OUR wonderful country to have their back. Push back “peoplekind”, its your freedom that is at stake.

  5. Dug Ford has tipped his hand. Before he said no politician can survive by going against medical advice. This time he could have defended freedom by citing other jurisdictions’ success, the Charter, and the cure-is-worse-than-the-disease stats. He could have done this while keeping the moral high ground, yet chose not to.


    • Politicians who say “How can I say I am for this, but not against it” / fence-sitters have always been around, however today they are like the rotten apple in the basket. When the whole basket is full of rotten apples, money grubbing, glory seeking, mental midgets, liars, cheaters, you MUST throw them out – – they are nothing more than pig fodder.

      Is your life better today through the politicians’ decisions?

  6. It says a lot when the police are significantly less fascist than the gov’t.

    As a long-time Conservative I know told me: he’d now just as soon vote NDP and know what he’s getting than vote Conservative and get… Ford.

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