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4 Replies to “Tucker Carlson on the mRNA injection and suspension of use”

  1. I spoke today with my only ‘girl’ friend. The one that jumped at me in horrible words when I asked if she was ‘vaccinated’, or was she on the waiting list.

    On the phone today, she opened up. NO, neither she nor her hubby have been through the jab but they don’t know what to do. The ‘variants’ are terrifying them. I gave her the info I have. Your body, your choice. End.

    We can’t do more than that. The saying ‘Only the Strong Survive’.

  2. Sure, but at least we have a little light now on the mystery–previous exposure to the virus means you may have plenty of antibodies, meaning you should not be injected. This would likely mean millions of people should be exempted. This means Covid passports would be a far more complicated affair for government. The “passport” as a control device over the population is slowly failing, and the likes of Fauci did not anticipate this scenario.

    We must do our best to hang on to the real science when it comes the revolutions swirling around us. It’s our best hope.

  3. I’d like to keep seeing more views. There’s a lot of this weird Twitter hive mind here like yaas congrats you got vaccinated only had symptoms like chills and fever

    My mom got the Pfizer jab because she felt intimated by the group gossip where she works and signed dad up for it too, I asked why she did that she felt offended, if I keep pressing she can cancel it. Dad is in his 80s hasn’t caught the flu in decades and rarely sick at all but has vascular dementia from a heart attack years ago.

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