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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. Irony alert: Biden holds back aid to Ukraine – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    9-11 minutes

    Irony alert: Biden holds back aid to Ukraine

    Joe Biden (Image: YouTube screen grab)

    CBS reported on Monday that Russia has about 80,000 troops deployed to Ukraine’s eastern flank: some 40,000 in Crimea, and another 40,000 in Russia on the border with the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk.

    There hasn’t been such a buildup on Ukraine’s border since 2014. I discussed the buildup earlier here, and it has continued to expand since then. The Washington Post’s report on 9 April indicated as many as 85,000 Russian troops were present, a number that is probably less than Moscow would want for a full-scale invasion (Ukraine is a very large country), but would be sufficient, in conjunction with local separatists, to effect the rapid subversion of Donbass and make it very difficult for Ukraine to recover the territory.

    In addition to infantry transport vehicles, support vehicles, SAM launchers (including S400), and other systems seen being carried on the rails across Russia a week to 10 days agao, a Moscow Times article from Friday cites Jane’s analysts as reporting that “Russia has deployed motorized rifle, artillery and airborne units near Ukraine.” Russia has also moved elements of the Iskander short-range ballistic missile system to (reportedly) Voronezh. The Iskander is capable of delivering nuclear warheads.


    When we looked more closely at the background of the judges of the European Court of Human Rights, we never imagined the troubling discoveries we would make.

    After a 6 month investigation, we are releasing an important REPORT (appendices available here) outlining the extent of the relationship between NGOs and ECHR judges, and the resulting problems and conflicts of interest.

    We have identified seven NGOs that are both active at the Court, and have judges among their former staff. At least 22 of the 100 judges who have served since 2009 are former staff or leaders of these seven NGOs.

    Among these, the Open Society Network stands out for the number of judges linked to it (12) and for the fact that it actually funds the other six organisations identified in this report.

    The powerful presence of the Open Society and its affiliates is problematic in many ways. But even more serious is the fact that 18 of the 22 judges were found to have served on cases initiated or supported by the organization with which they were previously associated.

    (it’s in English. If not, click on top of page for English)

  3. CANCEL CULTURE opinion: Asperger’s?

    What if the cancel culture Progressives are not malevolent fascists, but merely following an internal, compulsive drive? What if they’re building a house of cards and they see us as a gale-force obstacle to their success? It’s not that they oppose our views, it’s that they cannot abide anything that doesn’t match their own template for society. If it’s a mental health condition, not just a point of view, then rational argument will continue to fail.

  4. ,(Richard: Be sure and check out the photo at the top of the article)

    To Biden’s WH, ‘white conservatives’ are all still bitter clingers – Liberty Unyielding
    Sun Tzu’s
    3-4 minutes

    To Biden’s WH, ‘white conservatives’ are all still bitter clingers

    Image: WZDX screen grab

    Barack Obama was the first Democrat to pigeonhole all working class whites as “bitter” people who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” Never mind the stick-like-glue irony of the fact that his words fairly dripped with “antipathy to people who aren’t like” him. The dye was cast, and even celebrated years later by progressives like blogger Jeff Spross, who opined at “The Week” in 2016 that “Obama was raked over the coals for saying this. Yet in retrospect, what he said before and after was remarkably prescient, hitting every major theme that has driven Donald Trump to the head of the Republican primary.” (Spross himself is white, but he is also woke, so he gets a pass.)

  5. Some comments by Dr. Mike Yeadon, Immunologist, former VP and Research Director at Pfizer: Worked 40 years in the field.

    “Don’t get vaccinated. Accept the limitations and fight he illegality. accepting the vaccine will lead to the following:

    I am sure as a immunologist that virus variants have no chance whatsoever of escaping immunity. No variant is less than 99.7% identical to the original virus. it is laughable to suggest that a change similar in proportion to me putting sunglasses
    on will mean that people that know me will then not recognize me.

    —I feel great fear, but I’m not deterred from giving an expert testimony to multiple groups of able lawyers like Rocco Galati in Canada and Reiner Fuellmich in Germany.

    —I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large portion of the world’s population.

    —I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil (not a determination I’ve ever made before in 40-year research career) and DANGEROUS products.”

    Last week, five sites, giving the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine were shut down after people suffered severe reactions immediately after the gene therapy shot.

    I keep hearing the lyrics from Rod Stewart’s “Young Turks” song in my head:

    “Young hearts be free tonight. Time is on your side,
    Don’t let them put you down, DON ‘T LET THEM

    Your body, Your choice —Just say “NO” to the gene therapy, the great human experiment, the angel of death.

  6. Biden’s cyber nominee on board of think tank founded by Spygate prof Stefan Halper – Liberty Unyielding
    Daily Caller News Foundation
    6-8 minutes

    Biden’s cyber nominee on board of think tank founded by Spygate prof Stefan Halper

    (Image: Stefan Halper, Institute of World Politics)

    By Chuck Ross

    President Joe Biden’s pick for national cyber director is on the advisory board of an intelligence think tank co-founded by Stefan Halper, the longtime political operative who worked as a confidential human source for the FBI during its investigation into the Trump campaign.

    Chris Inglis, the former deputy director of the National Security Agency, was nominated for the cyber role on Monday, the Associated Press reported.

    “We are determined to protect America’s networks and to meet the growing challenge posed by our adversaries in cyberspace — and this is the team to do it,” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said in an announcement of the nomination.

  7. Spain: Almost 150 African migrants intercepted while trying to jump over fence in Ceuta

    Around 150 migrants from various African nations were intercepted by the Spanish Civil Guard on Tuesday when they attempted to enter Spain by jumping over the fence in Ceuta.

    Agents and vehicles of the Civil Guard were deployed on the border to prevent the entry of migrants into the Spanish territory, many of whom had managed to climb the fence before being taken into custody.

    This is the first massive attempt in Ceuta since the Spanish Ministry of the Interior removed the concertina wire one year ago.

    According to local police sources, no injuries were registered among the migrants or among the agents representing the security forces.

  8. CBC – How Ramadan will be different this year

    As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan starts — marking the second time the occasion will be celebrated under pandemic restrictions —

    Dr Hashim Khan of the Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force joined CBC News Network to discuss how this year will be different.

  9. Trump critics picked by Biden for border, immigration posts

    Arutz Sheva | Apr 13, 2021 | News | 5
    Trump critics picked by Biden for border, immigration posts

    Detainees sleep and watch television in a holding cell where hundreds of mostly Central American immigrant children were being processed and held at the CBP Nogales Placement Center on June 18, 2014. Associated Press/Ross D. Franklin

    President Joe Biden picked two vocal critics of the policies of former President Donald Trump for key immigration and border jobs at the Department of Homeland Security.

    Biden announced the nominations on Monday, according to the Associated Press, while his administration dealt with a mounting crisis at the U.S. southern border as the number of people trying to enter the country spiralled out of control.

    Tuscon, Arizona Police Chief Chris Magnus was nominated to be commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, and immigration lawyer Ur Mendoza Jaddou has been nominated for director of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    Magnus was an opponent of the Trump administration’s policy of cracking down on cities that would not cooperate with his White House’s immigration enforcement policies. He alleged that doing so negatively impacted relations between police and migrants.

    Jaddou was the director of DHS Watch, which sharply criticized the Trump administration’s policies on legal and illegal immigration.

  10. Biden Team Learns Nothing and Forgets Nothing – Frontpagemag
    Bruce Thornton
    8-9 minutes

    Returning to failure.

    Bruce Thornton is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

    Like Talleyrand’s Bourbons, the Democrats have learned nothing and forgotten nothing. Still remembering the heady Obama years, the Biden administration is working full bore on a program of not just replicating Obama’s policies, but multiplying their ambitions and costs despite forgetting their manifold failures. At the same time, Biden and the Dems obviously have learned nothing from Obama’s missteps in handling the Great Recession and disastrous Iran deal, and Donald Trump’s success in correcting those mistakes.

    At a moment when the economic recovery from the pandemic downturn is starting to gather steam, such old feckless economic policies, if enacted, will also duplicate the malign consequences of Obama’s: one of the most sluggish recoveries from a recession on record, leading to unnecessary damage to the economy and workforce. And working to return to the Iran Deal will hasten a thug regime’s possession of nuclear weapons, and increase its regional disruptive adventurism.

    Obama came into office in 2009 when the Great Recession was five months from ending.

    • Team Biden is consistent, anyway.
      Maximize the damage to our country and our standing in the world. Fling our allies into the arms of Russia and China.
      Planned long before the stolen election.
      At warp speed.

      J.E. Dyer: “Anyone who thinks a nation can pick and choose where it will act in bad faith, and not have all its credibility called into question, is living in fantasyland.”

  11. Portland Fights 1000% Increase in Murders With Unarmed Park Rangers – Frontpagemag
    Daniel Greenfield
    8-10 minutes

    “I don’t believe the City Council wants to have that kind of blood on its hands.”

    Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

    Shootings have more than doubled in Portland from 111 last year to 275 so far this year. Murders are also up from 2 to 25. That’s an increase of over 1000% for the prog utopia.

    Portland hit a quarter-century high last year with 55 murders. It’s on track for 100 in 2021.

    Things are so bad that Mayor Wheeler, who narrowly won reelection over the Antifa candidate after having his apartment building firebombed, pleaded with the City Council to pay for more cops. But the City Council had a better idea: unarmed park rangers with pepper spray.

    Wheeler had asked the Council for $2 million to put cops on the streets to stop the gunmen, but instead he’s getting $1.4 million to put unarmed park rangers to run from the gunmen.

    Or try to take them on with the awesome power of their pepper spray.

  12. China Rising – Frontpagemag
    Michael Ledeen
    4 minutes

    The communist regime’s plan to become the world’s leading superpower.

    Red China constantly rethinks how it will become the world’s leading superpower, and plans accordingly. The Epoch Times has just published a detailed plan delivered in a speech in July, 2016, laying out how the People’s Republic can overtake the United States as the world’s leading nation. Professor Jin Canrong, from the School of International Studies in Beijing, explained how the PRC, following Xi Jinping’s call for a national rejuvenation, could accomplish it.

    The speech, kept secret until now, combined four elements: 1) weakening the United States by becoming increasingly involved in American affairs, and 2) infiltrating Chinese agents into the U.S. political system. The object would be to control the outcome of American elections. Jin calculated that it is possible to bring pro-Chinese candidates to power in House elections to ensure pro-Chinese policies. Although difficult, Professor Jin believed it was doable.

  13. Arrests at anti-lockdown rally in Berlin as Merkel announces nationwide COVID-19 ’emergency brake’

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the country’s COVID-19 ‘emergency brake’ was long overdue as her cabinet approved legal changes granting the federal government more powers to impose restrictions across the country.

    The amendment to the existing Infection Protection Act is yet to be voted on by the German parliament.

  14. US Needs to Show Its Willingness to Defend Taiwan
    Francis P. Sempa
    7-8 minutes

    The Associated Press reported recently that Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu said if the island is attacked by China it will defend itself “to the very last day.” The foreign minister was reacting to China’s flying of 10 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone on April 5 and the deployment of a Chinese aircraft carrier group for “exercises” near the island.

    “We are willing to defend ourselves, that’s without any question,” Wu said. “We will fight a war if we need to fight a war.” Meanwhile, U.S. Admiral Philip Davidson, who is the senior U.S. commander in the region, told a Senate panel that the risks of a Sino–U.S. war over Taiwan “are actually going up.” And a Chinese defense official cautioned the U.S. against using Taiwan “to seek to restrain China.”

  15. Biden Administration Offers Four Month Paid Leave To Federal Employees Who Care For Illegal Alien Children
    Joseph Curl
    4-5 minutes

    The Biden administration has offered thousands of federal employees four months of paid leave if they’ll volunteer to help care for migrant children who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

    The administration emailed the federal workers asking for help with Unaccompanied Alien Children, or UACs, according to The New York Times.

    “The desperate plea landed this week in the email inboxes of employees in government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and NASA: Will you consider taking a four-month paid leave from your job to help care for migrant children in government-run shelters packed with new arrivals at the border?” the Times reported.

  16. (Richard: Brace yourself for more riots, worse riots.)

    Biden Suggests Minneapolis Police Shooting Could Have Been ‘Intentional,’ Urges Investigation
    Daily Wire News
    3-4 minutes

    President Joe Biden suggested on Monday that the police shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright over the weekend in Minneapolis could potentially have been “intentional” as he urged calm while investigators work to conclude what happened.

    “I think we got to wait and see what the investigation shows,” Biden said. “And the entire investigation. You all watched, I assume as I did the film, which is fairly, the body cam, which is fairly, fairly graphic. Question is, was it an accident, was it intentional? It remains to be determined by a full blown investigation.”

    “But in the meantime, I want to make it clear again, there is absolutely no justification, none, for looting, no justification for violence, peaceful protest understandable,” Biden continued. “And the fact is that, you know, we do know that the anger, pain, and trauma that exists in the black community, and that environment is real, it’s serious, and it’s consequential. But it doesn’t, will not justify violence and/or looting. And so the question is, how we in an orderly way, make clear that you get down to a full blown investigation to determine what the facts are, and what is likely to happen.”

  17. US: Families of Covid-19 victims can apply for funeral cost reimbursements

    Starting on Monday, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will start helping cover funeral costs for people who have died from Covid-19

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