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4 Replies to “HCQ not allowed because it has terrible side effects to big pharma”

  1. Also, if they had not opposed the use of hydroxychloroquine the fact that Donald Trump had so astutely spotted it as a likely savior would have probably propelled him toward a landslide victory in the 2020 election which would have been the worst thing in the world for a great many people, not the least of which being the Communist Chinese, who really, really hate The Donald because he’s onto their bullshit…

  2. Not to be picky, but HCQ wouldn’t kill big pharma one iota. Big pharma would have gone along just fine, I am sure, making their big money without a pandemic or the mRNAs. People always need drugs. The difference here is just how far we see they were willing to go to get their way and to make their big score. The big score is the real ticket, see?

    Had big pharma lobbying in Washington supported PT and HCQ, we would still have PT in Washington. This damned Red Chinese virus would have been defeated without a hitch simply by passing the HCQ, or Ivermectin pills and zinc out to everyone at pharmacies and schools. Our economies would have continued to strengthen while PT worked out the currency and debt remedies, which I believe he was doing because of his Austrian nominee to the Federal Reserve. The Chinese economy would have continued to deteriorate. PT’s counter punches were having a great impact on them. Their debt was enormous and their GDP was stagnating. Xi was starting to look like a loser to his comrades.

    Now, the U.S. economy is failing while Red China is absolutely emboldened. We cannot help them fail by being weak economically and militarily, can we? And remember a couple of years ago how PT shunned Dear Leader on a stage at some big function, and just how stupid, weak and useless Trudeau looked? That’s what happens when an imposter meets the real deal. –A mere boy of a man born with a silver spoon up his ass presents himself as a world beater precisely because he is so very clueless. He is confronted by a man who made his living by commonly being underestimated by adversaries. These adversaries were rarely prepared for the fight they got. Our insipid little Canadian puke was just another nail for that American hammer, and he knew it.

    The only problem that I see remaining for the Chicoms, the Deep State, Billy Gates, Fauci, Soros, big pharma, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Trudeau, Merkel, and every other greedy control freak out there, is that there happens to remain quite a few million people who will not roll over for them. These are the people who will not roll over because they simply cannot do so. They are wired to work, push and think. They do not rest very well. They don’t sleep very much. They will strive to succeed to their final breath. Each one of these people is a living, breathing freedom machine.

  3. @Johnnyu. The last paragraph of your comment is brilliant. Especially this: “Each one of these people is a living, breathing freedom machine.” Thanks.

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