AZ shots stopped for children, it ain’t racist if its anti-white, and Al Sisi shows his quality: Links 2, April 6, 2021

1. It’s the certainty. Governments should inform us with the best info they have, then let us decide our own risk benefit for ourselves. How many times has government issued a clear certain statement on masks, vaccines and so on, just to reverse and reverse again, 100% positive every time?

Use on children has stopped:

2. City of Oakland is branded racist for giving families of color $500 a month if they earn under $59,000 with no rules on how they spend it – but offering poor white families nothing

(Another brilliant example of the real metric in operation. If it is bad for classical civ, in other words, if it is revolutionary, then it is a good thing and cannot be racist or any of the other hijacked words by communists. But if it is counter-revolutionary, then no matter what it really is, it is racist, homophobic, white supremacist and so on and so on and must be destroyed along with all people and businesses involved with it. So this is not hypocrisy. This is not racist. Because it is revolutionary. See? Once understanding this, the machinery of the trap we are in becomes visible. But without understanding it, you are actually part of that trap.)

A program to give $500 monthly checks to low-income families of color in Oakland, California, has been criticized for explicitly excluding the 10,000 white residents living in poverty in the city.

The lottery system, funded by private philanthropists, will see the no-strings-attached checks go to households with an annual income of less than $59,000 if they have at least one child. The other half of the $500 checks will go to those earning under $30,000. The same report states around 8 per cent of the city’s white residents, approximately 10,000 people, live in poverty. 

Schaaf told the Associated Press the reason for limiting eligibility to black, indigenous and other people of color was that white households in Oakland make on average about three times as much as black households. 

Mayor Schaaf said: ‘We have designed this demonstration project to add to the body of evidence, and to begin this relentless campaign to adopt a guaranteed income federally.’

The announcement sparked an angry debate online, as hundreds of commentators on Reddit were critical of the move. 

One commenter labeled it ‘pure racism’. 

‘Is this even legal? Can a city government legally have a program that’s only for certain races?’ 

Another explained the program failed to understand the changing demographics of the city. 

3. The following video is a superb sign both for Egypt, and for Al Sisi. Back when the Arab Spring, an Obama/Muslim Brotherhood plot to revolutionize the middle east, hit Egypt for the first time, one of the first things the Ikwan (Muslim Brotherhood) members did was to ransack various antiquities locations. Not to loot or rob it. Just to destroy it, because any appreciation or even recognition of any system other than Islam is anathema. So this conspicuous display of Egyptian antiquities with such respect, and with Al Sisi there himself to greet the procession of ancient Egyptian rulers and royalty, sends a very loud signal to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was founded in Egypt, and briefly ruled it in the person of Mohammad Morsi.

Below, a 2016 video of Islamic State agents (Muslim Brotherhood) threatening to destroy Ancient Egyptian antiquities such as the Sphinx.

Thank you M., Richard, Sassy, Johnny U., Kalloi and hundreds of people stretching back the years as I looked for these Egyptian videos and realized how long this journey has been, and how many people have worked hard to inform me.

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  1. “Exclusive: Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation'”
    by Mordechai Sones – March 25, 2021


    “Recently, we wrote privately to them, warning of blood clots, they ignored us. When we went public with our letter, we were completely censored. Days later, more than ten countries paused use of a vaccine citing blood clots.

  2. Egypt’s President Al Sisi spent four years at Maryland’s Military College. Before returning to Egypt, he wrote a thesis on the economy. I read it. He knew the Islamists were a problem for the economy.

    The Mummy Parade was beautiful and it’s a daring move from Al Sisi especially that Ramadan loomes ahead. The Islamists won’t be happy.

  3. – ITEM 1 related: They finally realize all that sanitizer cleaning is useless.-

    Ditch the Clorox: CDC tells businesses to ‘end hygiene theater’ because risk of being infected with COVID through surfaces is ‘low’

    It’s time to stop obsessively Clorox-ing every surface and object, U.S. health officials announced Monday.

    An army of sanitizing robots, round-the-clock cleaning staffs and UV lamp-wielding workers is being called of by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has deemed the risk of contracting COVID-19 by touching surfaces ‘low.’

    Schools, businesses, and households have spent millions collectively over the past year in an effort to step up cleaning practices and make their spaces safer – or at least to make them feel safer.

    ‘Cleaning with household cleaners such s soap or detergents will physically remove germs from surfaces this process does not necessarily kill germ but reduces transmission risk by removing them.’


    • Russia registers worlds first covid-19 vaccine-for animals

      Russia has registered the world’s first vaccine against COVID-19 for animals, the country’s agriculture safety watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor said on Wednesday.

      Russia already has three coronavirus vaccines for humans, the most well known of which is Sputnik V, named after Sputnik, the world’s first satellite launched by the Soviet Union.

      Moscow has also given emergency approval to two other Russian made vaccines – EpiVacCorona and CoviVac.

      The vaccine for animals, developed by a unit of Rosselkhoznadzor, was named Carnivac-Cov, the watchdog said.

      “The clinical trials of Carnivac-Cov, which started last October, involved dogs, cats, Arctic foxes, minks, foxes and other animals,” said Rosselkhoznadzor’s Deputy Head Konstantin Savenkov.

      “The results of the trials allow us to conclude that the vaccine is harmless and highly immunogenic as all the vaccinated animals developed antibodies to the coronavirus in 100 percent of cases.”

      Immunity lasts for six months after vaccination, but the shot’s developers are continuing to analyse this, the watchdog said.

      Mass production of the vaccine could start as early as April, Rosselkhoznadzor added.

      Rosselkhoznadzor said the development of its shot would help prevent mutations in animals and cited Denmark’s decision to cull 15 million mink last year, after some were found to be carrying a mutated virus variant.

      “The use of the vaccine, according to Russian scientists, can prevent the development of virus mutations,” the watchdog said.

      It added that animal-breeding facilities and private companies from countries including Greece, Poland, Austria, the United States, Canada and Singapore had expressed interest in Carnivac-Cov.

      Military officials in Russia’s second city Saint Petersburg announced earlier this week that army dogs would undergo mandatory vaccination before being deployed at airports and participating in nationwide World War II commemorations in May.

  4. Re the awesome mummy procession, I hope it was also a reminder that the Arabs are not the original
    People of Egypt and that Egyptians have an ancient and incredible history, (pisslame being the cockroach on the top unfortunately..)

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