UFOs over Trudeau Airport, April fools a day early?

UPDATE: Richard offers this link for those of you that want to add UFOs to your own photographs. Of course there are lots of ways to do it in any decent video editor.

Yesterday a neighbour approached me and asked if I had “heard about Montreal last night” or not? That would make it the night of March 30.
He them proceeded to show me photos and videos on his phone that he said was rapidly being deleted from ‘social media’ (Judo propaganda) and I had to see it before it was gone from Facebook.

It is video and photos that anyone who has seen a movie since 1940 would interpret as alien spacecraft over Dorval, now called, Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport in Montreal.

Since at least two ranking US government officials have come out and talked about a major effort to declass lots of UFO materials, and since, as I was reminded last night, President Trump occasionally hinted at something like this during his tenure as president, I thought its worth posting here on April 1st since although its probably a hoax, at least as hoaxes go its a fun one.

I saw one clip over the neighbour’s shoulder where news anchors appeared to be watching it live and talking about it. But again, it would seem like if this happened, there would be more out there about this event and more videos from more phones, and CERTAINLY better videos. Also longer ones. I mean who would film this and just put up a few seconds? Unless you went to a lot of effort to do this as an effect in which case you would post a short video since its too much work to do a long one. I mean if I had a half hour of video of UFOs on my phone I would post the best bits and the whole thing separately for sure.

Anyway April Fools or not, at least its fun to think about compared to everything else we deal with on this site.

Happy Easter Weekend to all our readers and contributors.



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