Remembering Swine Flu, Texas cases falling, Don’t hug us, we’re British: Links 1 for April 1, 2021

1. Fear propaganda over Swine Flu to get everyone to take some kind of vaccine.

2. Texas cases continue to fall:

3. UK warns not to hug people.

4. Finland withdraws lockdown plans over legal issues

Finland’s government has withdrawn draft legislation aimed at restricting movements in parts of the country to curb virus spread after concerns about its legality, and is now considering its options, the prime minister said.

“We are going to evaluate whether it is possible to draft this kind of a legislative proposal, and how long it will take,” Prime Minister Sanna Marin said late Wednesday after a cabinet meeting.

A constitutional committee made up of lawmakers had earlier warned that the bill violated Finland’s constitution, saying the temporary restrictions on freedom of movement were not proportional.

The group had recommended more targeted measures.

Under the government’s proposal, presented on March 24, residents of the capital Helsinki and the southwestern town of Turku would only be allowed to leave their homes for essential needs, such as travelling to and from school or work, or to buy groceries or go to the bank. 

5. New York Post: LI woman tests positive for COVID-19 after second dose of Moderna vaccine

(To be fair, when these mRNA gene therapy devices were first announced, it was said, albeit quietly even then, that these would not stop the spread or prevent you from getting it, but should reduce the severity of the disease should you get it. This WAS stated by the makers. But governments continued to act like these experimental and unapproved, other than for emergency measures, gene therapy injections are a vaccine and somewhat implied they would end the various measures and mandated implemented, allegedly to control the disease. This gives the impression that the injection is more a government face-saving vaccine than a real medical solution to a disease. They need an exit strategy. Or more accuratly, a tall ladder to get out of the hole they dug themselves into, put us all in, and are afraid of what would happen to them if they just said, “you know what? Screw it, its over” like more and more states are doing.)

A Long Island woman tested positive for COVID-19 Tuesday — more than a month after receiving her second dose of the Moderna vaccine meant to protect against the virus, a report said.

Melanie Rosen, who works as a secretary in the Hewlett-Woodmere school district, told PIX-11 she thought that getting the jab meant it was safe to resume normal activities without wearing a mask.

She started experiencing symptoms shortly after attending a wake — unmasked — for a friend’s father who had passed away.

“There was probably at least 10 family members there,” Rosen said. “I hung out for about an hour and a half without wearing a mask. I hugged each one.”

Rosen told the station that a few days after seeing everyone she started experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, including a stuffy nose and body aches, particularly in her legs.

She later learned that three family members who had attended the gathering had tested positive for COVID-19.

Thank you Miss Piggy, Hellequin GB., Richard, M., Johnny U., PC., MarcusZ1967 and MANY more who are behind the 8 ball and lining up the shots.

Readers of this site. If there is a way to spread the link to the Tucker clip which is a sticky post for the moment at the top of this site, please consider doing so. It is such an accurate and important segment he does on Canada and Trudeau, and does in a few minutes, what the entirety of the MSM in Canada, now for all intents, enemy propaganda, does not do. Which is inform Canadians about what is happening to Canada. Google seems to have made it very hard for Canadians to see. Which proves his point even better, but does create the problems Trudeau hopes for. So please spread this link to all you know who may be in Canada, or have connections to it. MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson notices Canada’s totalitarianism far far before nearly all Canadians.


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  1. 1)
    Fauci and Gates and so many other “Scientists” will be named along with Josef Mengele as the most Evil in History……. if we all survive their Agenda.

    The American and the French Revolution gave us Citizen Status.
    Biden, Merkel, Trudeau, Macron, Kurz and all that Ilk is busy taking it away and making us Subjects again.
    Subjected to the whims of these “Elites”.
    And the vast Majority just let it happen out of irrational Fear.
    I for one rather die FREE and on my two feet than live on my knees as a SLAVE waiting in abject fear for the ax to fall.

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