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2 Replies to “Why are so many wearing masks and taking experimental gene therapy injections? Even demanding it?”

  1. There is something seriously wrong with our School-system and the Human Psyche.
    There’s no teaching, there might have been a brief period of it, but it’s mostly INDOCTRINATION and CONFORMISM.
    Because without it, they couldn’t Rule, nobody would follow them and they couldn’t do whatever they please.
    They also presume to speak for the “Greater Good, as do many that are wedded to EVIL.
    And since Evil turns a profit always for someone…….
    Why else would it flourish?

    Little Villains must Submit to Fate,
    that Great ones may enjoy the World in State.
    >Samuel Garth, 1699<

    A long time ago I came to the conclusion that when the "Powerful" turn against us, we must act as the Powerful act, which is in ones own interest, and without Morality or Mercy.
    Otherwise we might as well bow our heads and simply wait for the Ax to fall.
    I for one WILL NOT SUBMIT.

  2. Kalloi tried to post the following but it didn’t go through for some reason:

    Subconscious programming and herd mentality go hand in hand and mutually affect each other. The all-pervading Corona-brainwashing has probably reached deep subconscious levels in the entire population in the West by now.

    There are inner signs of this successful brainwasing. I heard people talking about their “Corona dreams”: in one such dream the person got jabbed against his will but eventually became reconciled to it; another dream someone told me was about the “old world” without masks — only to wake up in grief; another friend told me about her dream where soldiers told her to ‘give up resistance’ and she obeyed.

    It is all about breaking resistance.

    The outward sign of this effective brainwashing is the fact that the hypnotizable and the conformist have started to obey — and go for the jabs. Last week a man got beaten up on the tram by a male Karen for not wearing the mask.

    So Klaus Schwab bragging about the “New Normal” is not so funny in retrospect. They have made it. We did it Joe.

    Most people will not wake up before it gets really nasty. It has always been like this: WWI was at first eagerly awaited and welcomed with huge enthusiasm by the masses.

    However, if some of us are obstinate enough to try and wake other people up (against all odds), we will need some powerful psychological tools this time to counteract the ongoing methodical Corona-brainwashing that uses weaponized behavioral psychology against the population.

    Straight from the horse’s mouth:

    Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response

    The behavioural challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic: indirect measurements and personalized attitude changing treatments (IMPACT)

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