Suicide bomber in Indonesia kills many at Church: Links 1, March 28, 2021

1. Watch what you name your cat. A screw it, just memorize the standard form apology and live your life.

2. Most vaccinated county in Mass. has spike in Covid cases.

3. Michael Flynn’s Family Files $75 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN

(And after he wins, maybe he and that high school student, Nick Sandmann, that also beat the crap out of CNN which they so richly deserved, can throw the rest of us a party)

Two of former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s relatives filed a $75 million defamation lawsuit against CNN on Thursday.

Flynn’s brother and sister-in-law, Jack and Leslie Flynn, sued the network in U.S. District Court in New York City for allegedly portraying them and their family as supporters of QAnon, an online conspiracy theory. The Flynns claimed that CNN deceptively edited footage in a Feb. 4 segment on the conspiracy to implicate the Flynn family, according to the Daily Beast. As the outlet reports:

The segment largely shows footage of a meeting of QAnon supporters, including the photogenic icon of the Capitol riot known as the QAnon Shaman, but also briefly shows video tweeted by Michael Flynn of a July 4th gathering of his extended family. In the video, the Flynns recite a pledge to the U.S. constitution and end it with “Where we go one, we go all,” a slogan so frequently used by QAnon adherents it appears as the abbreviation WWG1WGA on movement merchandise. Jack and Leslie Flynn contend, however, that the slogan is unrelated to the movement and that they are “not followers or supporters of any extremist or terrorist groups, including QAnon,” despite being allegedly inaccurately portrayed as such.

4. Suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Church in Indonesia, the world’s largest muslim country. Check out the whole thread:

Channel News Asia:

(Will the Trudeau government A. Say nothing about this at all or B. Apologize to the Indonesian government for the mess.)

5. Montreal protest against totalitarian police state stopping the right to protest, results in arrests of protestors. Thank you Montreal Police for helping the protestors prove their point.

(No idea what the flag for North Rhine-Westfalia is doing there)

Thank you M., Sassy, Johnny U., EB. and many more who stay vigilant this weekend, and also to those taking time off for any number of reasons.


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