Mass stabbing in Vancouver, Mosque denies gay paramedic entrance for heart attack, aliens harassing military and more: Links 2, March 27, 2021

1. RCMP say multiple stabbings at North Vancouver library, six taken to hospital

(hopefully enough negative information will be given soon that we can interpolate the facts. For example if they blame the knife, it will have been a muslim or other non-white person who did it for reasons that defy the narrative.)

VANCOUVER – The RCMP say multiple victims were stabbed inside and outside a library today in North Vancouver, B.C.

Police say in a statement on Twitter that a suspect is in custody and there’s no ongoing threat to the public.

The RCMP say they are still looking for any other potential victims.

B.C. Emergency Health Services says six patients were taken to hospital after a call came in just after 1:45 p.m. and no details on the conditions of the patients were released.

Ethan Jackson works at a dental office near the library and says he heard a woman scream and when he later looked out the window he saw a man lying on the ground covering his face.

2. Sen. Marco Rubio: ‘There’s Stuff Flying Over Military Installations, and Nobody Knows What It Is’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told a reporter this week that he is concerned about UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, flying over U.S. military bases.

When asked about UFOs at the Reagan National Airport near Washington, Rubio said, “There’s stuff flying over military installations, and nobody knows what it is and it isn’t ours.” Rubio is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and was its chairman before Democrats took over this year. “It’s common sense, right?” he asked.

It comes as the Pentagon and intelligence agencies are slated to release a report about UFOs in June.

(This is the second report recently referencing UFOs plaguing our skies. So curious that with nearly everyone having a camera in hand at all times that is better than a TV camera of the 1980s, there are nearly no convincing videos or photos of any of this stuff.)

3. Gay paramedic denied access to a London Northern English mosque after being called to render assistance to a heart attack patient. Paramedic has experienced much of this from the muslims.

4. Row erupts in France over plans to use state funds to build Strasbourg mosque

A row has erupted in France over plans to build a mosque in Strasbourg, with the interior ministry on Wednesday accusing the municipal authorities there of using public money to fund “foreign meddling” on French soil.

While President Emmanuel Macron wants to crack down on Islamic extremism, which he blames for a series of deadly terror attacks in France since 2015, the planned mosque in the eastern French city has found itself in the government’s crosshairs because it is backed by a leading Turkish Muslim group.

On Monday, municipal officials in Strasbourg, run by a Green mayor, approved a grant of 2.5 million euros (nearly $3 million) to the Milli Gorus Islamic Confederation (CMIG), a pan-European movement for the Turkish diaspora.

But the CMIG is one of three Muslim confederations in France that have refused to sign a new anti-extremism charter championed by Macron.

Macron wants the groups to commit in writing to renouncing “political Islam” and to respecting French law, as he seeks to combat radical Islam which he sees as a threat to the country’s secular system.

Turkish media sees it another way. Of course.

Video in the works.

5. Torontonians protest lockdowns and corona measures today

(Some wonderful characters and clever signs and costumes in that video)

Thank you M., C., EB., Richard, Johnny U., Corny Connie, Rich, and many many more.

This is an interesting video detailing how the internet appears to be setting the stage for total control using immutable information, selectively applied. Its a beginners course with decent thoughts. Maybe something we can send to people who are ready for the first dose of red pill.


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6 Replies to “Mass stabbing in Vancouver, Mosque denies gay paramedic entrance for heart attack, aliens harassing military and more: Links 2, March 27, 2021”

  1. I’m noticing the difference between the cops in Toronto and those in Montreal.

    The Montreal cops are random-arresting while Toronto cops let the protest flow. One must wonder who told the Montreal cops to arrest peaceful people demonstrating.

    There’s something so wrong with the Legault government, no other place in Canada had such restrictions imposed on them. Most Quebecers aren’t into English-speaking websites, so they don’t know what’s happening elsewhere.

  2. Re: gay paramedic: I’d be interested to know if the paramedic made a complaint against this creep.
    Gays must know that in Muslim countries they will be hung or thrown off roofs. Now in the west being a muzrat supercedes being anything else, including black, but hopefully he will make a public scene about this.

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