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16 Replies to “This is communism done properly”

      • You have the right
        To hate his words
        Or hate the sound of mine
        Hate, it seems, is plentiful
        –A dozen for a dime
        But Hate grew bitter and so old
        When Leftists used her name
        To brand the sticks and stones of life
        –The little games we play
        So now diluted and so cheap
        Hate hears her name so much
        She feels just like a worn-out whore whose life has lost its touch
        (For a little lust would be quite welcomed to a job now such a chore)
        So now sits Hate at the corner bar sipping at her drink
        Sucking on her cigarettes not knowing what to think
        Of a world gone mad where fiat wore a word down to the bone
        So there sat Hate just smoking like a used-up, burnt-out

        • Wonderful Johnnyu – as Yucki says, “this is a keeper.”

          There are people who lead, inspire and do better.
          If they do not like something, they improve on it.
          They show the way. As you did.

          But there are others who will shoot people into a ditch.
          These, who will take away any joy, or talent from a soul
          And let it starve on an island, because it is the reflection of themselves.

          Russia should have been a giant of all nations, but they killed their poets.
          China should have been the cultural center of the world, but they killed their sensitive hearts.
          “I hate your ridiculous poetry,” is repeated throughout the ages, from one generation to the next.
          These Fascist and Communist bullies.
          Never changing.

          “I hate your ridiculous words.”

          Hate can sever be satiated.

      • “Look at me!” She said.
        These feelings she endured.
        “I hate, and seek good company!”.
        The haters slept with her.
        Spew became wisdom.
        With her, they all were cured.
        “Come, and comfort me!”

      • I never use the word ‘hate’, it’s a forbidden word and even more an unknown feeling, except for quotation marks.

        Those who carry ‘hate’ are destroyed from within and the more one knows, the less one ‘hates’. Knowledge and open-mindedness are the keys.

  1. While Vlad often gives the most pertinent, witty, seemingly innocent but hard-hitting titles to his posts, this one above “This is communism done properly” packs the hardest punch yet.

    This bone-chilling video speaks of a relatively recent and I wonder if it is a portent of things to come in the not too distant future after watching this latest Tucker Video:


    • The Far Left are removing the core values of civilization, of Life, Liberty and Happiness – to live and let live – and replacing it with Pride, Diversity, and Hate.

      The very people they are stealing from, Americans who stand up to “Find your God,” “Love your Neighbor,” and “have a non-hateful attitude; ” are labeled Supremists, Fascists and Racists.

      The mafias of Religion, State and Identity, demand these borders are down.

    • Rita: The only way to have a Twitter account nowadays if you’re a realist is through extreme subtlety. Looking at BLM/Antifa/Social Justice et al, they’re the new Nazis but we can’t say so on Twitter or FB. Vlad is a master of subtlety.

      Re the U.S. military, it’s horrible to witness the oppression carried out on nation-loving servicemen. At this moment in time, they can’t resign because the economy is bad. And it isn’t in the best interest of the nation if they did resign. It’s best they endure the situation until 2024 where, I think, the pendulum will swing Far-Right.

      Between now and then, 2022 is crucial in that Republicans must take back control of Congress.

  2. Internal passports, you say? Like the covid passports being pushed by a growing number of communists in the UK, Canada, and US? Huh! Surely it’s just a coincidence. Surely it’s not the same thing. It could never happen HERE, right? Ha ha! No, never here. Not us.

  3. So, one needed a civilian passport to access a city and services, failing which one was deported. What does that remind us of? I’m thinking of the ‘Covid Passport’.

    For now, we’re at the quarantine phase if one test is positive. That means no leaving your island home for two weeks. It also means your cash money is useless as you must prepay in advance via credit card or on delivery with Interac card.

    And that ‘Covid Passport’ idea is flourishing. It doesn’t take much to get a ball rolling.

    • What happens if, during quarantine, all you need is a liter of milk and/or a loaf of bread? Will they deliver for that only or do you need a bigger order? If you need a bigger order, that’s where the slow starvation begins unless you’re willing to order stuff you don’t need to get that bread or milk and it will be overpriced since only the convenience store might be willing to deliver the items.

      The writing is on the wall and they called us Conspiracy Idiots.

      Today, I read of Quebec’s PM Legault who mocked and vilified people who don’t agree with his policies in social media accounts posted under anonymous names. The man is intelligent and dangerous.

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