Geopolitics, China, China and Covid was, as we all knew, a bioweapon that didn’t work that well: Links 3, March 22, 2021

1. China Calling for Civilizational War Against America and the West

There was a “strong smell of gunpowder” when American and Chinese diplomats met in Anchorage beginning March 18. That’s according to Zhao Lijian of China’s foreign ministry, speaking just hours after the first day of U.S.-China talks concluded.

“Gunpowder” is one of those words Beijing uses when it wants others to know war is on its mind.

The term is, more worryingly, also especially emotion-packed, a word Chinese propagandists use when they want to rile mainland Chinese audiences by reminding them of foreign — British and white — exploitation of China in the Opium War period of the 19th century. China’s Communist Party, therefore, is now trying to whip up nationalist sentiment, rallying the Chinese people, perhaps readying them for war.

2. A tour of Nanci Pelosi’s border wall. As this site as stated many many times, when you remove national borders, you will create tens of thousands of micro borders, right down to women’s underwear with rape alarms built in.

3. Philippines dealing with massive fleets of Illegal Chinese phishing boats. Makes serious threat against Chinese incursion

4. Iran now taking ownership of the war on Saudi Arabia, relying less on a mask of Yemeni proxies.

Iran is investing heavily in the war in Yemen, through technical know-how and provision of weapons over the last six years, as well as political capital. Where once the Houthi rebels were portrayed as an indigenous rebel force that sprang from the mountains of Yemen, Iran is now taking ownership of the war.

This isn’t the first time Yemen has been caught in a proxy war. In the 1960s it was a center of conflict for Egypt and other powers, including Saudi Arabia. Today, the situation has changed and Iran is seeking a broader foothold. Iran also thinks that it has outplayed the Saudis and the US in the country at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. Tehran initially sought to use the war there as a testbed for new munitions, supplying expertise in long-range ballistic missiles and also improving the Houthis drones.

5. UNITED KINGDOM now denying the right of exit! The LAST and most important attribute of a democratic nation.

Foreign holidays will be illegal from Monday: New Covid laws mean £5,000 fines for anyone leaving the UK without ‘reasonable excuse’ – and they won’t be reassessed until after Easter at the earliest

A ban on leaving the United Kingdom without a reasonable excuse is included in new coronavirus laws coming into force next week.

The legislation for restrictions over the coming months, as the Government sets out its road map for coming out of lockdown, was published on Monday. 

Entitled the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Steps) (England) Regulations 2021, the laws come into force on March 29.

According to the legal document: ‘The Regulations also impose restrictions on leaving the United Kingdom without a reasonable excuse (regulation 8).’

The law says no-one may ‘leave England to travel to a destination outside the United Kingdom, or travel to, or be present at, an embarkation point for the purpose of travelling from there to a destination outside the United Kingdom’ without a reasonable excuse.

It suggests anyone who breaks such rules could face a £5,000 fine. There is also a £200 fixed penalty notice for failing to fill in a travel declaration form – giving person details and reason for travel – for those planning to leave the UK.

6. Lead investigator into Covid says that the virus is an artifact from Wuhan, and probably a bioweapon.

7. No evidence but increased lockdown in parts of Ontario

Thank you M., PC., Johnny u., Yucki, Richard, Radu, Mad W., EB., Xanthippa, ET., PC., and all who are capable of understanding today’s reality, and doubly so to those who try and make others aware, despite the increasing danger, and social ostracism for doing so.

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  1. China is pushing everyone, given the state of their economy it won’t be long before they start shooting to back up their claims.

  2. All in All,
    to me it looks more and more a preparation to a World Wide War of attrition against Humanity itself, started as ususal by the Elites, since they hardly ever have to pay the Price when it comes to pay the “Fiddler”.
    We are the ones that are filling the Mass-graves, through the courtesy of the complacency and compliance of our Sheeple.

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