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11 Replies to “Geopolitics +: Former Sec Defence on potentially alien craft”

  1. One could sense the urgency in the knock that came at the door. First there were three quick, hard raps, then what sounded like an opened palm delivering another three.

    “What the heck?” Argyle asked. “Who on Mars could that be?” Merle was transfixed by his telescope lens, flinching not a muscle. He was on to something. Argyle left his stool and went to answer the door. “Who is it?” he asked.

    “It’s Paisely. Quick. Open up.”

    Paisely was Argyle’s neighbor. Both Merle and Argyle were very fond of her. She was young, single and pretty–only about one-hundred thirty-five years old–or old enough to know better as Argyle would say. Merle admired that her “…gluteus maximus had not yet gone from latitude to longitude…”. Her skin was a pale green and her antennae were small and delicate. She had lovely scales on her forehead. She was smart and made them laugh.

    “Have you heard?” she exclaimed as she burst through the doorway. “I can’t believe this. After all these years. What will they think? What will they do?” Her mind was racing. She didn’t stop moving. Argyle had never seen her so wound up. Her carbon flaps were swollen.

    “Ok, ok. Come here and sit and I’ll get you a glass of Mung. Just catch your breath. Now, please, settle down and explain what’s going on.”

    Paisely did as she was told. Argyle brought her some Mung in a red mug. Before she could speak, however, Merle turned away from his telescope.

    “I think I know what’s going on, and I can’t believe we’re so slow. Paisely is the one telling us and we should be the ones telling Mars. We’re the Earthophiles.”

    “No,” Paisely started. Her carbon flaps were returning to normal. “It’s not your fault. They just announced it. You couldn’t have known before anyone. You see? You just saw it, right?” She pointed at Merle’s telescope.

    “What on Mars are you two talking about?” asked Argyle.

    “Yes, I just saw it myself,” said Merle. “Just right now.” He looked to Paisely, giving her the chance to impart the message she most fervently came to deliver.

    “On June first–this coming June first–the American government down on Earth is going to make public information about the existence of unidentified aerial phenomenon.”

    Argyle appeared stunned. Merle went from looking at Paisely to staring blankly through the floor.

    There was not a day that passed when the average Martian did not think about this eventuality. So integral were Martians to the history of humanity that it was understood by all that this day of revelation would be most traumatic to all concerned. The scriptures, mythologies–all tablatures to the music of humanity led to this lyrical coda. Words suddenly became inadequate for the three friends, and as quickly as those they had thus far spoken had filled the air in the room did they fall to the floor and shatter like ice. All Martians understood that the secret of antigravity was within the grasp of humans, and that the briefest glimpse to the general population would reveal the mechanical truth of this matter. It was their next big step in more ways than one.

    So many mysteries would fall and so many would rise. Atmospheres, structures, and the blood of beauty in the human heart.

  2. Now they are preparing us for the UFO Attack Hoax after the Climate Hoax and the Corona Hoax. Imagine the power grab it will enable. Any kind of Boogeyman will do from now on.

  3. …After a long silence Merle raised his head.

    “What if their whole pandemic and mRNA injection program was to immunize them from, from–.”

    “–From us?” Paisely blurted. ” And the truth of it all has been hidden to avoid mass panic.”

    Argyle looked at them both contemptuously. “That’s science fiction! There is no War of the Worlds. And more fiction is precisely what they don’t need right now!”

    • It’s that grin he does at the end of his pitch. It could be the obvious. “I’ve just laid this woman to waste with this truth bombshell and that was pretty fun” or, this is the next distraction while the world becomes a new controlled totalitarian state.

      • You are right, it could be either, or it could be a combination of the two. Nothing says the UFOs can’t be real but that the worlds governments are using this to seize more power.

        All I can say for sure is that if they are real it is highly unlikely that they are here to save us from ourselves. This doesn’t mean they are hostile but they aren’t necessarily friendly.

      • Exactly, this is the grin of a con artist. And notice how he stresses one thing TWICE during the interview: “DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN” (and a third time he says it again: “there are instances when we do not have explanations for some of the things we have seen”).

        And this is the point: “difficult to explain” means that “you cannot explain it, only we can, so you shut up and obey”. Also notice that his voice changes and gets stronger in the interview when he pronounces “difficult to explain”.

        So it seems that he applies a branwashing method to talk “difficult to explain” into the head of the audience: repetition three times, to plant the ‘info’ into the memory; plus change of the voice to enhance credulity by playing emotions. The audience will interpret them as their OWN emotions as they empathize with the (fake) emotions conveyed by the speaker’s voice.)

        Strategically, potentially superior, thus dangerous, UFOs that are “difficult to explain” may serve the purpose of the “invisible enemy” that is a known tactics used when a goverment wants to make war on their own people. (The virus is another “invisible enemy”.) You just cannot prove that something does NOT exist — so you lose the debate. And when you cannot prove that it is NOT dangerous — so you lose the power game too.

        (It does not matter that the burden of proof should be on those who claim something like the UFOs may exist and are harmful — just like with the pandemic that never was. Truth does not matter any more.)

        But the grinning is probably not that spontaneous in this video: it is premeditated and serves a premeditated purpose. I know that news anchors get instructions on how they must read a line or speak, like ‘be cheerful, smile, compassionate, sad’ etc.

        So why are they grinning here? There is psychology behind it. They want to resonate with the initial astonishment of an audience that just gets to know that official sources will soon reveal the Boogeyman (UFOs)…. So the actors help us dissolve our cognitive dissonance by faking cognitive dissonance themselves. It would be impossible to get this lie accepted with a serious face for the first time, because it would become obvious that they are not on our side. So they have to fake surprise to show that “we are in this together”.

        On the other hand this is the psychological preparation of the heralded presentation of the ‘declassified’ UFO stories. Excitement must be aroused well before the show. If they present the UFO stories too suddenly, they will be rejected right away because the society is not prepared yet. Now we are all going to argue about it so UFOs will virtually become real as a social phenomenon. And this is the goal, no more — UFOs must not to be ‘real’ n the real word. If they WERE real, it would destroy the mind game for the indefinite power grab; because then it would only be an ordinary war against some aliens.

        But the time comes when this new hoax will be presented as damn serious and we will be called a harmful conspiracy theorist, a danger to national security and word peace, if you dare to laugh at it. So we will realize again who the real enemy is…

        “Difficult to explain” is the main secret of a magician: the deepest level of entertaing value of magic shows derive from the fact that your mind finally accepts that it cannot solve the ‘mistery’ and it relaxes — so the magician will become the master of your mind. And in that altered state of mind you can forget about all of your problems for that evening, and be a careless child again.

        But if the state does this to you it is called psychological warfare.

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