Canadian Doctors speak out, ending the fear of Covid

(I like what the doctor said right at the end. He expressed the same sentiment that I do in the few interviews I have given to others. That I got into all this because I noticed that there was a great disparity between what I saw on TV and what I saw looking out the window. At the end of the video above, the doctor says that now is the time for people to learn to reason. To turn off the TV and look out the door. I found that a very satisfying thing to hear.)

The following opinion is a surprise, even to me. But its because in the interest of truth, even the Devil has to get credit for any good he may do.

Some time ago, this site wrote an article endorsing AZ, AstraZeneca, as having the best record for safety in medication and vaccine production. That record still stands. AZ makes most of its money from products that many many who read this likely take every day and they dramatically improve quality of living for people with ulcers or Gerd for example. So this mRNA device is not a big money maker for them.

In the past few days, we have seen a number of European Union nations, and now the entire EU suspend all trials and use of the AstraZeneca vaccine within that territory.

The AZ mRNA gene therapy for Covid is made within the United Kingdom, which recently voted to leave the EU. Readers of this site should be skeptical enough to recognize that this is no coincidence.

Which brings me to the Devil and proper credit…

Trudeau has stated that the AZ Vaccine is the one to bank on. So for those of you who do plan to get the injection based on whatever personal calculous you do for your own risk benefit, the AZ one is likely the best and safest one of the options available. Unfortunately Trudeau, who might be the broken clock which is right twice a day, once if its on military time, hasn’t managed to actually procure the doses. But it should be easier now that the EU is doing token punishments of a decent company.

The also raises this issue.

PS: Pfizer causes more blood clots than AZ


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