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4 Replies to “Former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov exposes the four stages of a Communist takeover of a country (Interview from 1984)”

  1. Thank you for running this. It is my considered opinion that Yuri Bezmenov is the real thing and wasn’t just making this up for the sake of getting a book deal. Yuri really was the son of a high-ranking KGB and was really an agent himself and his description of the communist process is so detailed and complex that I do not believe he just made it all up.

    This video is possibly the most important piece of evidence and education that exists in the world today. Is there any doubt that we are entering the “crisis” stage right effing now? And when he says, “You will know who the agents are already”, I get chills. Rob Reiner? Noam Chompsky? Bill Maher? Jane Fonda? Ralph Nader? He said we’d already know who they were… who else the hell would they be? Al Sharpton? Maxine Waters? Barack Obama?… The KGB was real. Not a unicorn. Not a conspiracy theory…

  2. The pipe-dream Useful Idiots like George Orwell and Christopher Hitchens (both journalists), because they were allowed to live, had turned into effective and vocal anti-Socialists.

    A lesson for Comrades everywhere.

    • And Yuri explains that they don’t focus on “useful idiots” for precisely that reason. They tend to get very angry when they realize they’ve been had and then they tend to do television interviews and the like to express their anger. Instead, they focus on highly-ambitious sociopaths who place their own careers ahead of all else and are available at a price. Can you think of any “celebrity” who fits that description?

      Like, how exactly did Noam Chompsky get to be so the most influential academic on the planet Earth? He wouldn’t happen to be a KGB agent, would he? Imagine if you were a budding new professor and a man came up to you and told you he could arrange some dramatically positive reviews for your boring little paper on “linguistics”, no less, from some Nobel Prize-winning European intellectuals. “The first true intellectual ever produced by the United States”, reads “Hans Shriebenstein, 1957 Nobel Laureate for chemistry, and, “Truly a brilliant work”, by Israel Rubinbearg, 1969 Nobel Peace Prize winner. You’d get your tenure for sure, wouldn’t you…?

  3. I cannot remember how often I showed this Interview to Normies, only to be looked at with a blank expression and “I don’t get it” thrown in for good measure.
    Sometimes it’s hard NOT to despair.

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