Another five items of interest for March 13, 2021

1. London Mayoral candidate that is likely going to be the next example of a stolen election, right after Marine Le Pen in France

(Sadiq Khan is a Fabian. There is no way to understand his actions as mayor without understanding what it means to be a Fabian. The logo of the Fabian Society alone, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, should be a good start to understanding, but only a start.)

2. If they can do this with headcloths facing torture, rape in a state prison, and state prison itself, why can’t we manage this kind of rebellion with masks?

3. Sidney Powell claims the death of a staffer was assassination

4. Perhaps someone who speaks Dutch could translate the article in this tweet

Tweet reads: “Family members ring the bell: possibly 26 people died in one month shortly after the first round of injections. This stinks.”

5. Navy Captain tells us about how he has been treated by the FBI since his presence at the protest in DC on January 6, 2021

Thank you all who sent in so much thoughtful materials today.

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3 Replies to “Another five items of interest for March 13, 2021”

  1. 2.)
    I can already see those Feminazis in the West having a Meltdown over this.
    How dare these women to want the freedom to be WOMEN?
    “We’ve been fighting the Western patriarchy for you, because they want to enslave you by denying you the Hijab, this beautiful sign of Womanhood of our Muslim Sisters”

    But what about the 60-odd percent of Iranian women (and men) that aren’t Muslim?
    I guess that they don’t count in the great scheme of Islamo Marxism, now do they?

  2. ITEM 3 – Yes, it was an assassination. Probably remote-controlled. This young guy knew too much, he was involved within the intimate circle of the Loeffler family unit. His girlfriend was surely a ‘talker’.

    Just looking at the Loeffler candidate, one knows the woman is made of steel. No emotions, no human physical reactions.

    That was a rigged Republican candidate election. She never wanted to win, only to eliminate her Republican opponent, and then happily loose followed with her happy life of luxury.

    We have no reason to trust elections. Donald J. Trump was the prime example for the world. But we must vote even if it means cancelling our ballot.

  3. Translation of Dutch article.
    It tells us that 26 people died but it does not specify if they where the vaccinated ones, only that some people where vaccinated. Not much substance in the article.

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