Toronto asks for insane measures for children who might have been near a child who might have traces of Covid 19: Links 1, March 1, 2021

1. Perhaps the more odious aspect of this is the police attempting to block someone from filming the arrest. A democracy must have transparency.

Which brings us back to this little trick American police are using now.

2. Former French president convicted of corruption charges, gets a year in jail (3 year sentence 2 suspended)

3. Experts call Peel guidelines to place children in solitary quarantine ‘cruel punishment’

Drastic measure not supported by science and could have long-lasting psychological effects
Peel Health has issued guidelines to parents instructing them to keep any children who have been sent home because a classmate has tested positive for COVID-19 isolated in a separate room from all other family members for 14 days.

The severe guidelines, which apply even to small children who are dismissed from child care, are being criticized by experts as harmful and not supported by science.

“This is cruel punishment for a child, especially for younger children, 4-10 years old,” Dr. Susan Richardson, a microbiologist and infectious disease physician who is also a professor emerita at University of Toronto, wrote in an email to the Sun.

“Shutting a child off from their parents and siblings for up to 14 days in this manner could produce significant and long-lasting emotional and psychological effects.”

4. First light-up OLED tattoos could monitor health, reduce food waste or just look cool

(But wait! I thought this was a pure tin foil had conspiracy theory? At this stage, even tin foil hats are looking pretty good)

Scientists in Europe have leveraged cutting-edge OLED technology to produce a first-of-a-kind tattoo that could be used to monitor different metrics of physical human performance, or even the freshness of food. The device is billed as the first light-emitting tattoo, and can be applied much like temporary tattoos using water transfer, before being washed away with soap once its job is done.

For thousands of years tattoos have been used as a form of art, expression and fashion, but we’re seeing recently how they might be used for a whole lot more. Scientists are demonstrating how smart tattoos equipped with sensors and conductive circuits can be used as touch-based interfaces for computers, or medical devices that change color to track blood-glucose levels, for example.

5. About that mysterious explosion on an Israeli merchant vessel

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3 Replies to “Toronto asks for insane measures for children who might have been near a child who might have traces of Covid 19: Links 1, March 1, 2021”

  1. I note, in that gooning footage, that the gestapo is out numbered by citizens. Heavily out numbered.
    The solution is clear, and simple, and is the only rational choice left.
    Or, live in your Biden* brand facial jockstrap/muzzle, and enjoy the boot on your face, forever.


  2. 1. Man Arrested for “Non Essential” Walking
    Subject Access – March 1, 2021

    Man Arrested for “Non Essential” Walking
    Man ARRESTED standing up for his wife. They went for a walk at the nearest beach after her brother was hospitalised and in a coma. He asked them to stop harassing her. So cuffs on and off to Wrexham police station.

    The husband’s uncle had also just died. This was a family who were grieving and in crisis. They just wanted a walk and an ice cream to try to cope. They hadn’t travelled far.

    The husband did not give his name, which it’s now confirmed he does not legally have to do.

    Radek (the man arrested) claims that while at the station he was forced to change into police issued clothes. Told if he did not comply they would cut his clothes off him and they brought scissors in. He had to strip naked in front of them and put the prison clothes on.

    He was released after three hours without fine or charge.

    Full Statement – FB

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