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3 Replies to “Phil Haney interview part II”

  1. All one has to do is listen to what the jihadis are promoting all over the internet.
    “Islam has made the establishment of the Khilafah a vital issue. It is an obligation from Allah upon every Muslim.
    and whoever dies, without having an oath of allegiance (Bai’ah) on his neck he would die the death of Jahiliyyah”.

    All the Liberals in the Federal Government of Canada, except CYA Justine Trudeau, who may have been out looking for unicorns on the day of the M-103 vote, and all the NDP voted in favour of this “You shut your mouth” motion.

    What do any one of these idiots have to say about the absolute hate Mazin Abdul-Adhim, the leader of the terrorists group, Hibtz ut-T-shirt, living in London, Ontario, constantly spews on line?

    NOT ONE DAM WORD, they are too busy screaming Islamophobia!

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