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3 Replies to “Covid regulations make every day Christmas for petty tyrants”

  1. Spoilt Trump’s ballots
    Danced on business graves
    Marched along with Pussey Hats
    Every ego that she saves
    Vaginas do the talking
    The Hand backs what she says
    Until Islam, Marx and Ex-you-ism
    Replaced her Female Gaze.

  2. My previous post appeared here, and when rechecked, had gone.
    Just to add, like all videos, we only have our interpretation. A big empty space can excite to dance or shout in, like sitting as the driver of a huge mobile missile launcher (*ahem* you may not have tried this).

    This was a light reference to never having it so good, blaming all the wrong people for your woes, and letting those who are really replacing you take over.

    “Women’s Empowerment Month follows Women’s History Month; a month that gives Women the inspiration to change our future by being active, committed and bold.

    Our Mission to to empower women to create history as an advocate for women.”

    That’s right, for a month, only cis-systers can write here.

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