Five more items on the state of things in Canada, UK, Vatican and elsewhere: Links 2, February 22, 2021

1. Pat Condell gab which baseically explains all we need to know about the UK now. Between enforcing covid regs as a weapon against non-leftists and now full on no-context thought police, Brits had better make some tough decisions now.

2. Syrian military expert claims Turkey has a right to restore the Ottoman Empire. Which is a funny use of the word right since it negates the rights of all peoples who wish to live under their own laws and culture.

3. Vatican City walks back its mandating of the mRNA gene therapy treatment as a huge part of the employees there who live in Italy don’t want it. Initially people who didn’t take the experimental treatment would be fired. Now not so much.

4. Having a look at the various vaccines and their efficacy. It sure sounds like any change in policy because of their use is political and not scientific.

5. Randy has Trudeau’s number exactly.

Covid is the Canadian equivalent to charges of Blasphemy or being a counter-revolutionary in the USSR.



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  1. 5- Surprised the woman and her baby didn’t get a pass for melanin preponderance. But that’s ok. Give Dear Leader till summer. He’ll be chapter and verse on the race wars. Stoke the smoke I s’pose.

  2. 1. LGBTQ+ have Protected Characteristics. To offend them, is a criminal offense. The same for Black Lives Matter and islam. Hate in their hearts, minds and souls, respectively, for the unbeliever.

    Offending such ‘equally more equal,’ are Hate Crimes.

    Their schools enforce this upon all children to demoralize and degrade them. Never once telling them the truth. The glorified rags of humanity paraded as good.

    Then, it only takes elected Communist Officials to reverse this order, as the decadent acts of the bourgeoisie, and the killing fields of teachers and those wearing glasses restarts all over again.

    “1. In “Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State” (1884), one of the fathers of communism, Friedrich Engels, spoke of the degradation of men in ancient Greece, stating that “they fell into the abominable practice of sodomy.”

    2. Homosexuality has been persecuted in the following Communist dictatorships: Albania (up to 10 years in prison), East Germany, Bulgaria (up to 3 years in prison), China, North Korea, Cuba, Ethiopia, Hungary, Laos, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Somalia, the USSR (up to 5 years in prison) and Yugoslavia.

    3. In Soviet prisons, homosexuals suffered all kinds of humiliations. The homosexual prisoners were forced to sleep next to the latrines, to perform the worst tasks of the prison, to eat separately from the other prisoners, and to offer sexual favors to other prisoners or guards to avoid beatings and rapes. As Nicolás Márquez points out in “The Black Book of the New Left” (2016), “between 1934 and 1980, close to fifty thousand homosexuals were condemned” to the Gulag, the Soviet network of concentration camps.

    4. The Communist Maxim Gorky, one of the leading ideologues of the USSR, wrote the following in the article “Proletarian Humanism”, published in the Soviet communist newspapers Pravda and Izvestia on May 23, 1934: “On the land where the proletariat rules bravely and with success, homosexuality, with its corrupting effect on young people, is considered a social crime punishable under the law. In contrast, in the ‘cultivated land’ of the great philosophers, scholars and musicians, it is practiced freely and with impunity. There is already a sarcastic saying: ‘Destroy homosexuality and fascism will disappear’“.”

    This picture of the UK Police to be part of an archive for the next generation to never forget.

  3. um….er….did you even watch the video on number 4?….he clearly thinks the vaccine is a good idea and almost everyone should get it!!!

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