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4 Replies to “Tucker Carlson on how the Democrats are continuing to use their Reichstag fire on January 6, 2021”

  1. Off this topic, but just read on ymedad twatter feed:
    “BLM ‘seeks to dismantle the Zionist project,’ Marc Lamont Hill admits “
    New black nazi lingo for destroy the Jewish state, can someone report this? I am not in US.

  2. Ashli Babbitt of San Diego.

    “‘Stop the Steal’ rally held outside San Diego County Administration building”
    by KUSI – January 6, 2021

    I was unable to find any memorial service for Ashli Babbitt in her home town. I thought that she was active with the San Diego Patriots.
    No memorial service, no candles and no interviews from the San Diego Patriots. Just this:

    “USA: Ashli Babbitt’s neighbors react to her death in Capitol storming”
    Ruptly – January 8, 2021

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