The Sovietization of the world, both in terms of use of force, and ideology and aversion to truth: Links 1, February 11, 2021

1. Australia’s most excellent journalist, BOLTA, Andrew Bolt, takes a sober look at China

2. Seems that everyone is panning Trump’s new legal team. But we saw how many lawyers where being cancelled in the harshest way if they dared represent Trump in any capacity. Im glad they brought that up here in this segment.

3. Avi Yemeni catches police arresting people under the unlimited police powers under the Covid regs, but illegally, even with that.

4. Nigel Farage on the rapid Sovietization of the UK. TEN YEARS Gulag for going on holiday

(The US is considering travel restrictions in and out of Florida. What a great opportunity to get trapped in Florida! Now would be the time to go. Also I am still waiting for an answer to whether or not Trudeau has stopped the daily flights into Canada from China, or if the people illegally coming in to Canada from Roxham Rd. and probably a dozen other access points are subject to any of the draconian fiat laws that Canadian citizens are. Of course the answer is no, and we all know it is. But why is no one at all reporting on this?)

5. First, reality becomes unfashionable. Then it becomes against policy. The next step? Any North Korean or former Soviet resident can tell you that.

U.K. hospital advises midwives to stop using gender-specific terms to be more inclusive

TORONTO — A hospital in the United Kingdom has issued new guidelines for midwives asking they stop using terms such as “breastfeeding” and “breast milk” to be more inclusive of transgender and non-binary people.

In a statement posted to its website, the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) said it is encouraging staff to use phrases including “birthing parents” and “human milk” rather than using language that only refers to women and mothers.

According to the new policy, the hospital says “maternity care” should also be called “perinatal services.”

“At BSUH we acknowledge the additional challenges that gender identity can have on pregnancy, birth and infant feeding. We recognise the importance of providing inclusive, respectful perinatal care to all pregnant people and their families,” BSUH said in the statement.

“We are proud to care for trans and non-binary (including agender, bigender and genderqueer) people as birthing parents and co-parents, and to celebrate and affirm their journey to parenthood.”

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., ET., EB., ML.,

I haven’t done a fake subtitles for a laugh and a point for a long time. The humour keeps getting sucked out of the room and one gets overwhelmed with horror. But this short clip from some old French movie which I have no idea what it is, seemed perfect to the purpose.

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