Just another bucket of crazy: Links 2, February 6, 2021

1. ANFINO (Anti-fascist in name only) Marches still in DC chanting “Burn It Down”

2. Ottawa/Gatineau print shop refuses to make – Make Canada Free Again, shirt

3. What’sherface does AOC impersonation so well you have to squint to make sure it isn’t really her.

4. Can’t say for sure yet, but it appears that Toronto state propaganda police arrested a woman for having a sign that reads: “The Real Virus is Communism”.

5. Rex Murphy: This is the worst Canadian government ever. Can there be any question?

The country is in an economic coma. The House of Commons is a movie set. We are shamed in the international community. And the list goes on

It’s a mess. It’s a shambles. It’s an embarrassment. It is the worst ever by any reasonable measurement.

Judging by their performance on the most important files, the current bunch in Ottawa would need to hire a consultant to figure out how to get wet in a thunderstorm, and set up a task force to study how to tie their own shoes.

(After the humorous invective he actually details the facts on why its the worst government ever.)

Thank you all who stayed on top of events and issues this weekend so far.


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  1. ITEM 5 – Tragically, polls show that Justin Trudeau will be reelected. That’s because the Conservatives have no leader with a backbone. Optics are also important and O’Toole – just as Scheer – just doesn’t make it. Voters aren’t attracted to chubby faces and dimples.

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