British MP gives good speech against more lockdowns

UPDATE: We now have his voting record, and a British person familiar with him has said he is great and I have done him an injustice. Great. I am glad to hear that there are some sincere politicians who actually care about basic individual human rights and liberties. Thank you to all who commented on this post.

At this point we are getting so cynical that the suspicion that this UK MP looked at the party polls, realized that no matter what, Parliament would vote for another set of lock downs and more loss of basic rights, and then stood up and gave this speech so he would look good at the next election even though most likely he was all for the lockdowns for whatever reason so many of them appear to be. But even so its a decent speech. And hey who knows. There is a slim chance he is sincere, and maybe somoene listening to him will act on it as if he was.

And maybe he really is. Perhaps a UK reader of this site could give us background on this fellow in the comments and let us know if he has a track record of true libertarian values.

Here is the same MP defending a woman being hassled by the police for probably Covid regs which are the excuse police use across the Western world now to ignore all and any of your legal rights as a human being.

We actually posted this video on this site closer to the time it happened. I did not realize that this was the same MP in the speech above.


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    • Certainly not my intention. It was more an expression of my growing cynicism rather than a condemnation of what was the correct sentiments of this speech. I know nothing about him other than what he said here. But another commenter shows his voting record which looks good and libertarian.

  1. I understand the skepticism, he is a politician. My only take on his speech is honesty. You can see it and feel it. They are few and far between. So sad.

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