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4 Replies to “Grandmother at assisted living is denied all social life unless she takes experimental mRNA treatment”

  1. “Denied all social life” hmm , Canadians are not allowed to work, kids can’t go out and play, what social life are we allowed? Trudeau and Ford have killed our quality of life period. What is cultural destruction?

    In your leisure time Read some history. Start with how Auschwitz, Birkenau, Schlieben, Neuengamme, Allendorf were created?

    German Historian, Hans Mommsen asked “How couldm6 million Jews and 5 million others from all over Europe e murdered in so short a time? did anyone oppose the Nazis? Did anyone assist the Jews? Seventy seven thousand Germans were executed for one or another form of resistance by special courts, court-martial, PEOPLE’S courts and the justice system. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?

    Stay home
    Stay safe
    Stay stupid.

    Warning to Doug Ford the Conservative Party of Ontario, will lose its Official Party Standing if you carry on this injustice. Then there will be the fractured Liberal Party, the NDP and the Islamic Party, not necessarily in that order.

    • Actually Sobibor, Chelmo,Treblinka, Majdanek and Belzec should be the real comparison as , remember, they only want 20% of us kerns/serfs as the rest are unnecessary and disposable.
      “The Scourge of the Swastika”, “Masters of Death”, any published biography of survivors plus Rudolph Hoess’s biography,(plus many more) plainly show how “for the greater good” is misused by politicians and bureaucrats BOTH of whom are culpable and deserving of punishment.

      • Addendum: social isolation in nursing homes is often no different to murder and especially so if no one visits that person at all. It is quite common with anyone who does not abide their rules. I have met some quasi sadists as matrons in these places as they really do have the power of life and death over their “patients”. Such isolation removes whatever reason that person has to stay alive.
        Nursing homes like to have a pliable , easy manipulated “doctor” as a regular, who they allow to “bend the rules” a little (and make more money as he gains most of their patients) and if she/he notices such obvious maltreatment, she/he would be in no position to “blow the whistle”. I am NOT exaggerating here.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8XEsW9Eu18

    A subscriber to our magazine politik.der-privatinvestor.de writes to us that her father-in-law recently passed away. After the death occurred, the attending physician went to a quiet corner, filled out the death certificate, and finally asked that the document, which had been placed in an envelope, be handed over to the funeral home. There, an employee of the mortician opened it in the presence of our subscriber. And lo and behold: although the deceased had four negative tests from the previous days to prove, “Covid” was noted on the death certificate, to the great astonishment of the relatives. In the last two weeks before the death of the father-in-law, there had never been any mention of Corona or Covid. Not even in a detailed conversation with the doctor. Our subscriber is willing to confirm this in court under oath.

    Now we need your help, dear viewers! If doctors, nurses or morticians among you know of such cases, we ask you to bring them to our attention and, if possible, to immediately photograph the death certificate on which “Covid” was erroneously noted. We would honor these cases in a detailed report in our magazine.

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